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15 January 2014

Organising fast food workers

Officials from bakers' union BFAWU recently held a 'fast food forum' with campaigners from groups including Youth Fight for Jobs

More ...

8 January 2014

Class injustice at Dickensian court

Between Christmas and New Year, thousands of tenants in rent arrears were dragged into courts across the country facing possession orders

More ...

11 December 2013

Them & Us

Universal fiasco: Universal Credit (UC), the brainchild of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, is in meltdown even before its launch

More ...

11 December 2013

Floods: "Daddy, there's water on the floor"

Health workers and Socialist Party members Liz and Keith had their homes flooded out on 5 December in Rhyl, north Wales

More ...

4 December 2013

Why I believe in socialism

Seventeen year old Matt, a new member of York Socialist Party, gave a speech on 'why socialism' at his school

More ...

4 December 2013

The fight against low pay in the United States

Black Friday and beyond: In the US, low-wage workers, from fastfood to retail, have protested, picketed, and gone on strike multiple times this year to demand higher wages and rights on the job

More ...

13 November 2013

Them & Us

Forever and ever: Austerity set to last until 2020? Wrong! It's going to persist until 2030 according to rapacious capitalist bean counters, PwC. This forecast exceeds David Cameron's sanguine perspective of austerity

More ...

Tale of Two Cities - Youth Fight for Jobs protest against Workfare in Stratford's Westfield shopping centre in London 25 February 2012 , photo by Senan

16 October 2013

Tories' rags and riches Britain; Join the socialist fightback!

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Dickens' Tale of Two Cities, describes a world divided by poverty and excess. But even his alcoholic anti-hero Carton isn't a scratch on today's super-rich soaks.

More ...

9 October 2013

Them & Us

Tory MP Paul Maynard is concerned people might get a 'food bank habit'. He said: "I do not believe that immediate food relief should be the role of the government...

More ...

26 September 2013

Sudan: No cuts in gas subsidy!

Solidarity with workers, youth and women protesting against Sudan's hated Al-Bashir regime.

More ...

28 August 2013

Unionise to fight zero-hour contracts!

I started working for the fast food restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken nine months ago. I had left my job in a supermarket, to find a full-time job

More ...

17 July 2013

Who are the real criminals?

Desperate poverty drives some people to desperate acts. The Hull Daily Mail reports that 40% more people seem to be stealing food for personal consumption in Hull than last year, writes Mike Whale.

More ...

3 July 2013

What the other half get paid

I don't know how my TV has lasted so long given the first thing I turn on in the morning is the news, writes Ronnie Job.

More ...

3 July 2013

Them & Us

Burger blunder: Picture the scene - the day before Chancellor George Osborne announces more devastation to come our way in the Comprehensive Spending Review, he and his advisors desperately try to think of ways to get people to connect more with him

More ...

Bedroom tax - can't pay, won't leave:  Glasgow demonstration against the bedroom tax and austerity 30 March 2013 , photo Jim Halfpenny

Pic: Jim Halfpenny

5 June 2013

Food bank Britain: Con-Dems turn the clock back

At anti-bedroom tax meetings many people report that they are going without food as they try to pay their rent, writes Steve Score

More ...

22 May 2013

Them & Us

MPs' pay rise: 65,738 a year basic salary just isn't enough for our MPs. Not to mention their infamous expenses.

More ...

15 May 2013

Swansea's food bank for students

Swansea Metropolitan University's student union has been running a food bank since April so its own students can get enough to eat...

More ...

8 May 2013

Greece: Challenging the Golden Dawn

In the elections of June 2012, the neo-fascist party Golden Dawn (GD) got 7% of the votes and entered the Greek parliament for the first time, with 18 MPs

More ...

8 May 2013

One in five borrow to buy food

Five million families in Britain are struggling to pay for food and are reaching "breaking point" according to a 'Which?' survey...

More ...

Bee, photo by USDA Photo by Jack Dykinga

Bee, photo by USDA Photo by Jack Dykinga

8 May 2013

Big business threatens bees

The Con-Dem government has been accused of bowing to the agrochemical industry, supporting bad science, and threatening food production around the world, writes Pete Mason.

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