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Anti-fascist / Far right

9 December 2015

Confronting the far right in Derby

Derby Socialist Party members arrived to do our weekly campaign stall on 28 November when we noticed around ten supporters of the far-right group Britain First with their own stall nearby.

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18 August 2015

Fascists caged, humiliated and driven out of Liverpool

There was a great result for anti-fascist activists in Liverpool on 15 August who opposed far-right group National Action and their planned 'White Man March'.

More ...

8 July 2015

Terrorism and classroom spying

The Tunisian massacre of tourists has led, unfortunately, to a knee-jerk reaction from the Tory government to try and stop 'the radicalisation of young Muslims'.

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8 July 2015

TV review: Picasso - Portillo's peculiar perspective

Ian Pattison reviews Portillo on Picasso, an episode from the ITV series Perspectives.

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18 February 2015

Shallow look at racist far right

TV review - Angry, White and Proud: Jamie Roberts' Channel 4 documentary claimed to shine a spotlight on Britain's far-right today

More ...

2 February 2015

Oppose Le Pen, the far right and racism

The Oxford Union has scandalously invited French far right politician Marine Le Pen to speak

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14 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo: no to terrorism

Don't let us be divided! Fight against racism!: This statement was written (on 8 January) by Gauche Revolutionnaire (the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in France) in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo

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30 April 2014

United against the far right in Brighton

On Sunday 27 April, a collection of far-right groups descended on Brighton for the annual 'March for England', writes a Brighton trade unionist.

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2 April 2014

France: Government punished in local elections

Far right gains highlight need for strong fighting left opposition: Local elections in France, which took place over two rounds on 23 and 30 March, confirmed the deepening crisis of the 'socialist' government of Francois Hollande

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5 February 2014

Ukraine: battling forces no friends of working class

A violent stand-off between protesters and riot police continues in Kiev, with unrest spreading to other parts of Ukraine

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22 January 2014

Lincoln marches against racism and fascism

On 18 January, around 150 people marched under the banner of Lincoln Against Racism and Fascism (LARF)

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Greece: Xekinima - Socialist Internationalist Organisation, sister party of the Socialist Party in England and Wales, at the anti-government demo at Thessaloniki, September 2013, photo Xekinima

Greece: Xekinima - Socialist Internationalist Organisation, sister party of the Socialist Party in England and Wales, at the anti-government demo at Thessaloniki, September 2013, photo Xekinima

27 November 2013

Europe - centre of capitalist crisis

Despite capitalist 'experts' predicting that the world economy would by now be experiencing 'escape velocity', capitalism is still in deep crisis. And Europe is most acutely affected, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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16 October 2013

Trade union-led anti-racist demo

Thousands joined an anti-EDL demonstration in Liverpool, called by Unite the Union

More ...

Anti-EDL demo, East London, 7.9.13, photo Paul Mattsson

9 October 2013

Workers and youth: Unite against the far right

Unite initiated a demo in Liverpool against the far right

More ...

2 October 2013

Greek government forced to take action against neo-fascists

The right-wing New Democracy (ND) and ex-social democratic Pasok coalition government in Greece has finally decided to crack down on the neo-fascist Golden Dawn after the recent murder of left-wing rapper Pavlos Fyssas, writes Xekinima reporters.

More ...

Tower Hamlets school students striking on 9 March 1994 against racist attacks, photo by Andy walker

Tower Hamlets school students striking on 9 March 1994 against racist attacks, photo by Andy walker

4 September 2013

1993: BNP racists forced off Brick Lane

Twenty years ago, on Sunday 19 September 1993, 1,000 people gathered on Brick Lane in Tower Hamlets, east London, to stop the racist, far-right British National Party (BNP) from having its regular paper sale.

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11 June 2013

Union condemns arson attack on Bromley school

The Unison branch secretary who represents school workers in the borough of Bromley issued this press statement

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6 June 2013

Condemnation of racist destruction of Muswell Hill Islamic centre in London

The daubing of "EDL" on one of the burnt walls indicates that the forces behind this are supporters of the far right

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24 April 2013

20 years after murder of Stephen Lawrence

When mass action and class unity beat back the fascists: Twenty years ago, the black teenager Stephen Lawrence was brutally murdered by five thugs in a racist attack in Eltham, south east London...

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