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29 January 2014

Land Registry threatened with sell-off

The Land Registry has been a part of the UK civil service since 1862. However, a consultation currently underway threatens to remove the vast majority of it from the public sector

More ...

4 December 2013

Workplace news in brief

Grangemouth: Grangemouth workers are facing 200 job losses in spite of recently agreeing cuts to pay and working conditions to keep the plant open

More ...

11 November 2013

The case for joint coordinated industrial action

In light of recent setbacks for the working class, does the trade union movement need to reconsider how it uses industrial action? John McInally writes

More ...

Joint strike action by university staff in the Unite, Unison and UCU unions was well supported at the University of East London 31 October 2013, photo P Mason

31 October 2013

Joint strike by university staff

Campus unions UCU, Unison and Unite took the start of action against real terms pay cuts [Reports added on 4.11.13]

More ...

9 October 2013

Probation officers ballot for action

Public safety is under threat by plans to break up and privatise the Probation Service in England and Wales, writes Chas Berry

More ...

25 September 2013

Greek teachers show the way forward

Public sector workers have, yet again, demonstrated their determination to resist the Greek government's austerity attacks, as demanded under the bailout conditions of the Troika (International Monetary Fund, European Commission and European Central Bank)

More ...

17 July 2013

Them & Us

No-go zones: A third of the country is now effectively a no-go zone for low-income families because of high rents

More ...

Fight back against austerity, photo Paul Mattsson

28 June 2013

Trade union action urgent to stop Osborne's spending plans

This week's government spending review continued war waged against us - all of us not part of the super-rich 1%. George Osborne announced a further 11.5 billion of cuts. By 2017-18 government spending is expected to be down a third from when the Con-Dems took office.

More ...

26 June 2013

Action needed to stop Royal Mail sell-off

Workers in Royal Mail have finally had a say on privatisation, after years of listening to MPs tell us what's best for us and the services we deliver, writes a postal worker

More ...

13 March 2013

20 March: PCS calls budget-day strike

Defend pay, pensions and conditions: After a ballot result of 61% in favour of strike action, the civil service union PCS national executive has announced a campaign of industrial action to fight back against attacks on civil servants' pay, pensions and terms and conditions

More ...

PCS members on the 2012 Oct 20th TUC demo, photo Senan

15 January 2013

PCS fighting the austerity agenda - 'Action gets results'

The coalition government's austerity programme is being increasingly exposed as a disaster for all but the business and banking elite, writes John McInally, PCS vice president

More ...

10 January 2013

Seven more public sector prisons to close

The decision announced today (10th January) to close seven more public sector prisons is irresponsible when the prison population remains high and overcrowding is widespread, the Public and Commercial Services union says in a press release...

More ...

PCS members taking action in Plymouth, 30.11.12, photo by Steve Merritt

30 November 2012

Major turnout for PCS demos in Plymouth

Friday 30th November has seen an overwhelming response from PCS members, who aren't prepared to accept attacks on terms & conditions and union allocation time

More ...

19 September 2012

All forces to the point of attack against austerity

Editorial of the Socialist A rage is building up. How can it be any other way? Every aspect of our lives is under threat - and the people attacking us, the pro-big business politicians, the bosses and the right-wing media, are sitting pretty

More ...

On the 26 March TUC demonstration , photo by Paul Mattsson

Pic: Paul Mattsson

30 August 2012

Build for a 24-hour general strike!

Across the country millions of people are starting to suffer the consequences of Austerity Britain. Over two and a half million are unemployed, with millions only able to get part time work.

More ...

G4S van, photo G4S Ltd

25 July 2012

Outsourcing fails again. For publicly owned and run services!

The Olympics G4S security debacle has further increased public opposition to privatisation. But for G4S at present, its failure to deliver on its contract will merely dent its massive profits

More ...

Half-million strong TUC demo, central London, 26 March 2011, against the government's cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

Pic: Paul Mattsson

18 July 2012

March and strike against austerity

Lobby the TUC to call a general strike: The cracks in the Coalition are becoming open splits. This is a weak government that can be defeated. However, left to its own devices, it will stagger on, unleashing the remaining 85% of the biggest austerity programme for 90 years.

More ...

27 June 2012

Unison conference Delegates call for effective battle on pay

Having declared that Unison has got the best public sector pension deal it could get, the union's general secretary, Dave Prentis, is now moving on to the next campaign on "fair pay"...

More ...

HMRC PCS members on the picket line n Shipley, Yorkshire , photo by Iain Dalton

HMRC PCS members on the picket line n Shipley, Yorkshire , photo by Iain Dalton

26 June 2012

HMRC members show their opposition to another round of job cuts and privatisation

(Updated 27 June) Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) members have again supported action to defend jobs and services in Revenue and Customs with a day's strike on 25 June

More ...

Unite members at St Thomas' Hospital on strike 10 May 2012 as part of the nationwide strike of workers in the public sector against attacks on pensions , photo Paul Mattsson

Unite members at St Thomas' Hospital on strike 10 May 2012 as part of the nationwide strike of workers in the public sector against attacks on pensions , photo Paul Mattsson

13 June 2012

No to local government pensions deal

Not a penny more off our pensions and not a day longer at work!: It's been seven months since the magnificent strike on 30 November in defence of public sector pensions...

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