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photo David Smith

25 March 2015

A voice for the 99%

Read the Socialist - Join the Socialist Party: When people are losing their homes because of the bedroom tax, when 93,000 children are homeless, when parents in this country have gone without food so their children could have something to eat, when cuts and privatisation in the NHS threaten people's lives..

More ...

photo Paul Mattsson

25 March 2015

Reject the austerity lies

Join the socialist fightback! The Socialist Party's central message in the 2015 elections is this: austerity is not necessary and there is an alternative - a socialist alternative

More ...

Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith was arrested at Hilton protest

Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith was arrested at Hilton protest

25 March 2015

Anti-blacklisting leader arrested at Hilton protest

Blacklist Support Group secretary Dave Smith was arrested on the peaceful protest of 40 construction workers and their supporters outside the Construction News Awards in the Hilton Hotel in central London's Park Lane

More ...

25 March 2015

Inspired by Bob Crow to stand for TUSC

Joseph Mambuliya is chair of the RMT London Underground cleaners grade committee, and is standing for TUSC in Barking

More ...

25 March 2015

Them & Us

Profits from illness: A Unite union report has revealed that many of the big private healthcare companies aiming to get lucrative contracts from the NHS budget operate through offshore tax havens

More ...

25 March 2015

Defend the NHS

On 17 March it was announced that Barts Health NHS trust, the largest in the country, was being put into special measures after a report found "a culture of bullying and low-morale at Whipps Cross"

More ...

20 March 2015

Whipps Cross and Barts NHS crisis: Cancel all PFI!

Under successive Labour and Tory governments PFI contracts signed throughout the UK totalled 68 billion

More ...

18 March 2015

Campaigns news in brief

NHS bullying: Worcestershire campaign Betrayed By Their Trust (BBTT) aims to make NHS managers accountable for abusive behaviour which is wrecking the lives and careers of workers

More ...

18 March 2015

Them & Us

Callous tax: Low paid worker Carol Hall, whose disabled son died after being attacked by thugs, now faces being evicted from her family home because of the government's hated 'bedroom tax'

More ...

18 March 2015

Whipps Cross hospital suffered cuts

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate for Walthamstow, Nancy Taaffe, responded to the announcements in the press on Whipps Cross going into 'special measures'

More ...

11 March 2015

Dundee hospital strike after 96% 'yes' vote

Porters at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee have begun a campaign of industrial action to win back a massive underpayment going back over a decade

More ...

11 March 2015

NHS workers reluctantly accept 1% pay rise

Unison health members in NHS England have returned a two-to-one acceptance of a 1% pay rise for 2015-16 on a low ballot turnout

More ...

11 March 2015

"I want my voice to be heard"

Southampton care homes protest: Residents' carers, workers and supporters gathered in Shirley precinct in Southampton on 7 March to rally support for Woodside Lodge and other day services and care homes under threat from the Labour council

More ...

4 March 2015

Them & Us

Late for supper: Almost 100,000 children in poor families went hungry last year because of government cuts or sanctions imposed on their parents' benefits

More ...

Trawlermen's memorial, St Andrews Dock, Hull, photo G Robinson

Trawlermen's memorial, St Andrews Dock, Hull, photo G Robinson

25 February 2015

When women's solidarity won battle for trawlermen

Review: Turning the Tide: Turning the Tide by local historian Rupert Creed is a true story, detailing the 1968 tragedy that saw the loss of 58 Hull trawlermen's lives

More ...

Demonstration against NHS cuts at Whipps Cross hospital, East London 21 September 2013, photo Paul Mattsson

Demonstration against NHS cuts at Whipps Cross hospital, East London 21 September 2013, photo Paul Mattsson

25 February 2015

May Day greetings: Implacable resolve of lowest paid

The need for an organised, independent, political expression of the will of the 99% and our demands for health, homes and decent jobs has never been greater

More ...

11 February 2015

Campaign saves Bury Sure Start centres

Labour established Sure Start centres to provide education and health services for pre-school children, writes As an NHS worker, do you feel confident in any of the major parties to defend the NHS?.

More ...

11 February 2015

Unite: elect fighting socialist reps

Socialist Party member Suzanne Muna is standing to represent London and Eastern region on the Unite union executive

More ...

photo Bob Severn

4 February 2015

NHS crisis: Establishment parties can't be trusted

Physics professor Stephen Hawking - who has motor neurone disease and considers that the NHS saved his life - has said that it "must be preserved from commercial interests who want to privatise it"

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