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29 November 2011

Con-Dems' autumn statement: 'pain now, pain tomorrow and more pain for longer'

"The train is heading over the cliff", declared an MP, about the economy. Now George Osborne has taken some desperate measures to try to partially alleviate the nightmare, but the autumn statement is not a 'Plan B'

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Half-million strong TUC demo, central London, 26 March 2011, against the government's cuts, photo Senan

TUC demo in March

7 September 2011

Mass workers' movement - the only way to make the super-rich pay

Editorial of the Socialist, issue 684 It is a sign of the bankrupt nature of modern capitalism and its political representatives that taxation of the rich is so low some of them are asking to pay more. Warren Buffett, in an act of self-flagellation, has demanded to pay more tax.

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Wages fall

Wages fall

8 June 2011

Economic crisis in 'them and us' Britain

Editorial of the Socialist: For a few at the top, Britain is still booming. In 2010, while the majority suffered the biggest squeeze on their incomes since 1977, the earnings of FTSE 100 chief executives rose by 32%...

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9 February 2011

Economic crisis in Greece: Immigrants made scapegoats

Three hundred 'undocumented' immigrant workers began a hunger strike on 25 January, demanding documents and equal rights...

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18 June 2010


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9 June 2010

Why public sector cuts are not inevitable

Editorial: The Tories claim that massive cuts are necessary because of New Labour's excessive public spending on services and welfare. This is a giant con trick, which every capitalist party - including New Labour - is colluding in. Nothing could be further from the truth...

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'Kazakhstan 2012 conference’ in opposition to Nazabayev regime

'Kazakhstan 2012 conference’ in opposition to Nazabayev regime

7 April 2010

Kazakhstan: "change the politicians - or they will change you!"

The economic crisis has hit Kazakhstan harder and faster than most other parts of the world, but this has been met by massive struggles of the workers and poor...

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6 January 2010

Videos of Socialism 2009: Marx was right

Capitalism in crisis: Session one: Marx was right: the roots of the current economic crisis - Lynn Walsh

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Reading the Socialist Party's leaflet during the 2008 referendum in Ireland, photo Paul Mattsson

Reading the Socialist Party's leaflet during the 2008 referendum in Ireland, photo Paul Mattsson

7 October 2009

Ireland: Lisbon Treaty vote is not an endorsement for hated government

A SIGNIFICANT two-to-one majority in the Irish republic, on a higher turnout, passed the Lisbon Treaty on 20 October, overturning the decision of the Irish electorate in June 2008, writes Kevin McLoughlin, Dublin.

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Joe Higgins MEP, Socialist Party Ireland, speaking at the European CWI school, photo Bob Severn

Joe Higgins MEP, Socialist Party Ireland, speaking at the European CWI school, photo Bob Severn

29 July 2009

Building support for world socialism

Committee for a Workers' International: The annual summer school of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) took place in Belgium during the week 12 to 17 July. Over 350 CWI members - many of them young people - came together from CWI sections worldwide to discuss the world economic crisis, the political situation in many countries, and workers' struggles across the globe.

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24 June 2009

'Sponsors' deserting academy schools

SIXTY OF the 85 privately sponsored academy schools that were financed under the original academies deal had not received the funds expected from their private sponsors, according to information in the House of Commons Library which was reported by Private Eye magazine, writes Roger Shrives.

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5 June 2009

Socialist youth conference and protest

Bangor: Young socialists from north Wales received a helping hand from comrades from the south for an all-Wales day of action on Saturday 23 May in Bangor, writes Sarah Mayo, Pontypridd.

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No2EU logo

No2EU logo

6 May 2009

How can the BNP really be defeated?

In the 2004 European elections the far-right, racist British National Party (BNP) received 800,000 votes. This time there is a real danger that it will succeed in getting members elected to the European Parliament.

Hannah Sell examines the processes behind this development, and the role of the NO2EU - Yes to Democracy campaign in stopping the BNP.

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15 April 2009

Moldova: Thousands storm parliament buildings as economic crisis worsens

Youth and workers need alternative to pro-market, ethnic-based parties: ON 7 April, thousands of youth stormed and set fire to the parliament building in Kishinau, the capital of Moldova, Europe's poorest country, writes Rob Jones, CWI, Moscow.

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31 March 2009

Economic crisis turning into political action

CWI European meeting: The European Bureau of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) took place this week. The CWI is the socialist international to which the Socialist Party is affiliated. The meeting discussed the...

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31 March 2009

Bail out workers, not Wall Street!

THERE HAS been a tidal wave of outrage generated by the bonus payments paid to top bankers after their bankrupt corporations were bailed out with public funds...

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Cleaners employed by contractors Mitie protested outside the Willis building in the City of London, photo Chris Newby

Cleaners employed by contractors Mitie protested outside the Willis building in the City of London, photo Chris Newby

25 March 2009

Capitalist crisis: Make the bosses pay!

Build for a one-day general strike
As the global economic crisis intensifies, the world's leaders - the G20 - are meeting this week next to the symbolic heart of the economic maelstrom - the City of London. For over twenty years, the City has been an unregulated financiers' paradise, writes Hannah Sell.

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17 February 2009

London Olympics battered by economic crisis

Nothing is being left untouched by the world economic crisis, including the biggest sporting event in the world, writes Chris Newby.

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5 February 2009

Economic crisis - cracks appear in the bosses' EU

Eurozone 10th anniversary: THE INTERNATIONAL capitalist crisis has served to completely discredit the ideology of free market policies of the 'boom' period, of the last 20 years or so, writes Danny Byrne, Committee for a Workers' International (CWI).

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