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23 September 2010

Blair's path to destruction

The publication of Tony Blair's autobiography, 'A Journey', has confirmed just how unpopular he had become, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary. Socialism Today October 2010.

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15 September 2010

The Third Man

Review: New Labour politician Peter Mandelson's tome has now been overshadowed by the deluge of publicity received by his soul mate Tony Blair, writes Tony Mulhearn, Former 'Liverpool 47' Labour councillor.

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9 September 2010

Blair admits he was wrong...

How interesting to read that Tony Blair admitted in his book that he got something wrong. Could it be his decision to leave in place the Tories' anti-trade union laws?

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9 September 2010

Tony Blair - a journey to Thatcherism

TONY BLAIR'S memoirs show that he really was Thatcher's heir. He tries to justify New Labour's capitalist economic policies, ferociously attacking Gordon Brown for daring to "depart a millimetre from...

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16 June 2010

Labour leadership contest dominated by right wing

Editorial: One issue will overwhelm all others in the coming years - the struggle against cuts in public services. In the first instance this struggle will involve demonstrations, strikes and community campaigns. However, the issue of political representation for workers and young people struggling against the cuts must also be an important aspect of the campaign...

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26 May 2010

Diane Abbott and the Labour Party leadership battle

Reader's Comment: Diane Abbott's entry into the race for the Labour Party leadership has thrown a banana skin under the feet of the 'Labour Left' in their quest to secure the 33 nominations needed to get John McDonnell's name on the ballot paper, writes Mick Cotter, Hackney Socialist Party.

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21 April 2010

TV debate - Party leaders compete for the same policies

The first television debate, on 15 April, between the leaders of the main parties was the first such election debate in Britain, writes Paula Mitchell.

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24 March 2010

MPs: in it for the money

FIVE THOUSAND pounds seems to be the favourite figure of Stephen Byers, who for the past five years has commanded this fee for regular speaking appearances and newspaper articles...

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24 March 2010

'MPs for hire' scandal

More parliamentary sleaze: "I'M A bit like a cab for hire," said former Blairite government minister Stephen Byers to an undercover reporter who was posing as a company lobbyist, writes Dave Carr.

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24 March 2010

Hewitt's big business alliance

MANY MPs accept money from big companies. This is in addition to direct company donations to the main parties. Why do these companies give cash? It's obvious isn't it - to get influence over government...

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24 March 2010

New workers' party needed

THE CAMPAIGN for a New Workers' Party (CNWP) has condemned more sleaze revelations on former PM, Tony Blair:...

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15 March 2010

With friends like these... Brown attacks BA cabin crew

New Labour revealed its true colours over the weekend. Senior figures queued up to take the side of British Airways management as cabin crew prepare for strike action on 20th March...

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10 March 2010

Anti-war campaigner Joe Glenton gets nine months

ANTI-AFGHANISTAN war campaigner Joe Glenton, a Lance-Corporal in the logistics corps, was found guilty of going absent without leave at a court martial and jailed for nine months...

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5 March 2010

Michael Foot - the end of an era

Many "Old Labour" workers and socialists will be saddened at the death of Michael Foot and will see it as signifying the death of an era. However the ideas of Michael Foot - of piecemeal socialist reform of society through successive 'progressive' Labour governments - died long before he physically passed away on 3 March. Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe writes.

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17 February 2010

Ministers and MI5 colluded in the cover-up of torture

FOLLOWING HIS detention by the Pakistani secret service in 2002 and his sale to the US for a bounty of $5,000, Binyam Mohamed lived a shadow existence, deprived of his basic human rights, writes Ken Douglas.

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Death reaches out to Tony Blair from Iraq - cartoon by Alan Hardman

Death reaches out to Tony Blair from Iraq - cartoon by Alan Hardman

27 January 2010

Prosecute the war criminal Blair

Iraq Inquiry: Tony Blair: war criminal! That would be the outcome of any genuine inquiry into the Iraq war. Tony Blair took us to war in Iraq on the basis of a lie. Now, Liar Blair has been called to give evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry...

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19 January 2010

Spinning the war

THE TEDIUM of the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war was briefly interrupted when Tony Blair's former spin doctor, Alistair Campbell, was summoned to testify...

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19 January 2010

Marching off the dole?

On the day when the TUC and others write to the government to express their concern that 620,000 people have been out of work for over a year, we hear that Gordon Brown is to expand the army cadet forces in state schools, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

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Sussex university students demonstrate, photo Socialist Students

pic: Socialist Students

6 January 2010

Mandelson savages university funding

THE GOVERNMENT'S business secretary, Peter Mandelson, delivered a Christmas 'kick in the teeth' to students and university workers by adding a cuts package of 135 million onto cuts of hundreds of millions already announced, writes Matt Dobson, national organiser, Socialist Students.

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9 December 2009

Twinings workers fight job losses

Andover, North Shields: Workers at Twinings in Andover and North Shields took their campaign against 400 job cuts to the AGM of the parent company, Associated British Foods, in London on 4 December...

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