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28 May 2014

Local elections 2014: A good base for TUSC to build on

The vote tally for the 560 local election and mayoral Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition no-cuts candidates in the 22 May elections is 68,031

More ...

Keith Morrell re-wins in Coxford, 22.5.14, photo N Chaffey

23 May 2014

TUSC victory in Southampton

Keith Morrell has re-won his council seat in Coxford, standing as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. He was decisively re-elected with 1,654 votes, 43%. This great result is a vindication for his stand, alongside fellow rebel councillor Don Thomas, in opposing all cuts.

More ...

Jobs and homes not racism - stop the BNP! photo S Kimmerle

19 May 2014

Anti-cuts rally defies council ban and BNP

300 people joined Salford Against Cuts for a "Rally on the Lawn" outside the civic buildings

More ...

19 May 2014

Pensioners applaud TUSC in Lewisham

TUSC's ideas got a fantastic reception at the Lewisham Pensioners' Forum hustings for the local elections

More ...

16 May 2014

George Osborne seeks facts in Plymouth

Chancellor George Osborne is today visiting Plymouth on a fact-finding mission and the Plymouth Herald invited its readers to suggest questions to put to him

More ...

14 May 2014

Why we're standing as TUSC candidates

Save our NHS!: As a former committed Labour supporter and ex-Care UK worker I am standing for TUSC in Doncaster in the local elections

More ...

14 May 2014

Gove robs education budget to fund 'Free Schools'

Tory Education Secretary Michael Gove is an easy target for comedians, for example, David Schneider's tweet: "Free Schools to be renamed 400m-From-Budget-For-Other-Kids-Schools"

More ...

14 May 2014

Brighton: Determined to fight college cuts

Staff at City College Brighton and Hove, have been shocked and outraged to hear management's plans for redundancies and a 'restructure' (cut) of crucial support services and curriculum departments

More ...

14 May 2014

On the campaign trail with TUSC

Suffering austerity - standing for TUSC: I'm standing for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in the Central Southsea ward of Portsmouth City, writes Daniel Sutton-Johanson

More ...

14 May 2014

Housing evictions - main parties to blame

Evictions in Britain have reached a ten year high. Disgracefully 31,000 possession orders are being applied for by councils, and it's mostly Labour councils that are carrying out this appalling act

More ...

14 May 2014

Striking out against bullying

Occupational Therapists in Greenwich are striking on Wednesday 21st May

More ...

14 May 2014

Fight back at the ballot box on 22 May

Vote Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: On 22 May many of those suffering in Breadline Britain will have a chance to use their vote to fight back

More ...

14 May 2014

Liverpool City Council 1983-87: "We had a choice"

From 1983 to 1987 Liverpool City Council was led by supporters of Militant (predecessor to the Socialist Party)

More ...

Doncaster Care UK strike, Easter 2014 , photo by A Tice

Doncaster Care UK strike, Easter 2014 , photo by A Tice

7 May 2014

Fight cuts, Back strikes, Vote TUSC

On 22 May millions of working class people have the opportunity to vote in the local government elections. At the same time workers are voting or have voted for strike action to resist the attacks on their pay, pensions and working conditions

More ...

7 May 2014

Schools - Would things get better under Labour?

Teachers reading the Guardian's headline, "Labour vows to rub out Michael Gove's education reforms", hoped a miracle had happened

More ...

7 May 2014

Leeds protest against privatisation of student loans

The government plans to sell off student loans to private companies. To show our outrage, 50 students marched around Leeds University and Leeds Metropolitan University

More ...

7 May 2014

Workplace news in brief

Lambeth College: University and College Union (UCU) members at Lambeth college in south London were on strike on 1 May

More ...

7 May 2014

More local news coverage for TUSC, but BBC downplays council elections

TUSC's campaign for the council elections taking place on 22 May picked up more coverage this week in local news media

More ...

7 May 2014

Battling the cuts: when push comes to shove

A pushchair protest took place in Leicester on 30 April against cuts being made by the council to children's centres

More ...

30 April 2014

Newsnight - socialist teacher demands right of reply

BBC TV's Newsnight feature on the 'Left in the NUT' angered NUT members from right across its broad spectrum of political views.

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