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5 November 2014

Carlisle: Stop the car parking tax

Carlisle's "Stop the Parking Tax" campaign, in which Socialist Party members play a leading role, recently held a public meeting of 150 residents

More ...

3 November 2014

Sheffield Green workers start indefinite strike

Sheffield recycling workers, GMB members, have begun an indefinite strike

More ...

29 October 2014

Wales colleges: Vote 'yes' in pay strike consultation

A postal consultative ballot of Unison and other campus union members has begun in Welsh further education (FE) colleges, on whether we are prepared to take industrial action over Collegau Cymru (representing the colleges in Wales) paying no cost of living increase this year

More ...

29 October 2014

Southwark Labour demolishes homes

No-one would oppose building more council houses. But is Southwark council really going to deliver on its latest promise of "11,000 new council homes over the next 30 years"?

More ...

23 October 2014

NASUWT members strike at Swinton High School

Teachers at Swinton High School in Salford, Greater Manchester, were on strike on 21-22 October. Members of the NASUWT teachers' union are deeply frustrated at policies imposed by the headteacher

More ...

A Cardiff Against the Cuts protest, photo Becky Davis

A Cardiff Against the Cuts protest, photo Becky Davis

22 October 2014

Local services suffer under Welsh Labour

In an article that would be attacked by our opponents as scaremongering if written by a Socialist Party Wales member, chief reporter for Wales Online, Martin Shipton, writes: "The local government settlement announced by the Welsh Government will mark the beginning of the end of council services"

More ...

22 October 2014

Anti-eviction success!

At less than a day's notice, around 20 activists turned out in Leytonstone, east London, to stop an eviction on 17 October

More ...

Protest against the council cuts budget, Leicester, February 2014, photo S Score

Protest against the council cuts budget, Leicester, February 2014, photo S Score

22 October 2014

Leicester council hits homeless hostel

Wordsworth House, a Leicester homeless hostel which I was a resident of for just over a year, has lost its council funding and the right to house council homeless clients, writes Mark Gawthorpe, Leicester Socialist Party.

More ...

20 October 2014

Kevin Maguire's mistaken comparison

I share Kevin Maguire's revulsion at South Tyneside council's threat to lop off 5,000 of the pay of nursery nurses, particularly as the fat cats continue to pile up fabulous wealth

More ...

20 October 2014

Sheffield green workers' unofficial walkout

The recycling workers in Sheffield who had already taken six days of strike action, upped the ante on their uncharitable 'charity' employers by staging an unofficial walk-out on Thursday 16th October, closing four of the five sites

More ...

15 October 2014

Coventry fans stung by Wasps

After spending a year playing in Northampton, 35 miles outside Coventry, the recent return of Coventry City Football Club (CCFC) to Coventry's Ricoh Arena was welcomed by football fans across the country

More ...

15 October 2014

How a mass campaign stopped the cuts

The lessons of Liverpool's socialist council 1983-87: Despite crying crocodile tears, Labour-run councils throughout Britain have implemented devastating government cuts in jobs and public services - in some cases with enthusiasm, alienating many working class Labour voters

More ...

Sheffield Green Company recycling workers on strike, October 2014

13 October 2014

Recycling workers strike over pay and conditions

30 GMB members at Sheffield's five recycling centres took four days' strike action

More ...

10 October 2014

Local government pay: reject offer, reinstate action!

A local government worker gives their reaction to the postponement of the 14 October strike

More ...

8 October 2014

M25 maintenance workers protest

M25 maintenance workers protested on 8 October outside Balfour Beatty offices in central London against attacks on terms and conditions. Unite's Malcolm Bonett explains the situation

More ...

8 October 2014

Finance to fight for the future

A central theme of the East Midlands finance school, held on 5 October, was the need to prepare for the future

More ...

8 October 2014

Thatcher's enemies within

The revelations about Thatcher's speech written for Tory Conference 1984 but abandoned after the IRA Brighton bombing confirm her demented view of the world, writes Tony Mulhearn.

More ...

8 October 2014

School students organise disabled rights meeting

I was invited by students at the Jame'ah Girls Academy in Leicester to talk about disability rights and discrimination at an event called "Years of Struggle", writes Caroline Vincent, Leicester Socialist Party.

More ...

8 October 2014

Teachers: Pay rise? What pay rise?

As a teacher I have just been awarded the 1% pay increase which all teachers are potentially eligible to receive

More ...

8 October 2014

Them & Us

Room to rent: Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Tory Mayor of London, has an interesting take on what is "affordable"

More ...

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