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4 December 2013

Them & Us

Robbery not recovery: When government ministers trumpet an economic recovery they must be referring to the amassed fortunes of the super-rich rather than the other 99%

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Greece: Xekinima - Socialist Internationalist Organisation, sister party of the Socialist Party in England and Wales, at the anti-government demo at Thessaloniki, September 2013, photo Xekinima

Greece: Xekinima - Socialist Internationalist Organisation, sister party of the Socialist Party in England and Wales, at the anti-government demo at Thessaloniki, September 2013, photo Xekinima

27 November 2013

Europe - centre of capitalist crisis

Despite capitalist 'experts' predicting that the world economy would by now be experiencing 'escape velocity', capitalism is still in deep crisis. And Europe is most acutely affected, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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What recovey? Pawnbrokers and loan sharks proliferate , photo by Photomontage The Socialist

What recovey? Pawnbrokers and loan sharks proliferate , photo by Photomontage The Socialist

14 August 2013

Beware a recovery!

The media is lauding an economic recovery. Whether there is one and whether it has substance is discussed in the articles below.

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19 June 2013

Student loans threat: Action needed on student debt mountain

'Keep calm about university fees' was the slogan of a government funded advertising campaign aimed at mitigating the effects of fee hikes on application numbers in 2011, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield.

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15 May 2013

Japan's 'Abenomics'

Capitalist crisis: 'Desperate times call for desperate measures': On 4 April the new governor of the Bank of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda, took the world of finance completely by surprise when he launched an unprecedented stimulus package cash injection

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20 March 2013

Cypriot workers resist bank-robbing Troika

After months of 'calm' the capitalist debt crisis has resurfaced over the banking meltdown in Cyprus, sending financial markets into a spin

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20 March 2013

Alexis Tsipras in London

What way forward for Greece and the working class in Europe?: On Friday 15 March 500 people attended a public meeting organised by the London branch of Syriza, the left party in Greece. Alexis Tsipras, Syriza's leader, spoke at the meeting

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27 February 2013

Will the Tories play the benefits card?

Another bright idea that the Conservatives came up with recently is to pay people's benefits on a card that restricts what it can be spent on

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13 February 2013

Low pay + high prices = debt misery

I volunteer for an advice agency and deal with some people's debt problems. Clients from all walks of life come in because they're worried and need the free help and advice we can offer, writes Carole Wood.

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14 November 2012

Greedy capitalists threaten ship

Martin Mayer, Unite Executive Council member for Passenger Transport and chair of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) Road Transport Section sent the Socialist his report of a dramatic stand-off in Ghana between a US 'vulture fund' and the Argentine government...

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Fight for our NHS, photo Senan

8 August 2012

Our health not their wealth!

Hinchingbrooke hospital is in debt due to costs incurred from a PFI scheme introduced by Labour. Now Circle Healthcare has been brought in to manage and 'save' the hospital

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PSOL on demo in Brazil

PSOL on demo in Brazil

18 July 2012

Brazil: 'Miracle' economy slows

Brazil, as part of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), has in recent years been seen as a 'hope' for the global economy, writes Marcus Kollbrunner, Liberdade Socialismo e Revolução (CWI, Brazil).

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18 July 2012

Top-up fees: £50,000 debt leads to to 50,000 less students

'Education is a right not a privilege' was one of the main slogans of the tens of thousands of students who protested in 2010, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield, Socialist Students national organiser.

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9 May 2012

Them & Us

iPads for MPs: Up to £660. That's how much the gadget of the moment, the iPad, will set you back. Months of hard saving for most of us - but not if you're an MP. 70 MPs have already claimed expenses for an iPad

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2 May 2012

Capitalist crisis: 'Up to half of all Icelandic families are bankrupt'

Iceland's economy is growing again after the deep recession that struck in 2008. But the economic and political crisis is far from over, writes Per-Åke Westerlund. From Offensiv, newspaper of Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI in Sweden).

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Student protest 29 January 2011, photo Senan

Student protest 29 Jan

1 February 2012

NUS: name the day for student walkout

This week there has been another set of statistics showing that £50,000 worth of debt is enough to make many people rethink plans to go to university

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1 February 2012

Them & Us

Rapidly rising unemployment combined with wage freezes means that the average 25-64 year old American male earns about a quarter less than his 1969 equivalent.

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7 December 2011

Them & Us

Merry Xmas...: The total UK personal debt at the end of October 2011 stood at an incredible £1,451,000,000,000 - an average household debt of £55,808 according to the financial education charity Credit Action...

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100,000 demonstrate in Brussels in 2010, photo Paul Mattsson

100,000 demonstrate in Brussels in 2010, photo Paul Mattsson

28 November 2011

Eurozone: Into the abyss?

The Eurozone is at a tipping point. EU leaders are in disarray and have no clear strategy for resolving the crisis.
Fragmentation of the Eurozone could trigger another deep financial crisis and global economic downturn. Lynn Walsh, Editor, Socialism Today, monthly magazine of the Socialist Party, analyses the crisis.

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16 November 2011

Berlusconi quits as debt crisis hits eurozone's third largest economy

The deepening eurozone crisis has claimed another government with the departure of Italy's prime minister Silvio Berlusconi...

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