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27 July 2014

Video: London demonstration against the onslaught on Gaza

Uncut video footage of a huge demonstration marched from the Israeli embassy to Parliament Square in London on Saturday 26 July 2014

More ...

16 July 2014

Con-Dems and Labour fast-track 'snoopers charter'

Prime Minister David Cameron is rushing a new 'snooper's charter' through parliament. Using the threat of terrorism as a pretext, the law contains wide-ranging surveillance powers

More ...

9 July 2014

Junk Juncker, Cameron and the anti-worker EU

David Cameron suffered a humiliating defeat by 26 votes to 2, when attempting to block Jean-Claude Juncker becoming the next EU president

More ...

House of thieves, photo Peter Symonds

House of thieves, photo Peter Symonds

16 April 2014

Ending MPs' expenses scandal requires socialist change

To anyone outside the Westminster bubble it seems incredible that David Cameron believed he could save the career of Tory ex-cabinet minister Maria Miller by offering her 'warm support'

More ...

photo Peter Symonds

9 April 2014

House of Thieves

Maria Miller resigns at last: With memories of duck-houses lingering in our minds, we didn't need another expenses scandal to remind us of the rottenness at the top of society, writes Dave Nellist

More ...

19 March 2014

Crimea referendum will not deliver peace and stability

Crimea's 16 March referendum saw an overwhelming majority vote in favour of joining Russia. According to the claimed official result, 96.77% voted 'for' integration and turnout was 83.1%

More ...

13 March 2014

Lawyers walk out to defend legal aid

It is rare, if it happens at all, that those of us on the left attend protests and demonstrations with Tory party grandees among the speakers...

More ...

26 February 2014

President ousted: what next for Ukraine?

The latest developments in the Ukraine saw the dramatic overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovich and his flight from Kiev, writes Niall Mulholland.

More ...

4 September 2013

London protest against attack on Syria

People broke into spontaneous applause as anti-war protesters marched into Trafalgar Square on Saturday, writes Paula Mitchell.

More ...

Terry Fields and Dave Nellist - two Militant MPS, photo Dave Sinclair

Terry Fields and Dave Nellist - two Militant MPS, photo Dave Sinclair

5 June 2013

1983: A political voice for the working class

Thirty years ago, on 9 June 1983, the gloom cast by Thatcher's re-election as Tory prime minister was partly offset by the election of two campaigning supporters of the Socialist's predecessor Militant, Dave Nellist and Terry Fields, as Labour MPs.

More ...

13 May 2013

Parliament's security staff striking tomorrow

Up to 300 security staff at the Houses of Parliament in the PCS union will strike on 14 May over imposed shift patterns...

More ...

11 July 2012

Lords reform - Abolish the House of privilege!

"The House of Lords is an unbelievably undemocratic institution" and an "appalling system of institutionalised corruption", writes Ken Douglas.

More ...

16 May 2012

A short walk down Whitehall...

On the day of the Queen's speech, I was on my way to a London demo of Remploy workers. But in Whitehall there was a phalanx of police officers armed with Heckler-Koch assault weapons.

More ...

2 May 2012

Socialist MEP discusses way forward for Tamils struggle

The Tamil Solidarity meeting - Way Forward for the Eelam Struggle: what's the Role of the Diaspora? - was a great success. The headline speaker was Paul Murphy, Socialist Party Ireland Member of the European...

More ...

19 January 2012

Prison Officers' Association (POA): Trade union rights application accepted by European Court of Human Rights

The POA are delighted that the European Court of Human Rights have accepted the Union's application for restoration of Trade Union Rights, writes Steve Gillan General Secretary of the POA stated:.

More ...

11 January 2012

Them & Us

Feast like an MP: When was the last time you had seared breast of pigeon with aubergine purée and spiced couscous? How about risotto of pea and broad bean with Golden Cross goat's cheese? Well that's the kind of cuisine...

More ...

Cameron dunce, placard on the N30 30 November public sector strike, photo by Paul Mattsson

Cameron dunce, placard on the N30 30 November public sector strike, photo by Paul Mattsson

7 December 2011

Tory sleaze is back!

The squeamish should look away now. With 'Murdochgate' ongoing, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has exposed further rotten sleaze at the top of government with claims from Bell Pottinger, a 'lobbying'...

More ...

12 August 2011

MPs' double standards on criminality

Swansea West Labour MP, Geraint Davies commenting on the rioting in Croydon, an area he used to represent in parliament, stated: " is clear what we have seen is just opportunist criminality."...

More ...

Demo in London on 30 June strike day, photo Paul Mattsson

30 June, London, photo Paul Mattsson

30 June 2011

Reports: Massive 30 June public sector pensions strike

More reports added on 5 July (to top of list). "We need other unions, all the public sector, to come out together"

More ...

8 June 2011

Tamil Solidarity: important resolution agreed at the European Parliament

Tamil representatives, solidarity and human rights campaigns and individual activists converged on the European parliament on Wednesday 1 June, writes Manny Thain, Tamil Solidarity national secretary.

More ...

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