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Mary Jackson, photo Mary4Mayor

4 May 2013

TUSC Doncaster Mayor candidate wins 1,900 votes in Ed Miliband's backyard

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Mary Jackson polled 1,916 votes, coming in ahead of the Lib Dems

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17 April 2013

Welsh NHS cuts - no change of heart from Labour

Ed Miliband said, at Labour Party Wales Conference, that he wants the shadow cabinet to come to Wales and learn from the good things that the Welsh Government is doing, writes Ronnie Job.

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Ed Miliband avoids protesters against the Bedroom tax, photo by Chris Moore

Ed Miliband avoids protesters against the Bedroom tax, photo by Chris Moore

17 April 2013

Ineffectual Ed visits South West

Waiting for Labour leader Ed Miliband to arrive in Stroud as part of his whistle stop election tour of the South West, one person asked which direction he was coming, writes Chris Moore, Gloucestershire Socialist Party.

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5 December 2012

Challenging Jack Straw MP

In October, the Lancashire Telegraph serialised former Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw's memoirs. Peter Harris, one of six Labour Party members expelled from Straw's Blackburn constituency party, wrote to the Lancashire Telegraph challenging Straw's version of events

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Waltham Forest protest, one of many protests outside Labour-run councils who pass Con-Dem austerity measures. , photo Senan

Waltham Forest protest, one of many protests outside Labour-run councils who pass Con-Dem austerity measures. , photo Senan

26 September 2012

Can Labour give a lead in fight against austerity?

The Labour Party conference takes place at a crucial time. Working people are crying out for a lead in a mass movement which can force elections and topple the hated Con-Dem government, writes Peter Taaffe

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5 September 2012

Them & Us

Underemployment: It's well known that the official unemployment figures hide the true extent of the jobs crisis in many ways...

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18 July 2012

Unenthusiastic reception for Miliband at Durham Miners' Gala

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband spoke at the Durham Miners' Gala, which is regarded as the largest working class event in Britain

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27 June 2012

Block on Progress - "intolerable think tank"?

Britain's three biggest unions, GMB, Unite and Unison, have all questioned the role of the Progress group inside the Labour Party, writes Bob Severn.

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27 June 2012

Miliband speech: no answer to the race to the bottom

"I have heard stories from my Doncaster constituency where East European migrants arrived to work in a local chicken factory for long hours at less than the minimum wage while sleeping 19 to 20 to a house...

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Tony Blair, bosses' puppet. Cartoon by Alan Hardman, photo Alan Hardman

Cartoon by Alan Hardman

30 May 2012

Leveson inquiry - the offer the 'Godfather' couldn't refuse?

This week the Leveson inquiry called the godfather of Rupert Murdoch's daughter to give testimony. In the stand sat Tony Blair, the man who occupied Downing Street for ten years

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Unions like Unite have donated millions to Labour but Labour promises nothing in return to union members, photo Paul Mattsson

Unions like Unite have donated millions to Labour but Labour promises nothing in return to union members, photo Paul Mattsson

25 January 2012

The trade unions and Labour

What we think: Labour lords voted against the introduction of the benefit cap which threatens 67,000 families with poverty and homelessness. Yet Liam Byrne, shadow Work and Pensions secretary, made it abundantly clear Labour supports the cap.

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Public opposition to cuts, photo Senan

Public opposition to cuts

18 January 2012

Labour leadership approves the Con-Dem cuts

Ed 'Moribund' and the Labour leadership's brainwave to boost election poll ratings is "Vote for us and we will freeze your pay and cut your services"! writes Dave Reid, Socialist Party Wales.

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18 January 2012

Them & Us

Bonus restraint? Fat chance!: I have just seen with disgust that Bob Diamond, the boss of Barclays Bank, is in line for a £10 million bonus (on top of his £1.3 million a year salary) for his efforts in the financial world this year, writes Lin Black, Swansea.

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11 January 2012

Fat cat pay: empty words from Cameron

Prime minister David Cameron now tells us that he is determined to announce action in this spring's Queen's speech on the phenomenally high pay of 'fat cat' company executives, writes Roger Shrives.

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4 January 2012

We're not scroungers!

Ian Pattison - a marcher on the Youth Fight for Jobs Jarrow march - replies to Labour leader Ed Miliband's recent comments which claim to offer a 'radical rethink' on benefits, writes Dear Ed Miliband.

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2 November 2011

Tony Blair advises Kazakhstan's dictatorial regime

Press reports in the past week have revealed a very close relationship between former Labour prime minister Tony Blair and Nursultan Nazarbayev, the dictatorial ruler of mineral-rich Kazakhstan, writes Ken Douglas.

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2 November 2011

Fast News

Spare no expense: Former prime ministers Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Tony Blair together have claimed over £1.7 million in 'expenses' in the last five years...

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5 October 2011

Miliband's fruitless dreams of a 'better capitalism'

Ed Miliband said at Labour Party conference that we would have to 'live within our means' and that "Most of the cuts implemented by the Con-Dems will not be reversed"

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29 September 2011

Labour Party conference - No way forward given by 'reclaim Labour' speakers

‘Vote for us and nothing will change’! was the message of Labour's Ed Balls to the working class desperate for leadership. Two Socialist Party members report on the LRC fringe meeting and on watching the conference on TV

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13 September 2011

PCS president questions Ed Miliband over pension cuts

Janice Godrich, PCS national president, has quizzed Labour leader Ed Miliband from the floor of TUC congress over his refusal to support public sector workers taking action over cuts to their pensions...

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