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9 November 2006

When British imperialism hit the rocks

Suez 1956: : ON 5 November 1956 British and French paratroops occupied Egypt's Port Said at the entrance to the Suez Canal....

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29 June 2006

New regime in Somalia a setback for US imperialism

WARLORDS WHO ruled the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, for 15 years have recently been driven out by a coalition of Muslim groups backing the 'Islamic Courts Union', writes Kevin Parslow.

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22 September 2005

US imperialism - a weakened giant

THE TWIN disasters of Iraq and Hurricane Katrina are huge body blows to the image, cultivated by the Bush neo-conservative gang from the very first day they occupied the White House, that the US is an unstoppable, impregnabl...

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21 July 2005

al-Qa'ida: US imperialism's deadly legacy

THE LONDON bombings have drawn attention to the Islamic terrorist training camps operating in the Afghanistan/Pakistan border areas...

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4 September 2004

US Imperialism Further Weakened In Iraq

THE DREAMS of the US right-wing 'neo-cons' lie in tatters on the battlefields of Iraq. One of the only certainties in the turmoil of Iraq is that imperialism's occupation is doomed to failure...

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3 May 2003

Is US Imperialism Invincible?

After the Iraq war...: "A WAR to remake the world" is how Michael Ledeen, a leading neo-conservative associated with the Bush government, described the war on Iraq, writes Hannah Sell.

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27 September 2002

The Real Rogue State

An alternative dossier on US imperialism: BLAIR CLAIMS that his "dossier" on Iraq justifies the US and Britain going to war and forcing a 'regime change', writes John Sharpe.

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9 August 2002

US Imperialism Gambles On Iraq War

GEORGE BUSH'S planned attack on Iraq is looking decidedly frayed at the edges as many of his allies distance themselves from the US president's war option, writes Dave Carr.

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14 December 2001

Imperialism - Wars Without End

SOCIALISTS SAY that the world's mightiest power, the USA, has been fighting a war in Afghanistan to defend imperialist interests...

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2 November 2001

The Deadly Legacy Of Imperialism

BUSH AND Blair's war in Afghanistan has encountered mass popular opposition in many parts of the Muslim world...

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5 October 2001

US Imperialism's Confused "War Aims"

"WE DO deserts, we don't do mountains." In this way Colin Powell, Bush's Secretary of State, defined the limits of US capacity to intervene internationally in the mid-1990s...

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