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24 February 2010

The Eton co-op won't work

Comment: HAS DAVID Cameron swapped his top hat for a cloth cap by calling for public sector workers to set up their own co-operatives?, writes Nancy Taaffe.

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The Socialist Party protesting against  capitalism - the G20 - in London, photo Paul Mattsson

The Socialist Party protesting against capitalism - the G20 - in London, photo Paul Mattsson

7 October 2009

Needed – a party for workers, not bosses

Tories, LibDems, Labour - competing to slash our jobs and services: The 'lesser' or 'greater' evil is not a real choice, claims Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary. 'Like an impenetrable sea mist, the prospect of a Tory government hung over New Labour's conference in Brighton... '

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7 October 2009

Fast news

Family fortunes: Tory party leader David Cameron has admitted on the Andrew Marr show that his is "definitely a well-off family"...

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17 June 2008

David Davis - sanity or carving a position?

TORY SHADOW Home Secretary David Davis has stood down to fight a by-election in opposition to the government's narrow victory on the issue of 42 days detention without charge for 'terrorist' suspects, writes Ken Douglas.

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28 May 2008

MPs' expensive expenses

DETAILS OF MPs' expenses are finally public after three years of stonewalling by the House of Commons. The Speaker, Michel Martin, spent 200,000 of public money attempting to block such details.

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4 March 2008

Fight for a woman's right to choose

International women's day: Hypocrisy is not the word for it! The Guardian reported that Tory leader David Cameron pledged to give a third of jobs in his first government to women...

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1 March 2008

General election

As stated previously, it is still too early to predict the outcome of the next general election...

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24 August 2007

Boris Johnson - buffoon or bonus for Tories?

TORY LEADER David Cameron believes he scored a coup by convincing Boris Johnson to stand for London mayor... By Paula Mitchell

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1 June 2006

Can the Tories win the next election?

FOLLOWING LABOUR'S disastrous local election results this is a question that many people are now asking. After years of un-electability, is it possible that under their new leader, David Cameron, they could return to haunt working-class...

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