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21 January 2015

Privatisation worsens NHS crisis

The growing crisis in Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments is the result of government policies, as well described in the Socialist

More ...

21 January 2015

TTIP it into the Atlantic

50,000 people marched in Berlin in opposition to the proposed TTIP treaty and new farming technologies

More ...

21 January 2015

Halt the cutbacks in hearing aid provision

In Devon, NHS patients who suffer from deafness have been told that they can in future only have one hearing aid

More ...

21 January 2015

Care home scandal: When profit comes first...

The privately run Parklands House care home in Rochdale was so bad that according to the Manchester Evening News: "Residents were seen sitting in soiled clothing, medication was left lying around and some patients were not receiving the right prescriptions."

More ...

21 January 2015

Labour Party won't protect our NHS

A political alternative is needed: As waiting times at A&E's hit their highest levels since records began, Labour's lead over the Tories on the NHS has widened to 18 points

More ...

21 January 2015

Them & Us

Underpaid: Prime Minister David Cameron reckons he's getting tough with employers who pay below the statutory minimum wage of £6.50 an hour to their workers

More ...

Striking unions include Unison, Unite, GMB and the Royal College of Midwives, photo Paul Mattsson

21 January 2015

Striking NHS workers say: 'Give us pay we can live on'

Angry NHS workers are due to take a further 12 hours strike action on 29 January and go out again for a full 24 hours in February

More ...

Hands off our NHS! photo Paul Mattsson

Hands off our NHS! photo Paul Mattsson

14 January 2015

NHS in crisis: This emergency is no accident

The NHS is under increasing strain as the crisis in hospitals' Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments deepens. A&E waiting times have been the worst since records began. The number of trolley waits has more than trebled

More ...

14 January 2015

Circle vulture flies out of Hinchingbrooke

Just three years into a ten year contract the private company Circle has pulled out of its contract to run Hinchingbrooke National Health Service (NHS) hospital in Cambridgeshire, writes Jackie Grunsell.

More ...

Save our NHS! photo Paul Mattsson

7 January 2015

NHS crisis: Government cuts to blame - not patients

The ongoing crisis in the National Health Service (NHS) has become the latest general election battleground for the establishment parties - with Labour, Tories, Lib Dems and Ukip all pledging to make it work

More ...

Stop the cuts!

Stop the cuts!

10 December 2014

Osborne's savage cuts: No return to the 1930s!

The Tories plan to send us back to the 1930s. The Office for Budget Responsibility said public spending levels will be thrown back 80 years if Osborne's Autumn Statement plans are implemented

More ...

Plans for a 24-hour general strike to stop cuts must be brought to the top of the agenda of all trade unions. , photo Arti

10 December 2014

Reject the lie that is austerity

Trade unions must now act to resist Osborne offensive: On Wednesday 3 December the Tories declared all-out war on the working class and all our futures. The Autumn Budget Statement has been described as a “Book of Doom”

More ...

Marching against NHS cuts and privatisation, London 2014, photo Bob Severn

10 December 2014

Save our NHS

Defend universal access: Due to a deficit in Devon NHS, some people will be denied surgery unless they quit smoking or lose weight

More ...

Austerity is failing, photo Paul Mattsson

3 December 2014

Osborne's solution deficit

£50 billion cuts still to come: Budget statements are about party politics as much as economics. Especially this one: six months before the general election. But this time there have been few 'election sweeteners', because the government’s own strategy of ‘eliminating the deficit’ is failing

More ...

3 December 2014

Sixth form students grill Grayling

During Tory Justice Minister Chris Grayling's flying visit to Greenhead College in Huddersfield on 14 November, sixth form Law and Politics students put him on the spot on a number of issues

More ...

Austerity is failing, photo Paul Mattsson

Austerity is failing, photo Paul Mattsson

3 December 2014

The bitter pill of cuts

With angry voters to face, Tory hopes that Chancellor George Osborne could deliver significant budget tax cuts as pre-election sweeteners are off the menu

More ...

TUC march against Tories demanding action on NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

3 December 2014

NHS: the money's running out

Tories' £2bn funding lie: The money is running out - at Medway Foundation Trust in Kent, maybe as early as January.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's additional "winter pressures" payments won't even touch the sides. Nor will Chancellor George Osborne's £2 billion nationally - much of it is already in the NHS budget anyway!

More ...

3 December 2014

World health crises show: Capitalism kills!

Ebola: Doctor and Socialist Party member Jon Dale updates on the latest situation in the Ebola crisis

More ...

3 December 2014

Them & Us

Home care crisis: A new report by former care minister Paul Burstow has slammed the home care system in England as putting people at risk because of underfunding and the exploitation of care workers

More ...

Midwives in Gateshead, photo E Brunskill

Midwives in Gateshead, photo E Brunskill

26 November 2014

Health workers walkout in second NHS pay strike

Nurses, cleaners, porters, midwives, occupational therapists, paramedics, scientists, radiographers, admin, catering, security staff and other NHS staff in England took part in a second four-hour strike on Monday 24 November

More ...

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