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UK Uncut and Disabled People against Cuts protest against ATOS, the Paralympics sponsor, in Hartshead Square ,Sheffield, photo by Alistair Tice

29 August 2012

Sheffield's disabled join Paralympic protest

Disabled people put on a united front against the government's chosen Paralympics sponsor

More ...

22 August 2012

The Olympics: Sport for all, or just for the elite?

The Olympics were enthusiastically enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people. But estimates are that a medal won by Team GB at the London 2012 Games cost an average of just over 4.5 million from government...

More ...

14 August 2012

Disabled People Against Cuts organising against Atos

From Monday 27th to Friday 31st August, Disabled People Against Cuts is organising the Atos Games - five days of action against a company that's sponsoring the Paralympics but wrecking disabled people's lives...

More ...

8 August 2012

Workplace News in brief

Remploy: Workers at the Remploy factories fighting closure called off their 6 August strike in favour of workplace meetings to discuss further action including demonstrations in London and other cities...

More ...

Leeds, second day of Remploy strike, 26.7.12, photo by Iain Dalton

26 July 2012

Second strike day at Remploy factories

The second day of strike action at the Leeds Remploy factory saw large numbers of pickets once again.
Posting updated 27.7.12

More ...

25 July 2012

Remploy strike a big success

Save our factories!: On 19 July, workers at Remploy factories across the country came out on strike to defend their workplaces and their jobs...

More ...

Remploy workers' national strike against closures 19 July 2012, photo Elaine Brunskill

20 July 2012

Reports and videos of the Remploy strike

Thirty Remploy workers formed a confident picket line across two entrances of the biggest Remploy factory in London

More ...

TUSC campaigning at the Olympic Park during the London Assembly elections 2012, photo London Socialist Party

Protest at the Olympic Park

18 July 2012

Olympics: The greatest sporting, and money-making, show on earth

World records will not be the only things broken at this year's Olympic and Paralympic games. Promises for a lasting legacy - affordable housing, decent jobs, increased sports participation, and the rest - are being broken, too.

More ...

18 July 2012

Tories stick the boot in on care funding

The Con-Dem government white paper on adult social care funding in England represents a further blow to elderly and disabled people requiring financial support

More ...

18 July 2012

Bankers are "useless mouths"

There is - quite rightly - outrage when far-right thugs attack disabled people. Cameron and the media do just the same, using their wealth and power rather than their fists...

More ...

Claps and cheers greet Remploy marchers in Sheffield 20 April 2012, photo Sheffield Socialist Party

18 July 2012

Support striking Remploy workers!

For months the Con-Dem government have stated their intention to close 36 out of 54 Remploy factories across the UK, writes Rob Williams.

More ...

17 July 2012

Oppose the closure of the Independent Living Fund

On 12 July, Tory minister for disabled people Maria Miller announced the final coup de grace for the national Independent Living Fund when she launched a government consultation on what should happen to its 19,000 users when it is closed in April 2015

More ...

5 July 2012

Remploy vote for strike action

Members of GMB and Unite employed by Remploy in 54 factories across the country have voted by an overwhelming majority to take part in strikes and other industrial action to protest against the closure of the Remploy factories and disabled workers being forced into unemployment

More ...

13 June 2012

West Lancs Against Cuts

Socialist Party members in West Lancashire have teamed up with others in their local community, in order to fight back against the savage austerity attacks implemented by a ruthless Tory-controlled council, writes Phil Rawsthorne, Socialist Party and West Lancs Against the Cuts.

More ...

13 June 2012

From pillar to post: reassessment for ESA

Last September I found myself on incapacity benefit. But just weeks later, the government's Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) told me I had to re-apply for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)...

More ...

23 May 2012

Disabled people's organisations condemn views of Tory minister IDS

On 14 May the Daily Telegraph printed an interview with Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith. In it he made outrageous attacks on disabled people

More ...

9 May 2012

Duncan Smith throws insults at Remploy workers

Tory Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has claimed that disabled Remploy workers are "not doing any work...", writes Pat Atkinson, Unite LE 1111 branch.

More ...

Claps and cheers greet Remploy marchers in Sheffield 20 April 2012, photo Sheffield Socialist Party

23 April 2012

Claps and cheers greet Remploy marchers in Sheffield

On Friday 20 April hundreds of Remploy workers and members of the public gathered in Sheffield to show their opposition to the government's plans to close Remploy factories

More ...

18 April 2012

Disabled people fighting back

The Con-Dem attacks on the welfare state and workers' rights bear down particularly heavily on disabled people, writes Neil Cafferky.

More ...

18 April 2012

Welsh government slashes student grants

Grants for Wales's poorest and disabled students are being cut by 15% in real terms.

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