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30 September 2009

Unison witch-hunt - Defend the Four!

"This is a battle we must win; to reclaim the union for our members, to ensure we have a democratic and fighting trade union," said Glenn Kelly at a 100-strong meeting on 23 September called by the Defend the Four campaign...

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Video: Defend the Four meeting to defend four Socialist Party unison members banned from office, photo Socialist Party

Video: Defend the Four meeting to defend four Socialist Party unison members banned from office, photo Socialist Party

29 September 2009

London Defend the Four meeting - four videos

On 16 July, after two long years of tortuous investigations and hearings, Unison's kangaroo court declared four members of the Socialist Party guilty. This disgraceful charade will go down in trade union history as a day of shame.

A well attended Defend the Four meeting took place on Septempber 23rd.

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25 September 2009

Video of London Defend the Four meeting

Watch: Video of London Defend the Four meeting:

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Brian Caton addresses the National Shop Stewards Network conference 2009, photo Suzanne Beishon

Brian Caton, photo Suzanne Beishon

16 September 2009

Interview with POA leader Brian Caton

Brian Caton, Prison Officers Association (POA) general secretary recently decided to join the Socialist Party, after being a member of the Labour Party for many years. He spoke to Socialist Party industrial organiser Bill Mullins:

"I come from a family of nine. I was brought up in Barnsley, my Dad worked as a collier. I was always a rebel at school..."

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12 August 2009

Torturous explanation

DESPITE MOUNTING evidence that Britain's spy agencies colluded with foreign governments in the torture of terrorist suspects, the Labour government and MI5 continue to deny any involvement...

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7 July 2009

Brown's dead duck government

Editorial: U-TURNS, BACKTRACKING, mistakes, lies, defeats, clutching at straws - all everyday occurrences for a government clinging to power by its fingertips...

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10 June 2009

Another DWP minister resigns

JAMES PURNELL, government minister at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), resigned last week - one of an increasing number of ministerial resignations from Gordon Brown's disintegrating government...

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15 April 2009

Fast news

Let yourself go: SOME FIVE million workers in the US have lost their jobs since the start of the current recession. But while mass unemployment is a cause of widespread misery and hardship, to some TV producers it's an...

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1 April 2009

Gordon Brown meets the bankers

On 26 March, those who passed through Walthamstow town square in east London came across a very incongruous sight, writes Kay Shipway.

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Communication Workers Union lobby of parliament Feb 09, photo Paul Mattsson

Communication Workers Union lobby of parliament Feb 09, photo Paul Mattsson

3 March 2009

Hands off our post!

BUSINESS SECRETARY Peter Mandelson, like a creature from the lagoon, is pressing ahead with Labour's Postal Services Bill, claiming that only the 'expertise' of the private sector can 'modernise' Britain's postal services, writes Chris Moore, Save Our Post Offices organiser.

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18 February 2009

Anger as jobs slashed with an hour's notice

Workers at BMW's Mini plant at Cowley in Oxford reacted in fury when they were given an hour's notice that they were losing their jobs, writes Alison Hill.

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18 February 2009

Regulators resign over financial meltdown

GORDON BROWN carelessly managed to lose two key banking advisers last week. Sir James Crosby, former chief executive of HBOS bank, (which together with its merger partner Lloyds got 37 billion-plus emergency...

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18 February 2009

Fast news

The company store: AS BARACK Obama spends $2 trillion in a bid to to revive capitalism, the Japanese Panasonic corporation has hit on a more modest 'stimulus package'...

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17 February 2009

New Labour in blind panic

Editorial 'Don't panic!' Peter Mandelson is begging his fellow cabinet ministers. It will not have any effect - New Labour is in a blind panic. No wonder; as the economy has sharply declined, so has New Labour's...

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14 January 2009

Stop job cuts

Robbie Segal

Robbie Segal

Tens of thousands of retail workers are being laid off. These workers are facing a bleak future, writes Robbie Segal, who is standing for president of Usdaw. Voting starts 19 January.
I am standing for election to become president of Usdaw because our union needs to be a fighting union. We should be building a mass campaign against job losses but also demanding a minimum wage of 8 an hour without exemptions. The union should be taking workers' wages and conditions forward, not watching them go backwards.

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14 January 2009

Conference: 'The crisis in working class political representation'

RMT protests against privatisation on the London underground , photo Paul Mattsson

RMT protests against privatisation on the London underground , photo Paul Mattsson

The rail union RMT-organised conference to "discuss the crisis in working class political representation" which took place on 10 January, was initiated by a resolution passed at last year's RMT conference, writes Jane James.

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29 October 2008

Worlds apart... in 'them and us' society

TGWU cleaners demonstrating against low pay, photo Molly Cooper

House of Commons TGWU cleaners demonstrating against low pay outside Parliament, photo Molly Cooper

There are jobs going at the House of Lords at the moment. You would think they would be quite good jobs, after all we taxpayers fork out millions every year to keep parliament going. But the truth is shocking - the jobs start at 14,891...

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15 October 2008

Mandelson - New minister for the rich

PETER MANDELSON, Baron of Foy and Hartlepool is now secretary of state for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and president of the Board of Trade...

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15 October 2008

News in brief

Bankers bailed out: EUROPEAN LEADERS are following Brown and Darling's policy of big bank bailouts. The total bailout in Europe could total 1.5 trillion while the US government seems likely to inject another 400 billion...

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2 September 2008

John Mc Donnell MP protests at Unison witch-hunt

The Socialist has carried many reports of the witch-hunt against activists within Unison. At a recent meeting to oppose this witch-hunt, John McDonnell, the Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington spoke...

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