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13 August 2008

Protectionism looms as Doha round fails

SEVEN YEARS after they began in Doha, Qatar, the latest round of negotiations over a new global trading agreement has collapsed again in Geneva, writes Dave Reid.

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7 August 2004

WTO - The Enemy Of The Poor

LAST WEEK the World Trade Organisation (WTO), one of the pillars of the world capitalist 'order', met in Geneva. World trade is dominated by a few hundred greedy multinationals who also control the WTO...

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20 September 2003

WTO Wounded But Capitalist Exploitation Still Rules

Editorial: "JUST AS trade unions are ultimately taken seriously only if they are prepared to strike, so the G21 and the other emerging coalitions of developing countries came to the view that it was better to walk away than accept a bad deal." (Larry Elliot, The Guardian 15/9/03)...

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13 September 2003

WTO in Cancún: Where Corporations Plot To Rule The World

THE WORLD Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting at Cancún in Mexico from 10 - 14 September will be dominated by unscrupulous western politicians and greedy multinational corporations...

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6 September 2002

Mass Protest Gave Workers A Voice

ON SATURDAY 31 AUGUST anti-globalisation activists were joined by thousands of workers, the unemployed and landless, who marched from the poor township of Alexandra outside Johannesburg to the Earth Summit being held in the exclusive, rich suburb of Sandton

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23 November 2001

WTO Policies Increase Wealth Gap

"THE WORLD Trade Organisation's (WTO) ministerial meeting here [Doha, in the Gulf state of Qatar] often seemed like a giant children's party, writes Dave Carr.

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4 May 2001

Class struggle makes a comeback

What we think: TEN YEARS ago, after the Berlin Wall fell and Stalinist "Communism' collapsed the capitalist system's highly-paid commentators proclaimed the "end of history": the capitalist system was triumphant and class struggle was over...

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22 September 2000

The destructive forces of global capitalism

THE WAVE of anger which swept through Seattle against the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting last November, has continued on its course...

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