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18 March 2015

Councillors do have a choice over cuts

Just weeks from the elections, council budget cuts are hammering communities and workers

More ...

16 March 2015

Tories' pension swaps nothing but smoke and mirrors

In this week's budget, chancellor Osborne is set to allow existing pensioners to cash in their pensions

More ...

11 March 2015

Women in the frontline of fighting austerity cuts

The United Nations says it will take 70 years to close the wage gap between women and men. However, a UK government spokesperson used International Women's Day to claim the gender pay gap in Britain was "at its lowest ever"

More ...

TUSC candidate Jacqui Berry, photo Senan

11 March 2015

Why we're standing for TUSC

Three TUSC prospective parliamentary candidates say why they're standing

More ...

Firefighters protesting in Leicester over pension changes, photo Steve Score

18 February 2015

Firefighters' pensions strike and demo

Firefighters will be striking on 25 February in their battle against changes to pensions

More ...

4 February 2015

FBU recall conference: escalate pensions action!

On 10 February, the FBU firefighters' union is holding a recall conference over its pension dispute with the government, which is insisting on increasing firefighters' retirement age from 55 to 60 from April 2015

More ...

21 January 2015

Care home scandal: When profit comes first...

The privately run Parklands House care home in Rochdale was so bad that according to the Manchester Evening News: "Residents were seen sitting in soiled clothing, medication was left lying around and some patients were not receiving the right prescriptions."

More ...

Tesco: every little cut helps

21 January 2015

Tesco: every little cut helps

In a small store such as ours, managers often end up working side by side with ordinary staff, all doing the same job. It's called "rumble", and can be a fun activity, joking and chatting, writes a Tesco worker.

More ...

19 January 2015

UCU: Clear strategy needed to reignite pensions action

On 14 January the UCU lecturers' union continued the suspension of the marking boycott to allow for a ballot of members on new proposals from the employers, which will run from 16 to 26 January

More ...

14 January 2015

Freedom Riders ride again

Rotherham town hall was flooded by angry pensioners demanding free travel on 5 January, writes Sharron Milsom, Sheffield North Socialist Party.

More ...

The front of the Ayslesbury FBU demo to reinstate Ricky Matthews, 09.12.14, photo Neil Cafferky

9 December 2014

1,000 firefighters march to defend Ricky Matthews

Striking firefighters marched on 9 December

More ...

3 December 2014

Crown drops charges against protest pensioners

A protest planned outside Sheffield Magistrates Court is now partly a celebration. Cases against pensioners George Arthur and Tony Nuttall, the "freedom riders" arrested at Sheffield railway station, have been dropped

More ...

26 November 2014

UCU pensions: reinstate the action!

On 20 November the UCU lecturers' union suspended the marking boycott started two weeks earlier

More ...

5 November 2014

Workplace news in brief

London buses: London bus drivers in the Unite union have voted in a consultative ballot by 96% in favour of taking industrial action over sector-wide pay

More ...

29 October 2014

Support FBU pension strikes

Salford FBU rep Paul Davies spoke to the Socialist about the four-day national strike starting on Friday

More ...

24 October 2014

Escalation of FBU strikes

Firefighters today announced a significant escalation of strike action, with four days of strikes commencing on 31 October until 4 November

More ...

Striking in Hackney, London, on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

6 August 2014

Unite to fight pay robbery

- Lobby the TUC on 7 September
- Coordinate strikes on 14 October
- Join the TUC London demo on 18 October:

Workers in Britain have been hit by the biggest fall in pay since 1880. Increasingly, work simply does not pay! But as incomes drop, the anger is rising

More ...

6 August 2014

Ruffling feathers in Cornwall

Socialists strike a chord in Truro: Socialist Party members ruffled feathers and connected with Cornish people in a foray into England's furthest-flung corner, writes Rob Rooney.

More ...

9 July 2014

Emergency: Con-Dems don't care

Since 2010 spending on social care has fallen by 12% while the number of people in need of support has risen by 14%

More ...

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