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11th September 2001 (16)

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11th September 2001

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From: The Socialist issue 227, 26 October 2001: Stop This Brutal War

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Lost lives, lost jobs...

Stop This Brutal War

Every day it's becoming clearer who will pay for this brutal war. Hundreds of ordinary Afghans have already been killed and injured.

In one bomb attack, eight members of one family died, including four boys under eight years old. Those who don't die immediately can't be saved because the hospitals have no electricity or blood.

Half a million desperate refugees have left their homes since 11 September. At least 15,000 have made for the border with Pakistan. Inside Afghanistan itself, hidden from the TV cameras people are dying of hunger.

And for what? Even if US and British troops topple the Taliban and capture bin Laden, that will not bring terrorism to an end. Terrorism is rooted in the poverty, inequalities and oppression which this capitalist system is responsible for. Only by changing the system which breeds these conditions will we be able to look forward to a peaceful future.

This war is expected to cost the world economy at least 470 billion. In Britain the cost could be 13 billion - that's 200 for every woman, man and child.

The global economy was in trouble even before 11 September but the war is making things much worse. Britain will not escape.

Already 36,000 jobs have gone since the attacks on the US, including the thousands of redundancies announced at Rolls Royce (see page 11). More than 100,000 jobs are expected to go before Christmas.

Thousands of jobs have been lost in the airline industry. But not everyone is complaining. The private jet industry increased its business by fifteen per cent last month as top executives put their own interests first.

Innocent Afghans and working class people should not have to pay the price for Bush and Blair's war.

The Socialist Party and our sister parties internationally are involved in building anti-war movements around the world.

A national demonstration has been called for 18 November in London to oppose the war. We will be campaigning to make this even bigger than the last demo which was 50,000 strong.

Join us on the demonstration. Get involved in the anti-war movement. But don't stop there. Join with us to fight for a socialist world, free from poverty, war and terror.

Stop The War Coalition

National demonstration

Sunday November 18

Assemble 12 noon, Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park, London.

Join the Socialist Party Join us today!

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