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5 November 2013

End the witch hunt of Stevie Deans and Unite

Sections of the capitalist media and the Tory Party leadership have gone into overdrive in their denunciation of the trade union Unite and its former convener at Grangemouth, Stephen Deans

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30 October 2013

Workplace news in brief

Postal workers rally: There is a national rally for striking Communication Workers Union (CWU) members in Royal Mail on Monday 4 November at 12 noon in the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London SW1P 3EE

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30 October 2013

Stop rip-off energy prices

I hate SSE because of a boiler not installed when promised, leaving my family, including two young children, without hot water for four weeks this summer, writes Ronnie Job

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23 October 2013

How red is Ed?

A few popular, focus-group tested words by Ed Miliband at Labour Party conference had an effect. But just how red is Ed really? Peter Taaffe writes.

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9 October 2013

Socialist ideas are the Mail's real target

With good reason big business is accustomed to the main political parties doing its bidding - legislating for easy profits from privatisation of public services, cutting corporation tax and undermining workers' rights.

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2 October 2013

Tory millionaire tells Britain: 'Back to the workhouse!'

Millionaire chancellor George Osborne announced at Tory conference a plan to keep the country on rations until 2020! Ken Douglas writes.

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25 September 2013

Labour conference - no socialist policies

What we think: Asked by a member of the public when he would "bring back socialism" Ed Miliband replied: "that is what we are doing, Sir". Unfortunately, it would be impossible to spot socialist policies at this year's Labour conference.

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Janice Godrich, President of PCS. addresses NSSN lobby of TUC congress 2013, photo Paul Mattsson

Janice Godrich, photo Paul Mattsson

11 September 2013

Disaffiliate from pro-capitalist Labour

In a speech at the 2013 congress of the TUC, PCS president Janice Godrich set out the reality of Austerity Britain: 13 million people live in poverty, up by a million since the Coalition came to power; 1.8 million families are on housing waiting lists; half a million people are now reliant on food banks

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11 September 2013

TUC congress dominated by questions of joint action and links to Labour Party

"Your policies seem contradictory and they're confusing people. Can we get a clear answer: are you for or against austerity?" This question put by PCS president Janice Godrich to Labour leader Ed Miliband

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10 September 2013

Miliband's speech offers nothing different

Ed Miliband has proven time and again that he does not want the Labour Party to represent organised workers within the trade union movement - and his policies don't represent the interests of workers

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2 September 2013

Miliband expected to promise repeal of bedroom tax

As reported in the Sunday People, Ed Miliband is expected to announce that a Labour government would repeal the bedroom tax

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17 July 2013

Durham Miners' Gala shows mood for new party

From the platform of the Durham Miners' Gala Davie Hopper, general secretary of the Durham Miners' Association, mentioned this was the first time in 115 years there hadn't been a Labour MP speaking

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5 July 2013

Unite meets roadblock in New Labour

Time to discuss step of disaffiliation: The attack on Unite, the biggest trade union in the country, following New Labour's suspension of the selection process in Falkirk, is a decisive moment in the relationship between the unions and Labour. Unite's preferred candidate and the constituency chairperson have been suspended from party positions [Article updated 8.7.13]

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26 June 2013

Jack Straw forced to retract lies about Militant

In his book Last Man Standing, Jack Straw, home secretary in Blair's government, claims to have made every effort to ensure factual accuracy. He has now been forced to admit publicly that some of his allegations were totally untrue. Peter Harris exposes some of the dirty tricks

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12 June 2013

Labour crosses the Rubicon - again

In a series of speeches last week, the Labour leadership crossed the Rubicon and completely betrayed the poor and working class

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Mary Jackson, photo Mary4Mayor

4 May 2013

TUSC Doncaster Mayor candidate wins 1,900 votes in Ed Miliband's backyard

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Mary Jackson polled 1,916 votes, coming in ahead of the Lib Dems

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17 April 2013

Welsh NHS cuts - no change of heart from Labour

Ed Miliband said, at Labour Party Wales Conference, that he wants the shadow cabinet to come to Wales and learn from the good things that the Welsh Government is doing, writes Ronnie Job.

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Ed Miliband avoids protesters against the Bedroom tax, photo by Chris Moore

Ed Miliband avoids protesters against the Bedroom tax, photo by Chris Moore

17 April 2013

Ineffectual Ed visits South West

Waiting for Labour leader Ed Miliband to arrive in Stroud as part of his whistle stop election tour of the South West, one person asked which direction he was coming, writes Chris Moore, Gloucestershire Socialist Party.

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5 December 2012

Challenging Jack Straw MP

In October, the Lancashire Telegraph serialised former Labour cabinet minister Jack Straw's memoirs. Peter Harris, one of six Labour Party members expelled from Straw's Blackburn constituency party, wrote to the Lancashire Telegraph challenging Straw's version of events

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Waltham Forest protest, one of many protests outside Labour-run councils who pass Con-Dem austerity measures. , photo Senan

Waltham Forest protest, one of many protests outside Labour-run councils who pass Con-Dem austerity measures. , photo Senan

26 September 2012

Can Labour give a lead in fight against austerity?

The Labour Party conference takes place at a crucial time. Working people are crying out for a lead in a mass movement which can force elections and topple the hated Con-Dem government, writes Peter Taaffe

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