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Lewisham school workers striking against academisation, March 2015

11 March 2015

Save our schools!

No such thing as a 'free' school: Cameron's election campaign promises that the Tories will open hundreds of new 'free schools' in England. But when did the Tories ever give away anything free, except to their friends in big business?

More ...

11 March 2015

Socialist Students leads in Leeds

Socialist Students members organised a march for free education of around 150 in Leeds on 6 March. Students and young workers were attracted from across Yorkshire

More ...

Camden caterers demand the Living Wage, March 2015, photo by Reel News

Camden caterers demand the Living Wage, March 2015, photo by Reel News

11 March 2015

Camden caterers demand Living Wage

The Labour-led Camden council decided on 2 March not to implement the Camden school caterers' claim for the London Living Wage

More ...

11 March 2015

"I want my voice to be heard"

Southampton care homes protest: Residents' carers, workers and supporters gathered in Shirley precinct in Southampton on 7 March to rally support for Woodside Lodge and other day services and care homes under threat from the Labour council

More ...

11 March 2015

Them & Us

Misery heaped on misery: The Tory/Lib Dem coalition has imposed massive council spending cuts with Labour-run authorities in the poorest boroughs dutifully wielding the axe

More ...

TUSC candidate Jacqui Berry, photo Senan

11 March 2015

Why we're standing for TUSC

Three TUSC prospective parliamentary candidates say why they're standing

More ...

5 March 2015

Lewisham anti-academy campaign: students say no!

To step up the campaign against academies in Lewisham, students held a lunchtime protest at Prendagast school, Hilly Fields

More ...

4 March 2015

Brighton council stuck in budget stalemate

Green-led Brighton council's budget meeting on 26 February ended in a stalemate after five hours

More ...

Hull Red Labour group councillor Dean Kirk, photo Senan

4 March 2015

TUSC councillors table 'no-cuts' budgets

Councillors in Leicester and Hull put forward anti-austerity budgets

More ...

4 March 2015

More unions join Lewisham anti-academies strike

On 5 March, members of Lewisham National Union of Teachers in four schools will be on strike again, this time with the welcome addition of NASUWT and GMB union members in the schools

More ...

4 March 2015

Campaigns news in brief

Northern conference: It is clear the Socialist Party Northern region is taking important steps forward in party building

More ...

4 March 2015

TUSC is standing in over 100 parliamentary seats and up to 1,000 council seats in May 2015

More ...

Waltham Forest TUSC campaigners call for rent control, photo Waltham Forest TUSC

4 March 2015

Housing crisis: Build Homes - Cap Rents

We all need a roof over our heads. However, even this basic human requirement is harder and harder to come by. We see extensive council house sell-offs, predatory private landlords, welfare cuts - and meagre government housing quotas not being met

More ...

25 February 2015

TV football deal: Reclaim the game for the fans

The football Premier League's new TV deal with Sky and BT broadcasters offers mega-riches to the 20 Premier League teams, but little reward to the lower leagues

More ...

25 February 2015

Fight tuition fees - support the TUSC alternative

Labour's recent announcement that, given a win at the up-coming elections, they plan on reducing tuition fees to 6,000 a year would be laughable to students if it was not a complete insult

More ...

25 February 2015

Councils at breaking point: the strategy to fight back

Councils across the country are setting budgets, again forcing through tens of millions - in some cases hundreds of millions - of pounds of cuts

More ...

23 February 2015

Unison activists challenge New Labour

Unison delegates from across south east England attended their regional council AGM

More ...

23 February 2015

Wales Labour vandalising services

Trade union leaders in Wales continue their unrequited love for Welsh Labour despite Labour's ongoing willingness to implement Con-Dem cuts

More ...

18 February 2015

Labour council to deal 'savage blow' to Coventry

On 24 February, councillors in Coventry will deal a savage blow to our city. They will vote on a budget making 15 million in cuts

More ...

18 February 2015

Lewisham: striking against 'academisation'

NUT union members from Sedgehill and the three Prendergast Federation schools, in Lewisham, south London, came out on strike on 12 February against the threat of forced 'academisation'

More ...

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