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20 January 2010

Dear Granny Smith

A Letter from your Postman by Roy Mayall: THIS EXCELLENT short book gives an insight into the current attacks on Royal Mail workers from the viewpoint of an 'ordinary postie'. It is not a political polemic or a campaign resource, writes Reviewed by Greg Maughan.

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25 November 2009

Postal dispute: Bosses still on the attack

The London divisional committee of the postal workers' union, CWU, have unanimously voted to call on the CWU's national postal executive to reinstate the national strike, writes Bill Mullins.

More ...

11 November 2009

Postal workers force management back

What we think The postal strike interim agreement between the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and Royal Mail contains a number of concessions forced out of the bosses...

More ...

On the picket line at Bitterne in Southampton, photo Rob Emery

On the picket line at Bitterne in Southampton, photo Rob Emery

3 November 2009

'Modernisation' means cuts: Support the postal workers' fightback

This dispute and the reasons for these strikes go all the way back to 2002 and the appointment of Allan Leighton and Adam Crozier as chairman and chief executive of Royal Mail, a Coventry postal worker writes.

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3 November 2009

Time to plan for all-out postal strike

Editorial: The third week of national strike action at Royal Mail has seen the bosses on the run. They fear the disruption of mail in the pre-Christmas period when over two billion letters, cards and parcels are...

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3 November 2009

Reports from the postal workers' picket lines

Postal workers reported solid support for the strike across Southampton. At Bitterne the mood was particularly determined in the face of an ongoing dispute over drivers' hours that management want to reduce:...

More ...

Postal workers on strike in East London, photo The Socialist

Postal workers on strike in East London, photo The Socialist

28 October 2009

Support postal workers

Fighting to defend jobs and services: The Postal workers' strikes are to defend a national service which we can be proud of. Management are only after massive profits, writes Gary Clark, sub area rep, Scotland No.2, CWU

More ...

28 October 2009

Postal strike reports: Defending the service

Cars hooted their support as postal workers' picket lines were solid across Gloucestershire this week, even more so than during the 2007 strike, writes Chris Moore, Gloucestershire Socialist Party.

More ...

Postal dispute video 2009

Postal dispute video 2009

20 October 2009

Postal workers must win

Vital battle to save Mail service: As the national strike to defend the postal service and its workforce begins on 22 October, two Communication Workers Union (CWU) members spoke to The Socialist about the importance of the dispute for all workers...

More ...

20 October 2009

Post - a battle that mass strike action can win

Editorial Royal Mail bosses have declared war on the postal workers and their union, the CWU ...

More ...

Postal workers demonstrate, photo by Paul Mattsson

Postal workers demonstrate, photo by Paul Mattsson

13 October 2009

Victory to postal workers

Defend jobs, no to increased workloads: In a national ballot, 76% of postal workers have voted to strike, whilst local strikes continue throughout Britain after sustained attacks on postal workers, writes Bill Mullins, Socialist Party industrial organiser.

More ...

Postal workers lobby Parliament, photo Paul Mattsson

Postal workers lobby Parliament, photo Paul Mattsson

30 September 2009

London postal workers: Big majority to stop funding Labour

An overwhelming 98% of postal workers in London have voted to withdraw their union's (CWU) funding from the Labour Party, writes Naomi Byron.

More ...

Postal workers demonstrate in London, photo by Paul Mattsson

Postal workers demonstrate in London, photo by Paul Mattsson

22 September 2009

Postal workers strike as national ballot continues

Action by postal workers has continued in many parts of the country, against management's attempts to impose new shifts and working conditions without consultation, writes A London postal worker.

More ...

22 September 2009

Warrington mail centre

Over 200 drivers were on official strike last week at the Royal Mail's north west regional distribution centre in a dispute over imposed changes to shift patterns, writes Andy Ford, Warrington trades council.

More ...

Postal workers protest against scabbing managers, photo Bob Severn

Postal workers protest against scabbing managers, photo Bob Severn

9 September 2009

Postal workers national ballot: Vote 'yes' for strike action

Postal workers in the CWU will soon be balloting for a national strike against cuts, job losses and attacks on the union, writes Jane James, Socialist Party industrial co-organiser.
This follows hundreds of strikes in postal workplaces across the country where workers have taken action to defend jobs, pay, conditions, and their union reps from attacks by Royal Mail management.

More ...

9 September 2009

Protesting against scabbing managers

On 4 September, postal workers from the CWU held a demonstration outside the Unite union headquarters and a rally in the Friends Meeting House, London, writes Peter Redfarn.

More ...

Postal workers strike, photo Paul Mattsson

Postal workers strike, photo Paul Mattsson

11 August 2009

Postal workers: National ballot to follow strike wave

All-out action: Postal workers, members of the Communication Workers Union (CWU), have been on a series of strikes over the summer against bullying management and their attempts to impose worsening conditions in an obvious preparation for privatisation.

Our reports show that these strikes have been well-supported and angry postal workers have been demanding that the battle be intensified with national, coordinated action...

More ...

Postal workers on strike

Postal workers on strike

21 July 2009

National strike action to halt attacks on workers and our postal services

Royal Mail dispute: THE RECENT strikes by postal workers and the many balloted workplaces around the country are a direct result of the war by Royal Mail on its workforce and the Communications Workers' Union (CWU)...

More ...

7 July 2009

Postal workers need a national fightback

THOUSANDS OF postal workers will strike in London this week. Much of the entire postal network will be involved in a 'day of action' next week (17 July) as workers struggle to defend postal services...

More ...

Sack Peter Mandelson: Keep Royal Mail Public - Post Office privatisation cartoon, photo Geoff Jones

Sack Peter Mandelson: Keep Royal Mail Public - Post Office privatisation cartoon by Mike John

17 June 2009

Standing up to bullying mail bosses

London postal strike: London postal workers are taking strike action for 24 hours, starting with the early shift on Friday 19 June...

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