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20 September 2010

A Socialist Programme for the Environment

The earth is clearly on the path to ecological catastrophe. This road will be marked by, amongst many other examples, the destruction of large areas of the inhabitable globe due to global warming, the...

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20 September 2010

Planning and the environment

Democratic, rational planning will permit a consistent improvement in ecological conditions to be achieved over many decades until full sustainability is reached...

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18 August 2010

Forecasts of fragile economic growth

The fragility of Britain's economic growth has been confirmed by various reports and comments from bankers and economists over the last week...

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30 June 2010

From stimulus to austerity at dizzying speed

What we think: The G20 meeting in Toronto of the leaders of the main capitalist governments of the world demonstrated a complete incapacity to solve the huge problems that confront us, particularly those hardest-hit - the poor and the working class - by the economic crisis...

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21 April 2010

TV debate - Party leaders compete for the same policies

The first television debate, on 15 April, between the leaders of the main parties was the first such election debate in Britain, writes Paula Mitchell.

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18 April 2010


All of the policies outlined here are only the first steps towards constructing a new type of society...

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14 April 2010

Emperor's new clothes: the bosses' pet management theories

Bosses are always searching for the Holy Grail of how to run their production systems. They were even envious of the growth the former Stalinist states in Eastern Europe managed for a limited time. One...

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14 April 2010

Russia: Putin - ten years of the man that no-one knew

WHEN BORIS Yeltsin, Russia's first post-Soviet president, greeted revellers in his traditional New Year's Eve broadcast in 1999, he surprised the country by resigning and appointing Vladimir Putin, then prime minister, as his acting replacement, writes Rob Jones, Moscow.

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31 March 2010

Eurozone crisis: Hanging together or hanging separately

THE WORST capitalist crisis since the 1930s has led to increasing crises, turbulence and change in the world, writes Danny Byrne.

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3 February 2010

Weak growth - the best that capitalism can offer

After the longest and deepest recession since 1945, which saw the economy shrink by 6% in under two years, a battered UK finally limped into 'growth' territory last week, writes Robin Clapp.

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16 December 2009

Where is the world economy going?

Is the worst post-war economic downturn coming to an end? Are the green shoots of recovery really visible, as many politician would have us believe? Opinion is divided, with some commentators counting...

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9 December 2009

Twinings workers fight job losses

Andover, North Shields: Workers at Twinings in Andover and North Shields took their campaign against 400 job cuts to the AGM of the parent company, Associated British Foods, in London on 4 December...

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Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky

18 November 2009

USSR 1989 - the collapse of Stalinism

Clare Doyle - of the Committee for a Workers' International - was an eyewitness to the tumultuous events in 1989, and for five years (1990-95) lived in Russia as the USSR collapsed...

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17 November 2009

A global crisis, and the particular crisis in Britain

This is a truly global crisis. Virtually no country has escaped its effects. Globally it is the poorest people in the poorest countries who are suffering the most. However, the OECD correctly predicted...

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28 October 2009

Darling you're talking rubbish!

WHAT A turnaround. Just a couple of weeks ago, chancellor Alistair Darling, claimed he could see the green shoots of economic recovery. Many media commentators said so too. Then the Office for National...

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13 October 2009

The economy: Green shoots or scorched earth?

Editorial: "WE ARE in the midst of the worst recession most people alive have ever experienced, or will probably ever experience. It is already worse than the 1980s and it isn't over yet."

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A Communist leader addresses survivors of the Long March

A Communist leader addresses survivors of the Long March

30 September 2009

1949 - Chinese revolution

IT IS an especially nervous Communist Party (CCP) regime that presides over the 60th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the People's Republic of China on 1 October...

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15 September 2009

Nationalise Anglesey Aluminium to save jobs

THE RUNNING down of smelting facilities at Anglesey Aluminium is a devastating blow to the economy of Holyhead and the rest of the island of Anglesey, North Wales, writes Dylan Roberts and Iain Dalton.

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Waltham Forest Socialist Party campaign on bankers' bonuses and bailout, photo by Senan

Waltham Forest Socialist Party campaign on bankers' bonuses and bailout, photo by Senan

11 August 2009

Jobs & services - not bankers' bonuses!

Less than a year after bringing the global economy to its knees, shameless city bankers are to receive a staggering 4 billion in bonuses. These vultures, who had pledged to end the bonus culture, are now lining up for massive pay-outs,
writes Elaine Brunskill.

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1 July 2009

Fast news

Blundering Boris: BORIS JOHNSON, the Tory London mayor, came into office on a 'clean up politics' and 'value for taxpayers' money' election ticket...

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