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NHS workers on strike on 30 November 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

20 August 2014

We can't live on poverty pay!

Tory MP claims he can't live on 300k: Tory MP Mark Simmonds recently announced he was leaving parliament. He claims that his MP's wage and expenses don't give him the life he aspires to

More ...

20 August 2014

Scandal of underfunded mental health services

The shocking death of actor Robin Williams starkly highlights the fact that depression is a dangerous and life threatening clinical condition

More ...

20 August 2014

Protest camp brings NHS activists together

Save Stafford Hospital activists, determined to stop it from being dismantled, have run a protest camp in the hospital grounds for several weeks

More ...

19 August 2014

The People's March for the NHS

The People's March for the NHS is the brain child of a group of 'mums' from Darlington who are campaigning against NHS privatisation

More ...

Striking Care UK workers outside the company's Mansion House in Doncaster, 09.08.14, photo Alistair Tice

Striking Care UK workers outside the company's Mansion House in Doncaster, 09.08.14, photo Alistair Tice

12 August 2014

Care UK workers to strike for three weeks

"We're Yorkshire folk, we're like a dog with a bone. We won't give up, we'll never surrender."

More ...

Doncaster Care Uk workers and sacked Tesco Stobart drivers join together in protest on Friday 1 August 2014, photo A Tice

6 August 2014

Doncaster: uniting against anti-union bosses

Alistair Tice reports on two Doncaster struggles against anti-union firms

More ...

16 July 2014

Abuse scandals reveal abusive system

Never before have the institutions of British capitalism been so distrusted.

More ...

16 July 2014

Them & Us

Tough at the top: Poverty pay and the cost of living crisis are the big issues for many workers and their families. But for those at the top, life it seems couldn't be better

More ...

TUC demo in Manchester: 50,000 march against Tories in September 2013 demanding action on NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

TUC demo in Manchester: 50,000 march against Tories in September 2013 demanding action on NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

9 July 2014

NHS: No to cuts!

The 200,000-a-year chief executive of University Hospitals Leicester, John Adler, is planning to cut maternity services at Leicester General Hospital

More ...

9 July 2014

Exposing Ukip's lies in Bracknell

Recently a group of local activists in Bracknell went to a public meeting organised by Ukip. The meeting was in a posh hotel and featured our local Tory MP and the Ukip prospective parliamentary candidate

More ...

9 July 2014

Emergency: Con-Dems don't care

Since 2010 spending on social care has fallen by 12% while the number of people in need of support has risen by 14%

More ...

2 July 2014

Locked-out pathology staff "cannot give in"

78 Unite members in the Pathology department at Northampton General Hospital have been locked out of work by a vicious management

More ...

2 July 2014

Doncaster Care UK workers continue pay struggle

The first phase of Doncaster Care UK workers' battle against 35% pay cuts, which included 34 days of strike action, has drawn to a conclusion

More ...

2 July 2014

Pensioners Parliament opposes austerity

Pensioners gathered in Blackpool on 17 June for the three-day annual event organised by the National Pensioners Convention

More ...

2 July 2014

Jimmy Savile - a Tory union basher

Most people are now aghast that in 1988 serial sex offender Jimmy Savile was given a key position running Broadmoor psychiatric hospital by Tory MP Edwina Currie, then a junior health minister, despite the fact he had no expertise in mental health

More ...

2 July 2014

Underfunding crisis threatens NHS

Doctors have recently warned that the National Health Service (NHS) is facing collapsing services due to an underfunding crisis

More ...

26 June 2014

Pathology workers in Northampton hospital take action

Unite members in Pathology at Northampton General Hospital (NGH) are commenced industrial action at midnight on 25 June

More ...

25 June 2014

Workplace news in brief

Ritzy Cinema strike: Ritzy Cinema workers in Lambeth from the BECTU union were out on strike for a seventh time last weekend in demand of a living wage from Picturehouse Cinemas

More ...

25 June 2014

NHS: The world's best - but for how long?

The National Health Service (NHS) is the best healthcare system in the world!

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