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9 March 2006

Berlin Left reject unprincipled coalition

THE BERLIN WASG (Election Alternative for Work and Social Justice) regional party conference on 25/26 February overwhelmingly reaffirmed its previous decision not to stand jointly with the Linkspartei.PDS (former East German Communist Party) in regional elections on 17 September, writes Tanja Niemeier, Berlin.

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2 March 2006

35,000 public-sector workers strike

BELOW IS a report of the first day of the current public sector strike which now involves 35,000 workers on strike in nine of the 16 federal states in Germany...

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12 January 2006

Fighting for socialist ideas world wide

International Executive Committee report: The Socialist Party is affiliated to the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) which organises in 36 countries on every continent...

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13 October 2005

Germany: Grand coalition against workers

GERMANY'S GENERAL election on 18 September saw a defeat for both of the so-called big peoples' parties (the social democratic SPD and the conservative CDU/CSU)...

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22 September 2005

Massive gains for new Left Party in German elections

A MASSIVE defeat for the Right and a big victory for the Left, that is the result of the general election...

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14 July 2005

A new challenge from the left in Germany

POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS in Germany are speeding up. In January a new left-wing party was formally launched called "Work and Social...

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2 June 2005

Germany: Political turmoil after the elections

AS A consequence of the disastrous defeat in the regional state elections in North Rhine Westphalia, the former heartland of the Social Democrats (SPD) in Germany, chancellor Schršder issued a surprise call...

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26 May 2005

Germany - workers punish Schröder

FOLLOWING THE catastrophic, though not unexpected, election result in the region of North Rhine Westphalia, the German social democrat (SDP) Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, announced an early general election fo...

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12 March 2005

Germany: Challenges, dangers and opportunities

OFFICIAL UNEMPLOYMENT has reached over 5 million, a new all-time high in post-war German history...

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5 February 2005

The Holocaust - who was to blame?

The sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz has produced a plethora of TV and radio documentaries, newspaper features and statements from leading politicians. All of these rightly express revulsion and condemnation of the most evil and barbaric regime in history.

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11 December 2004

Concrete steps towards formation of new party

AGAINST THE background of increased attacks on living standards and working conditions, important sections of the working class in Germany have drawn the conclusion that an organisational and political alternative to the neo-liberal policies of Chancellor Gerhard Schroder and Co...

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13 November 2004

Fight for your future

ISR/Socialist Students conference: With only days to go, the ISR and Socialist Student conference looks set to be the biggest yet! Our opening 'Fight for your future' rally will have speakers talking about campaigning in their workplaces, schools and colleges...

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6 November 2004

Volkswagen: Workers Stage Warning Strikes

HOT ON the heels of General Motors-Opel and Daimler-Chrysler, bosses at car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) in Germany are demanding that their workforce accept a 30% cost-cutting programme to restore the company's profits...

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6 November 2004

Ministers Paper Over Growing EU Crises

ON 29 October leaders from the 25 member states of the European Union (EU), meeting in Rome, signed a new European Constitution...

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16 October 2004

International Workers' Solidarity

Germany: Socialist councillor sacked: ON 26 September Marc Treude was elected as councillor in Aachen for the left-wing electoral alliance "Together against social cuts". On 8 October he was sacked by his employers at Cinram for organising resistance against 350 lay-offs...

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2 October 2004

Socialist Alternative Win Two Council Seats in Germany

Germany: LOCAL ELECTIONS took place in Germany's most populous regional state North Rhine Westphalia on September 26...

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18 September 2004

Anger, Bitterness And Increasing Opposition in Germany

SINCE THE end of July, tens of thousands, mainly in east Germany, have demonstrated every Monday against government cuts. Last Saturday, 11 September, 10,000 blind people protested in Hanover against the Lower Saxony state government's...

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4 September 2004

Defending the 35-hour week: The Profit System's The Problem, Not The Workers

Defending the 35-hour week: Minister for Europe and former trade union official Denis MacShane has recently claimed: "An obsession with the 35-hour week is now part of Europe's economic problem, not the solution."...

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13 December 2003

EU 'growth and stability' fiasco: Squabbling States Continue With Bosses' Agenda

'REFRIGERATED, HOSPITALISED, dead', are the words used to describe the European Union stability and growth pact after it was trashed by Germany and France, writes Manny Thain.

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22 November 2003

CWI - Building Socialism Worldwide

THE SOCIALIST Party is a member of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) which has sister organisations in more than 36 countries across the globe, writes Tanja Niemeier.

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