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16 February 2011

Mark Thomas: Extreme rambling

Mark Thomas's comedy is always original and his latest show is no exception. This time he recounts his experience of walking the length of the Israeli wall that imprisons the Palestinians of the West...

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27 July 2009

Outrageous "racism" charge leads to union ban

Press release: Four members of the public sector union Unison were last week banned from holding positions in their union following two years of investigations and hearings...

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21 May 2008

Unison members say 'no' to witch hunt

Around 70 angry protesters lobbied the Unison 'disciplinary hearing' which started on 14 May, writes Jane James.

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14 May 2008

Unison witch-hunt: Rory Bremner and Mark Thomas speak out

Onay Kasab, photo Paul Mattsson

Onay Kasab, photo Paul Mattsson

"On the face of it, Unison are about to make themselves look a laughing stock", Rory Bremner comments, on the accusations against Onay Kasab.

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7 May 2008

Mark Thomas condemns witch-hunt

"I know Onay Kasab - Kas. I have had the privilege of working with him on the Ilisu Dam Campaign and on the issue of trade unionist deaths in Colombia...

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