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20 April 2001

Cuba At A Crossroads

ONE OF the consequences of the worldwide revolt against global capitalism, is the newfound popularity of Cuba...

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20 April 2001

Review: Preaching revolution or rhetoric?

Manic Street Preachers: 'Know your enemy' and live at Cardiff Coal Exchange March 2001, reviewed by SARAH MAYO...

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19 January 2001

Scotland: ISM leaders desert CWI

AT A conference on Sunday 14 January, a majority of our sister organisation in Scotland (International Socialist Movement - ISM) decided to leave our international organisation, the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI), writes Hannah Sell, Socialist Party Executive and CWI international executive committee.

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7 July 2000

Successful launch for Cuba book

SOCIALIST PARTY general secretary Peter Taaffe launched his new book about Cuba at a 40-strong public meeting in Hammersmith, west London on 29 June...

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30 June 2000

Cuba: Socialism and democracy

SOCIALIST PARTY general secretary, Peter Taaffe's new book, Cuba: Socialism and Democracy, is a timely explanation of the processes that led to the Cuban Revolution, the development of the Cuban regime and its perspectives for the future, writes Kevin Parslow.

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