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1 July 2015

Them & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

More ...

1 July 2015

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles.

More ...

photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

24 June 2015

What next for the NHS?

A new Tory government spells disaster for our already-beleaguered NHS. Socialist Party health workers and service users pick apart the problems the NHS faces - and what needs to happen to save it.

More ...

17 June 2015

Dundee porters force NHS bosses to the table

A potential breakthrough in the long-running porters' strike at Ninewells and Royal Victoria hospitals has been achieved

More ...

17 June 2015

The real health and safety 'madness'

The Tories want more of us maimed or killed at work - this is the real health and safety madness.

More ...

10 June 2015

Striking porters 'a hundred times stronger'

In the city's longest-running strike for over twenty years, Dundee hospital porters are into their tenth week of action

More ...

photo Leicester TUSC

3 June 2015

Labour leadership 'choice' confirms need for new party

The Labour Party was founded over a century ago by trade unionists determined to create an independent political voice for working class people. Decades have passed since the party's pro-big business wing transformed it into one more capitalist party

More ...

3 June 2015

Filipino nurses fight Daily Mail smears

The Daily Mail has a habit of blanket scapegoating of the blameless. It was recently the turn of Filipino health workers. On 19 May, the Mail screeched: "NHS STILL hiring Filipino nurses" after the trial of Victorino Chua.

More ...

3 June 2015

Mental health services gutted by Labour cuts

Rizwan Dodya, a mental health service user, contacted Leicester Socialist Party about cuts to local mental health services, writes Andrew Walton, Leicester Socialist Party.

More ...

27 May 2015

NHS trusts heading for bankruptcy

Privatisation wrecking hospitals: The NHS funding crisis continues to deepen with NHS trusts in England reporting a 822 million deficit for 2014-15

More ...

Dundee porters demonstrating in Glasgow with homeless caseworkers, photo Philip Stott

27 May 2015

Determined porters ratchet up pressure

The Ninewells and Royal Victoria hospital porters' strike is set to become the longest in Dundee since 1993

More ...

20 May 2015

Workplace news in brief

Defend NHS pay: Nurses could strike if the Tories' talk of a "seven-day NHS" results in attacks on unsocial hour and weekend working payments, according to the leader of the Royal College of Nurses, Dr Peter Carter

More ...

20 May 2015

Them & Us

100,000: The number of jobs the government intends to axe from its departments over the next five years, seriously damaging public service delivery

More ...

Striking porters on the Dundee May Day march, photo Philip Stott

Striking porters on the Dundee May Day march, photo Philip Stott

13 May 2015

Dundee porters enter sixth week of action

The Dundee hospital porters are into their sixth week of all-out strike action as we go to press and they are as strong and determined as ever, writes Philip Stott.

More ...

13 May 2015

Anti-PFI battle bus

An anti-Private Finance Initiative (PFI) battle bus recently toured east London highlighting how PFI priviatisation is wrecking services provided by the local Barts NHS Trust, the largest NHS trust in England

More ...

Cuts and privatisation kill, photo Paul Mattsson

Cuts and privatisation kill, photo Paul Mattsson

30 April 2015

NHS in crisis

Reverse all cuts and privatisation: The scene: a Medical Incident Officer - a standby doctor normally called upon for major accidents - arrives at Worcestershire Royal Hospital to treat patients who have been waiting for hours, untreated in ambulances outside the hospital

More ...

30 April 2015

Dundee porters force NHS bosses to retreat

The strike by 117 Dundee hospital porters is gaining huge support from across the city and beyond. The Unite union members began selective strike action nine weeks ago and, as we go to press, are now in

More ...

22 April 2015

Pay issues dominate at Unison Health conference

Health workers gathered in Liverpool for Unison Health conference on 13-14 April, coming at a time when the NHS has become a key election battleground

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