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23 March 2016

BSE crisis - the madness of the profit system

Twenty years ago: The UK's biggest health scandal in living memory was the BSE epidemic known as "mad cow disease".

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6 January 2016

Profit system exacerbates flooding

The flooding over Christmas has been some of the worst in recent memory. Fingers are rightly being pointed to the cuts the Tory government has made to flood defence spending, as well as to the emergency services.

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26 February 2014

Genetic modification: A means of making profit

The Environment Minister Owen Paterson, in his speech at this year's Oxford Farming Conference, said that Europe is risking becoming a 'museum of world farming' if it doesn't open the door to genetically modified crops

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5 February 2014

Pete Seeger - Sound of US protest movement

The death of American folk singer Pete Seeger will be keenly felt by those who lived through the social and political convulsions of the 1960s

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3 April 2013

Abolition of Agricultural Wages Board will result in increased rural poverty

The government is set to abolish the Agricultural Wages Board (AWB) for agricultural workers in England and Wales in October...

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6 February 2013

Film review: Steven Spielberg's Lincoln

A revolutionary war against slavery: The US release of Steven Spielberg's Lincoln was situated between important events and anniversaries, write Patrick Ayers and Eljeer Hawkins, Socialist Alternative (CWI supporters in the USA).

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19 May 2010

Thailand's government orders bloody crackdown on protesters

A TWO-month stand-off between Thailand's government and thousands of opposition 'Red Shirt' protesters encamped in the commercial district of Bangkok appears to be heading for a bloody showdown, writes Dave Carr.

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22 April 2009

Tesco: Every billion helps

SUPERMARKET GIANT Tesco declared profits for 2008-09 of 3.1 billion, an all-time record for a UK retailer and 10% up on the company's previous year's profit...

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26 November 2008

China's food contamination crisis deepens

FISH, PORK, and chicken contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine, along with milk and eggs. China's food contamination crisis deepens by the day, writes Vincent Kolo,

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19 November 2008

World food crisis: A systemic failure of capitalism

The world could be facing a repeat of this year's food crisis, as the impact of recession unfolds. This month, despite what has been described as "harvest bumper crops", the UN Food and Agriculture...

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3 June 2008

Editorial: Target 'ecological' taxes at the biggest polluters

Across Europe, farmers, fishermen, lorry drivers and others have been protesting against increased fuel costs...

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12 March 2008

World's poor hit by rocketing food prices

ONE IN six of the world's population (854 million) do not have enough food to eat. Every year, despite the recent boom in the world economy, another four million are added to this total.

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2 November 2006

Big Bucks for Starbucks - nothing for small farmers

GLOBAL COFFEE chain Starbucks is the McDonalds of the coffee world with hundreds of shops throughout Britain and the world. Its annual revenue is 3.2 billion.

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13 July 2006

How the farmworkers got organised

1834, 1906, 2006: EVERY YEAR thousands of trade unionists journey to Tolpuddle in Dorset, to celebrate the brave and pioneering work of six agricultural workers who were sentenced to seven years transportation in 1834 for trying to form a union...

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22 June 2006

Socialists oppose the war in Sri Lanka

ON 15 June, two claymore mines exploded in Sri Lanka destroying a bus packed with farmers, workers and children. Over 60 were killed and another 40 injured...

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22 February 2006

Why rural workers need socialism

AS RURAL workers feel capitalism's effects acutely, the Socialist Party's influence is spreading into rural parts of England and Wales...

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22 February 2006

Trade wars and protectionism

THE FAILURE of the capitalist powers at the recent WTO (World Trade Organisation) talks in Hong Kong to further 'liberalise' world trade reflects the growing difficulties and contradictions inherent in the world economy...

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7 August 2004

WTO - The Enemy Of The Poor

LAST WEEK the World Trade Organisation (WTO), one of the pillars of the world capitalist 'order', met in Geneva. World trade is dominated by a few hundred greedy multinationals who also control the WTO...

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19 July 2003

Genetic engineering: Science And Big Business

'Engineering', 'modification' or change?: A CABINET office report on genetically modified (GM) crops has concluded that, in spite of claimed long-term benefits, GM crops will not be profitable until demand increases...

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4 May 2001

Foot and mouth disease outbreak: Crisis On Tony's Big Business Farm

THE FOOT and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak that started on 2 February has caused a major political crisis...

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