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26 April 2007

Yeltsin's real record - 'wild capitalism' in Russia

IT IS sickening for the impoverished working people of the ex-Soviet Union to see the praise heaped on Russia's former president Boris Yeltsin after his death...

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12 April 2007

Battling over the world's oil reserves

ALISTAIR TICE looks at the rivalry for access to the world's oil supplies and assesses the likely consequences for the world economy, and the continued dominance of US imperialism....

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22 March 2007

Budget: Who are the real scroungers?

You can tell when Budget Day is coming because the bosses step up their wailing for tax cuts...

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22 March 2007

Private equity deals - fight free-market vultures

Editorial: THERE IS a frenzy of takeovers by private equity firms, part of a world-wide surge of company mergers and takeovers by banks, hedge funds and big corporations...

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1 March 2007

Congress to build the forces of socialism

Socialist Pary congress 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

Socialist Pary congress 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

The Socialist Party's 2007 national congress took place during the three days 17-19 February...

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25 January 2007

When will the bubbles burst?

British economy: A NEW document from the Socialist Party executive committee, outlining developments in Britain, is being debated at the Socialist Party's national congress in February...

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15 December 2006

The wealth gap widens

The unleashing of free-market, capitalist forces has deepened the chasm of inequality between rich and poor, capitalist and worker, both across the globe and within all countries...

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26 November 2006

US rages but Ortega's victory is no revolution

Nicaragua elections: Politicians in the US have petitioned secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, demanding that remittances sent by Nicaraguans living in the US back to their families should be blocked...

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22 November 2006

Thatcher's monetarist guru dies

Milton Friedman: MILTON FRIEDMAN, economics guru of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and US president Ronald Reagan, died last week...

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5 October 2006


Big profits, big power, big problems...: IN A follow-up article to his centre-page feature in the socialist 456 on the geopolitics of oil, LYNN WALSH looks at the problems caused by the power of the ruthless oil giants in the economy...

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28 September 2006

Mass protests over 'lies speech'

HUNGARIAN POLICE used tear gas and water cannon against thousands of protesters in Budapest, on 18 September after a rally demanding Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany's resignation, writes Niall Mulholland.

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1 June 2006

'Correction' or crash?

World economy: IN THE second week of May there was a convulsion in the world financial system. Shortly after rising to near-peak levels, shares fell sharply on world stock exchanges, especially in so-called 'emerging markets' like India and Turkey. Lynn Walsh examines these events and exposes the instability of the global capitalist system.

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11 May 2006

Iraq - the nightmare continues

THE SHOOTING down for the first time of a British military helicopter over the southern Iraq city of Basra last week, in which five servicemen were killed, underlines the growing hostility to the occupying forces in the south of the country...

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22 February 2006

Trade wars and protectionism

THE FAILURE of the capitalist powers at the recent WTO (World Trade Organisation) talks in Hong Kong to further 'liberalise' world trade reflects the growing difficulties and contradictions inherent in the world economy...

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15 December 2005

Ukraine's Orange revolution - one year on

One year ago huge street demonstrations convulsed Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, for weeks in protest at rigged presidential elections...

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8 December 2005

Brown's low growth, low wage budget

IN THIS week's pre-Budget statement, Chancellor Gordon Brown was forced to admit that economic growth would be far lower than he predicted in his April Budget...

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1 December 2005

'Free market' threatens cold weather crisis

ON THE brink of a cold winter, Britain faces a real threat of gas shortages...

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24 November 2005

Big gains for United Socialist Party

SRI LANKA'S presidential election was held against the backdrop of a faltering three-year ceasefire between the government and separatist Tamil Tigers (LTTE), a badly performing economy, and a population sti...

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10 November 2005

Harder times ahead?

Jane James looks at the state of Britainís economy today...

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13 October 2005

Venezuela: Socialism back on the agenda

LESS THAN 15 years ago leading philosophers, capitalist commentators and politicians hurried to the burial ground of the bureaucratic Stalinist states of Russia and Eastern Europe and declared socialism...

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