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20 May 2015

Workplace news in brief

Defend NHS pay: Nurses could strike if the Tories' talk of a "seven-day NHS" results in attacks on unsocial hour and weekend working payments, according to the leader of the Royal College of Nurses, Dr Peter Carter

More ...

20 May 2015

Them & Us

100,000: The number of jobs the government intends to axe from its departments over the next five years, seriously damaging public service delivery

More ...

Striking porters on the Dundee May Day march, photo Philip Stott

Striking porters on the Dundee May Day march, photo Philip Stott

13 May 2015

Dundee porters enter sixth week of action

The Dundee hospital porters are into their sixth week of all-out strike action as we go to press and they are as strong and determined as ever, writes Philip Stott.

More ...

13 May 2015

Anti-PFI battle bus

An anti-Private Finance Initiative (PFI) battle bus recently toured east London highlighting how PFI priviatisation is wrecking services provided by the local Barts NHS Trust, the largest NHS trust in England

More ...

Cuts and privatisation kill, photo Paul Mattsson

Cuts and privatisation kill, photo Paul Mattsson

30 April 2015

NHS in crisis

Reverse all cuts and privatisation: The scene: a Medical Incident Officer - a standby doctor normally called upon for major accidents - arrives at Worcestershire Royal Hospital to treat patients who have been waiting for hours, untreated in ambulances outside the hospital

More ...

30 April 2015

Dundee porters force NHS bosses to retreat

The strike by 117 Dundee hospital porters is gaining huge support from across the city and beyond. The Unite union members began selective strike action nine weeks ago and, as we go to press, are now in

More ...

22 April 2015

Pay issues dominate at Unison Health conference

Health workers gathered in Liverpool for Unison Health conference on 13-14 April, coming at a time when the NHS has become a key election battleground

More ...

Over 1,000 people marched in Leeds on Saturday 28 April in defence of the NHS , photo Iain Dalton

22 April 2015

Stop NHS cuts!

30bn NHS funding shortfall: Like a tiny plaster over a gaping wound, promises to improve the NHS made by the establishment parties are worthless

More ...

Empty chairs at the Glasgow Homlessness workers' negotiating table

Empty chairs at the Glasgow Homlessness workers' negotiating table

15 April 2015

Glasgow and Dundee: All-out strikes demand fair pay

One hundred and seventeen Dundee hospital porters and 70 local government workers in Glasgow are on strike in separate but similar disputes for fair pay and recognition for the job that they do

More ...

15 April 2015

Unison health backs 10 an hour call

Unison health conference has backed a motion from Mid Yorkshire branch calling for a 10 an hour minimum wage

More ...

15 April 2015

NHS is collapsing under a mountain of PFI debt

Health service is not safe in Labour or Tory hands: When you go into one of the main blocks at St Bartholomew's hospital in central London, it's almost like going into a posh hotel, writes Alison Hill.

More ...

photo Paul Mattsson

8 April 2015

NHS fees warning: Vote TUSC

The next government could bring in charges for NHS services. This was the warning made by Mark Porter, head of doctors' organisation the BMA, because of the NHS's 30 billion deficit

More ...

8 April 2015

NHS: Anti-union blacklisting threat

Just before Parliament closed for the general election, a select committee revealed that the Consulting Association (which provided names of thousands of trade unionists to construction industry bosses, who then blacklisted them) had discussed with companies working in the NHS

More ...

Demonstration against NHS cuts at Whipps Cross hospital, East London 21 September 2013, photo Paul Mattsson

8 April 2015

Whipps Cross hospital trade union activist reinstated

Workers are celebrating the victory of Unison health activist Charlotte Monro

More ...

TUC demonstration in Manchester demands Save our NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

8 April 2015

End cuts - tax the rich

The Manchester Evening News's front page read "End cuts and tax the rich"

More ...

1 April 2015

Working in the NHS: Low pay, cuts and stress

As an NHS worker I feel as though I have been hit from all directions for the last five years. The nursing unions Unison and RCN have accepted this year's paltry 1% pay rise

More ...

1 April 2015

NHS funding crisis deepens

Main parties have no alternative strategy: Despite an underfunding crisis - against the backcloth of government austerity - a recent Kings Fund report shows the National Health Service (NHS) bearing up well and high patient satisfaction rates

More ...

1 April 2015

Bolton Uni: reinstate Damien and Jenny Markey!

The campaign for the reinstatement of sacked trade unionists Damien and Jenny Markey began on Monday 30 April at Bolton University with around 50 people, including staff, trade unionists and university students, protesting at the outrageous actions of the university management

More ...

1 April 2015

End punitive benefit sanctions now!

Darren, a Jobseeker's Allowance claimant from Leicester, has been sanctioned, without proper justification, following a new DWP pilot scheme involving daily signing at a Jobcentre. Darren explains what happened

More ...

photo David Smith

25 March 2015

A voice for the 99%

Read the Socialist - Join the Socialist Party: When people are losing their homes because of the bedroom tax, when 93,000 children are homeless, when parents in this country have gone without food so their children could have something to eat, when cuts and privatisation in the NHS threaten people's lives..

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