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Reports and campaigns:

Anti-capitalism (840)

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New workers party (352)

NHS (1222)

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Post Office (168)

Poverty (345)

Privatisation (708)

Public Services (688)

Socialism (503)

Sport (129)

Stop the slaughter of Tamils (68)

Students (1254)

The state (909)

Transport (354)

TUSC (508)

Welfare rights (475)

Women (453)

Workplace and TU campaigns (6153)

Youth (1479)

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Construction workers picket the Carrington power station site, November 2014, photo Joe McArdle

19 November 2014

Power station builders walk out over blacklisting

Construction workers shut the power station site at Carrington on 17 November

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People's March for the NHS, London, September 2014, photo Bob Severn

19 November 2014

Workers unite to defend the NHS

NHS workers in England will once again be striking for four hours on Monday 24 November from 7am. This time the action has been stepped up as more health unions - eleven in total - will be taking part

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Women hit by Oxfordshire's housing support cuts lobby the Tory council, January 2014

Women hit by Oxfordshire's housing support cuts lobby the Tory council, January 2014

19 November 2014

Teacher and health worker take fight to Oxford council

Teacher Stella Collier and health worker James Morbin are standing for TUSC on the Blackbird Leys estate in city and county council by-elections on 27 November

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19 November 2014

NHS is going to the dogs

A student nurse approached Harrogate Socialist Party's NHS campaign stall on 15 November

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NHS pay dispute: Dedication doesn't pay the bills

NHS pay dispute: Dedication doesn't pay the bills

5 November 2014

Back fresh strikes to save the NHS

None of the main parties will be satisfied until the NHS is a dried up, ruined husk

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5 November 2014

TUSC fights for health centre

Bitterne walk-in centre in Southampton faces closure. The health centre is the only facility in the east of the city for urgent care and minor injuries

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5 November 2014

Take over software giants

The article "Private companies hold NHS to ransom" (Socialist 830) showed how giant software companies can exploit their near monopoly position

More ...

5 November 2014

Ebola virus crisis - no profit, no vaccine

In November 2010 the medical journal The Lancet ran a seminar on Ebola saying: "Previously, the usefulness of an Ebola virus vaccine was disputed, because of the disease's rarity, little interest by industry, and the potential cost"

More ...

29 October 2014

Our health is not a game!

The right-wing Daily Mail has continued its tradition of irresponsible journalism recently, with an unprecedented number of articles attacking Labour-managed NHS Wales

More ...

29 October 2014

NHS: More cuts planned

The National Health Service (NHS) is being ripped apart as a result of an acute underfunding crisis. Inevitably, patient care is suffering as a result

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29 October 2014

Workplace news in brief

Secure hospitals strike: Prison Officers' Association members working in the NHS took four hours of strike action on Friday 24 October in their struggle for a decent pay rise

More ...

29 October 2014

Them & Us

Unsocial media: Chancellor George Osborne told a bemused Tory audience at their recent conference that the government is cracking down on aggressive corporate tax avoidance

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22 October 2014

Private companies hold NHS to ransom

Capitalist firms eager for massive profits are targeting vital services such as health, regardless of the consequences

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22 October 2014

Save Bitterne walk-in centre!

The NHS has announced a six month 'temporary' closure of the Bitterne walk-in centre in Southampton

More ...

Health workers in Liberia have been on strike demanding better protection from Ebola virus and improved pay

Health workers in Liberia have been on strike demanding better protection from Ebola virus and improved pay

22 October 2014

Ebola outbreak: one face of austerity

The World Health Organisation axed 300 of its 2,400 jobs in 2011. Cuts in governments' contributions slashed its budget by 20%. Its director-general, Margaret Chan, described "a new and enduring era of economic austerity"

More ...

20 October 2014

Care UK strikers lobby Miliband

Care UK workers finished the last week of their most recent 3-week strike action with a bang

More ...

20 October 2014

"No Raise - No Rays!"

Striking radiographers received huge public support outside Southampton GH

More ...

16 October 2014

POA hospital workers join public sector strike wave

POA general secretary Steve Gillan explains why secure hospital workers are striking on 24 October

More ...

15 October 2014

Care UK workers mark 81st strike day

Doncaster Care UK strikers celebrated their 81st day of strike action on Friday 10 October with an overnight sleep-out outside the company offices followed by an indoor solidarity rally

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15 October 2014

Them & Us

Victorian pay: Real earnings for workers have slumped by a massive 8% between 2007 and 2014 according to the TUC, ahead of its Britain Needs A Pay Rise demo on 18 October

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