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7 October 2015

Back our doctors and nurses

Jeremy Hunt, the hated Tory health secretary, is under attack from the medical profession. He plans to exhaust and demoralise junior doctors with "unsafe and unfair" contract changes. Meanwhile, a survey says around half of nurses are considering quitting. And the government plans to make trainee nurses pay to work!

More ...

7 October 2015

Junior doctors campaign

As we go to press nearly 90,000 people have signed an online petition supporting industrial action by the British Medical Association, which is balloting junior doctors over changes to their contracts.

More ...

7 October 2015

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Traffic wardens' sick pay, victimised CWU rep John Vasey, 'Kill the Bill' lobby, junior doctors protest.

More ...

7 October 2015

NHS cutters pay doctors not to refer sick patients to hospitals

General practitioners (GPs) are being paid to reduce referrals to hospital in some areas.

More ...

30 September 2015

Gouging boss demands price hike for life-saving drug

Ordinary people were shocked and disgusted by a gouging capitalist's sudden 5,000% increase in the price of a life-saving drug last month, writes Michael Wrack, NHS healthcare assistant.

More ...

30 September 2015

Pollution cheat Volkswagen kills thousands for profit

Volkswagen, the world's largest car maker, fraudulently fitted eleven million diesel engines with "defeat devices" to rig pollution tests, writes Richard Worth.

More ...

30 September 2015

How can we bring down the Tories?

On 4 October thousands of people will throng through the streets of Manchester to demonstrate against a vicious government of the rich. As the huge popularity of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership campaign has demonstrated, big numbers of people want an alternative to endless austerity.

More ...

30 September 2015

Junior doctors fight government attacks

In a scandalous attack, the government is pushing through a brutal new contract

More ...

28 September 2015

Notts NHS trust closing more mental health units

"Don't deny the evidence! Don't ignore the risks! Don't close Broomhill House", chanted protesters as people arrived for the Notts Healthcare Trust board meeting

More ...

9 September 2015

"NHS saved my life"

A potentially traumatic health crisis recently showed Socialist Party and trade union activist Paul Couchman that the NHS is still functioning well at weekends, thanks to NHS staff, not to Tory cuts.

More ...

9 September 2015

Fight against blacklisting in Liverpool

The construction of the new Royal Liverpool hospital is being undertaken by the blacklist using company Carillion. Activists protested against union victimisation.

More ...

9 September 2015

Bromyard Community Hospital victory

The in-patient unit at Bromyard Community Hospital, which was set to close, has been saved after the Wye Valley NHS Trust board backed down due to pressure from staff and the local community.

More ...

9 September 2015

Heartless Tories chop funds for life-extending cancer drugs

NHS England has stopped supplying at least 17 life-extending medications from its 'Cancer Drugs Fund' to save money, writes Alison Hill, cancer survivor.

More ...

2 September 2015

Obituary: Anne Ullah Khan

Anne Ullah Khan, a very dear friend and comrade, has died.

More ...

2 September 2015

Nottinghamshire: don't close our mental health unit

Broomhill Mental Health rehabilitation is a vital bridge between acute wards and community living.

More ...

2 September 2015

Bin crash tragedy shows pressure on sick to work

There is enormous pressures on disabled and ill people to remain at work. Those who don't work face benefit cuts.

More ...

5 August 2015

Workplace news in brief

Short updates on trade union struggles.

More ...

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