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25 October 2003

Germany in Crisis: 'This Policy Deserves No Applause - But Resistance'

TRADITIONALLY, THE German chancellor and the leaders of the political parties would speak at the national congresses of the big trade unions and expect a warm response, writes Sascha Stanicic, Berlin.

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12 July 2003

German Socialist victimised

JENS FERTSCH, a member of the German section of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI - the socialist international organisation to which the Socvialiat Party is affiliated), was suspended from his workplace on July 8th...

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21 June 2003

East Germany 1953: When the Workers rose Up Against Stalinism

ON 15 June 1953, about 60 building workers on the Friedrichshaim hospital building site in East Berlin stopped work to draw up a letter protesting at a 10% increase in the work norms imposed by East Germany's Stalin-ist government...

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31 May 2003

Strike Wave Rocks Europe

AS STRIKES and demonstrations against public sector cuts sweep France, Germany, and Austria, the mainstream British press's most prominent mention of this mass movement is in the gossip columns - apparently Madonna is upset because her daughter's teachers have been on strike!...

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7 March 2003

Anti-War Reports

IN LEICESTER, young people are ready to join the strike against the war at both Universities and several schools around the city, School Students And Students write.

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28 February 2003

Bush tries to carve up Iraq After Saddam

HUGE ANTI-war demonstrations have forced Tony Blair to try to justify his bellicose position. He complains that people don't understand the 'moral case' for attacking Iraq.

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24 January 2003

German Workers Fight New Attacks

LAST YEAR saw a tremendous ferment amongst German public sector workers. About 250,000 participated in warning strikes in December in support of their pay claim and 40,000 civil servants demonstrated in

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11 October 2002

The System Isn't Working

THE DEEP gloom in the economy is spreading to the finance sector. Until recently, says the Financial Times, banks shrugged off fears about bad debts and had big profits. No more

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21 June 2002

German Building Workers Strike

THOUSANDS OF building workers downed tools and walked off sites throughout Germany to demand a 4.5% pay rise

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27 April 2001

Germany: Building international socialism

SOCIALIST ALTERNATIVE (SAV), the German section of the CWI, held a well-attended weekend school - Sozialismus Tage - on 13-15 April, writes Sascha Stanicic and Per-ake Westerlund.

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6 April 2001

Massive anti-nuclear protests in Germany

ONE MAJOR promise of the German SPD (Social Democratic Party) and the Green Party before coming to power in 1998 was to end nuclear power, writes Daniel Behruzi, Socialist Alternative - SAV, Berlin (CWI - Germany).

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26 January 2001

Show of strength from car workers

THE DEMONSTRATION became more upbeat as it went along and felt the support from the Saturday shoppers, many of whom joined the demo...

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13 October 2000

Marching against the Nazis

TEN THOUSAND people joined a noisy and determined demonstration to close down the neo-Nazi NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) office in Kopenick, East Berlin, last Saturday, writes By a member of Youth Against Racism in Europe (YRE).

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8 September 2000

Mobilising to stop Nazi terror in Germany

THE TRIAL of three Neo-Nazis, who had beaten and kicked Alberto Adriano to death, has ended with their conviction and sentences ranging from 16 years to life...

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18 August 2000

Fighting the fascist threat in Germany

THERE WERE about 40 of them. Many were openly carrying guns. At first they circled us, shouting, threatening us. Then they attacked the table. They ripped up our leaflets, broke our picket signs, tried...

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