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Transport / Rail

22 January 2014

Transport workers have power to defeat cuts

Almost 1,000 jobs to go, all ticket offices to be closed, workers to lose as much as 10,000, new grades on lower wages. This is what faces Londoners if the Underground workers lose the battle that looms over the city

More ...

23 December 2013

RMT responds to rail price announcement

Just as the private train companies are closing down services due to adverse weather they are publishing fare increases which massively outstrip wages and which will once again hit low to medium earners where it hurts

More ...

11 December 2013

Cameron 'kowtows' to Chinese dictatorship

Western capitalist leaders put business before lofty 'principles': David Cameron, like many other Western leaders visiting China, abandoned any pretence of defending 'democracy' or 'human rights' in order to secure new profitable deals for British capitalism, writes Vincent Kolo,

More ...

RMT lobby against privatisation on the railways , photo Paul Mattsson

30 October 2013

20 years of privatised train robbery

November marks 20 years since John Major's Tory government gave the go-ahead to splitting up and selling off British Rail

More ...

18 September 2013

Royal Mail: Con-Dems and 'the mafia'

The following letter from Tony Mulhearn, Socialist Party member and Liverpool 47, was published in the Liverpool Echo

More ...

27 August 2013

Bank holiday weekend strike by London Overground workers

Transport for London (TfL) is threatening the safety of 70 million London Overground rail passengers a year

More ...

26 June 2013

RMT: Fighting casualisation

The Annual General Meeting (National Conference) of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers Union (RMT) opened on 23 June in Brighton

More ...

8 May 2013

Workplace news in brief

Airport strike: Cleaners at Manchester Airport took solid strike action on 3 May against a drastic worsening of their conditions...

More ...

30 April 2013

RMT May Day protests

Transport union RMT will be turning the spotlight on rail cuts this May Day

More ...

13 March 2013

Workplace news in brief

Rail cleaners strike: Cleaners working for Churchill on Arriva Trains Wales will be on 24-hour strike on 16 March. The RMT members have voted by 9:1 for action over pay and terms and conditions...

More ...

RMT protest July 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

16 January 2013

Renationalise the railways now!

On 19 January 1993, John Major's Tory government passed the British Coal and British Rail (Transfer Proposals) Act which led to the splitting up and privatisation of British Rail...

More ...

9 January 2013

RMT increases membership

Rail, maritime and transport union RMT announced today that it has continued to increase its membership in the past twelve months in the teeth of the most savage attacks on jobs and working conditions for a generation...

More ...

4 January 2013

RMT response to Transport Committee report

"Whilst this report reinforces once again that our railways are nothing more than a multi-billion pound rip off lining the pockets of a bunch of spivs and speculators it ducks the real issue, and that's the cast-iron case for public ownership

More ...

2 January 2013

Fares hike: Nationalise the railways says Bob Crow

As people prepare for the first day back to work, rail campaigners are today (Wednesday) warning that commuters face yet another year of inflation-busting fare increases and service cuts

More ...

30 November 2012

Train cleaners protest across the country

Low-paid train cleaners took strike action today in their fight for better pay

More ...

5 November 2012

Crossrail blacklisting - video of protests

Below is the link to a Reel News video about the on-going campaign against the sacking of 28 Crossrail workers at Westbourne Park and in particular the victimisation and blacklisting of the Unite shop steward Frank Morris

More ...

31 October 2012

Scores of trains cancelled in west midlands

Kick the fat cats off our railways: If ever an example is needed which demonstrates how privatisation of key public services leads to job cuts, higher prices and a worse service, look no further than the rail network

More ...

31 October 2012

Workplace news in brief

No sackings!: CWU members in Coventry held a protest on 26 October against increasingly oppressive management. The bullying and unfair sackings resulted in an unofficial walkout on 25 October

More ...

RMT protest July 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

RMT protest July 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

10 October 2012

Send the transport privatisers packing

Renationalise the railways: Take the whole rail system back into public ownership! That is the only logical conclusion from the fiasco over the franchise for the West Coast Main Line railway from London to Glasgow...

More ...

10 September 2012

RMT assistant secretary arrested on picket line

Steve Hedley, the newly elected assistant general secretary of the RMT was arrested on a picket line at Kings Cross station today and held for five hours

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