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From: The Socialist issue 696, 30 November 2011: 30 November shows... We can win!

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A message from Tommy Sheridan

Tommy Sheridan, class fighter and socialist ex-Member of the Scottish Parliament, sent this message of solidarity to be read out to the Socialism 2011 rally on 5 November. Unfortunately the letter only arrived after the rally but we are proud to publish Tommy's letter.

Throughout my incarceration I have been supported and encouraged by kind letters from Socialist Party members all across Britain and indeed the world. Every one of them is very much appreciated.

This rally is vital in the long but necessary march to forge left unity of action and purpose around a socialist alternative to the current slash and burn policies of the Con-Dem millionaires and charlatans who wish to hold ordinary people responsible for the crimes of the bankers, chief executives and their political lackeys in Westminster.

Their collective greed and desire to usurp society's resources with obscene salaries and pensions has robbed the public purse. There is no alternative to resistance to their savage cuts programme and the dishonest and disgraceful mantra of 'we're all in this together'.

Socialist ideas and policies around genuine public ownership of our resources and real and meaningful redistribution of wealth and power are needed more than ever. A whole new generation is there to be won to the cause of justice and equality, the cornerstones of socialism.

Now is the time to proclaim our belief in socialism louder than ever. Standing tall and firm for what we believe is the order of the day. To borrow from the wise words of the great black freedom fighter Malcolm X: "If you don't believe in something you might just fall for anything".

Believe in the inherent goodness within humanity, our ability to cooperate, combine and stand together in human solidarity. Believe in socialism.

In solidarity, Tommy Sheridan."

Write to Tommy at 32057, HMP Castle Huntly, Longforgan DD2 5HL

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