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From: The Socialist issue 962, 13 September 2017: It's 'pay-back' time!

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New publication: Lessons of October

Trotsky's "insightful and frank examination" of revolution out soon

The new Socialist Books reprint of Trotsky's 'Lessons of October'

The new Socialist Books reprint of Trotsky's 'Lessons of October'   (Click to enlarge)

Ben Robinson, Socialist Books

Socialist Books is proud to announce that our second publication will be 'Lessons of October' by Leon Trotsky.

This book opens with "we met with success in the October revolution, but the October revolution has met with little success in our press." On the centenary of the Russian revolution, Socialist Books argues the importance of the Russian revolution has only grown.

You can order Lessons of October now, and receive your copy when it is returned from the printers on 26 September.

This fresh edition comes with a new introduction from Judy Beishon, a member of the executive committee of the Socialist Party and a member of the international executive committee of the Committee for a Workers' International.

The Russian revolution of 1917 removed the brutal tsarist dictatorship and saw workers and peasants take charge of their own destiny. The impact was felt around the world, inspiring a wave of revolutionary movements throughout Europe and beyond.

While the new workers' state successfully defended itself from the invading armies bent on snuffing out workers' rule, subsequent revolutionary movements tragically failed and Russia was left isolated.

In Lessons of October, Leon Trotsky - a leader of the revolution together with Vladimir Lenin - sought to draw out why the Russian revolution had succeeded while other revolutionary moments had been missed.

In particular, Trotsky looks at the role of the Bolshevik party. He offers an insightful and frank examination of the difficulties and successes of developing a political programme offering a way forward in the midst of the tumultuous and fast-moving events of 1917.

Writing to aid the fight for international socialism, Lessons of October provoked a series of attacks from the developing bureaucracy around Stalin, whose past mistakes Trotsky was exploring.

Lessons of October is essential reading to understand the real history of the Bolsheviks and the October revolution, as well as the first-hand experience vital for the fight for socialism today.

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