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29 November 2007

France: Transport strikes suspended

AFTER TAKING nine days of strike action, the longest for 12 years, French national SNCF rail and Paris urban transport workers called off their action on 23 November... By Judy Beishon

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22 November 2007

France: massive public sector workers' strike

MOBILISED TO defend public-sector jobs and pay, hundreds of thousands of workers went on strike in France on Tuesday 20 November. ... By Karl Debbaut, Committee for a Workers' International (CWI)

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25 October 2007

France: Biggest public transport strike action since 1995

"REMEMBER THIS date: October 18, 2007. On this day, Nicolas Sarkozy's five year term will really begin", the conservative newspaper Le Figaro wrote... By Karl Debbaut, Committee for a Workers' International (CWI)

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9 August 2007

Exchanging socialist ideas worldwide

THE COMMITTEE for a Workers' International (CWI) held its annual summer school in Belgium. The socialist gives here some excerpts of the reports given by its sister European sections.

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5 July 2007

Why the United Nations fails the test of internationalism

DESPITE THE failure of the United Nations (UN) since its inception to prevent and resolve wars and conflicts, and its inability to eradicate crushing poverty and prevent climate change on a world scale, many (including those ...

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28 June 2007

It's business as usual as European summit ignores public opposition

French and Dutch voters defeated the 2004 draft European Union (EU) constitution when they voted No to it in 2005...

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14 June 2007

G8 protests: Determination wins through

DESPITE POLICE provocation, a successful demonstration for migrants' rights took place on Monday 4 June....

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7 June 2007

The Arab-Israel 1967 war: repression and bloodshed continues

40 years since the Arab-Israel 1967 war: THE START of a six-day war on 5 June 1967 between Israel and its neighbouring Arab states resulted in an overwhelming military victory for Israel...

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10 May 2007

France: preparing for a "third round" on the streets

French presidential election: THE PRESIDENTIAL victory of France's right wing Nicholas Sarkozy - with 53% in the second round - raises the question of why this result happened in a country renowned for regular working-class struggles and anti-market cons...

More ...

26 April 2007

France: Record turnout sees Royal and Sarkozy go through to second round

THE FIRST round of the French presidential elections last Sunday left capitalist commentators in an almost jubilant mood...

More ...

12 April 2007

France: Workers need to build a Left alternative

French presidential elections: THE LONG build-up to the French presidential election is nearly over, with the four main candidates now battling it out in the media in the final stage of the campaign...

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4 April 2007

Days of Glory

International Human Rights film festival: THIS OSCAR-nominated World War Two drama follows the journey of North African (Indigénes) soldiers fighting their way through southern Europe helping to liberate France, their 'mother country'...

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29 March 2007

Airbus walkout - joint action needed across Europe

THE VAST majority of the 7,000 strong workforce at the Airbus UK factory at Broughton in North Wales, walked out on strike on 23 March....

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22 March 2007

How was the slave trade abolished?

 Toussaint L'Ouverture led a successful uprising of black slaves

Toussaint L'Ouverture led a successful uprising of black slaves

Reform or revolt?: TWO HUNDRED years after the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act was passed in Britain's Parliament, Hugo Pierre asks:...

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8 March 2007

United action needed to defend Airbus jobs

AIRBUS, THE giant European plane manufacturer announced last week that they were to get rid of over 10,000 jobs from their plants in Germany, France, UK and Spain....

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22 February 2007

CWI world congress: How will new workers' parties be built?

CWI world congress report (3): ROGER BANNISTER Socialist Party visitor and national secretary of the Campaign for a New Workers' Party reports....

More ...

22 February 2007

No to Trident!

RIDING PILLION behind Bush, Blair has embroiled Britain in disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...

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7 February 2007

Rising anger and discontent in Europe

CWI World Congress report: IN THIS second report in the socialist from the recent ninth world congress of the Committee for a Workers' International, Paula Mitchell summarises some of the themes raised in the discussion on Europe....

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1 February 2007

Review: Silent Accomplice

BETWEEN APRIL and July 1994 nearly one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were massacred by the Rwandan government and its Hutu militias. ...

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9 November 2006

When British imperialism hit the rocks

Suez 1956: : ON 5 November 1956 British and French paratroops occupied Egypt's Port Said at the entrance to the Suez Canal....

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