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10 December 2014

Election appeal: finding cash to fight the cuts

The Con-Dem government is tearing itself apart following the chancellor's autumn statement. Osborne promises further savage cuts as his strategy to reduce the deficit lies in tatters

More ...

TUSC supporters in Rochester, photo SP North Kent

TUSC supporters in Rochester, photo SP North Kent

3 December 2014

Help us fund historic election challenge

The Socialist Party is launching an appeal for 50,000 to help fund our candidates in the 2015 elections

More ...

26 November 2014

Way to go, Watford!

Watford and Hatfield Socialist Party members have collected around 900 signatures and 200 of fighting fund. In the last four months we have led campaigns on issues including bus service cuts and Israel's blockade

More ...

19 November 2014

NHS is going to the dogs

A student nurse approached Harrogate Socialist Party's NHS campaign stall on 15 November

More ...

12 November 2014

Leicester party building school

Our party is not funded in the same way as the mainstream parties - we don't get corporate handouts. We rely on the money we raise through campaigning

More ...

Placards, leaflets, book: Just some of the resources donations can help pay for

Placards, leaflets, book: Just some of the resources donations can help pay for

5 November 2014

Every penny counts: donate to Socialism 2014

Please make a donation to the Socialism 2014 appeal to support the work of the Socialist Party and the Committee for a Workers' International

More ...

8 October 2014

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for 10 now!

Shop window posters boldly proclaiming "A Half-Price Mr Whippy Ice Cream - Happy Hour" provided part of the backdrop to a Socialist Party stall in Weymouth

More ...

8 October 2014

Finance to fight for the future

A central theme of the East Midlands finance school, held on 5 October, was the need to prepare for the future

More ...

9 July 2014

Help fund the fight against the 1%

With a magnificent final effort, raising just under 12,000 in the final two weeks of the campaign, members of the Socialist Party reached 97% of the national fighting fund target for the April to June quarter

More ...

4 June 2014

Plan now for the fundraising collectathon

Fresh from pounding the streets in the historic TUSC election campaign, Socialist Party members are now turning their attention to developing working class struggles in the workplaces and communities against this rotten government

More ...

2 April 2014

FF success: perspectives, planning and persistence

Socialist Party members and supporters raised over 7,000 in the last few days of the fighting fund campaign, smashing the target with a final total of 26,577

More ...

26 February 2014

Appeal: Help Socialist Party offer real alternative

We are appealing to all our members and supporters to donate to the Socialist Party's Congress 2014 fighting fund appeal

More ...

19 February 2014

Socialist Party conferences prepare for year ahead

Wales: Around 50 Socialist Party Wales members from all parts of the country held a very successful annual conference in Cardiff on 16 February

More ...

15 January 2014

Building the Socialist Party

Help make the Socialist even more effective in 2014: In 2013 the Con-Dem government and their mouthpieces in the right-wing press stepped up their war against working class people, writes Sarah Wrack, Paper sales campaigner.

More ...

11 December 2013

Why I've donated to the Socialist Party Christmas appeal

Following the launch of the Socialist Party Christmas Appeal in issue 792 of the Socialist, Portsmouth Socialist Party member Sarah Welch explains why she has donated 1,000 to the appeal

More ...

9 October 2013

Socialist Party fighting fund

Socialist Party members strove might and main to collect over 20,000 for the fighting fund in the last three months, which included the holiday period

More ...

28 June 2002

An Appeal For Socialist Unity

IN THE light of the success of a range of Left candidates in the last local elections, the Socialist Party wrote the following letter to the Socialist Alliance

More ...

7 June 2002

Blunkett's New Attack On Asylum Rights

HOME SECRETARY David Blunkett has announced two additions to the Asylum Bill currently going through parliament, which are a major attack on the rights of refugees seeking asylum in Britain

More ...

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