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23 November 2001

The Socialist Party And The Socialist Alliance

ON 1 DECEMBER the Socialist Alliance (SA) meets to agree a new constitution. HANNAH SELL, Socialist Party executive committee, explains why this is the most critical conference in its history...

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9 November 2001

Links With Labour Debated As Unison United Left Launched

On 3 November 150 UNISON activists met to launch United Left. They debated many key issues including the war, privatisation, struggles such as Hackney, the union's political fund and the fight against...

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9 November 2001

What Future For The Socialist Alliance?

THE SOCIALISM 2001 debate on the future of the Socialist Alliance (SA) was a no-holds-barred contest between the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party in which the different political perspectives, analysis and methods of work were clearly delineated...

More ...

2 November 2001

Socialist Alliance Future At Stake

IN JUST four weeks time, on 1 December, the Socialist Alliance will meet in London to decide its future structure, writes Clive Heemskerk, Socialist Alliance national executive member.

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22 June 2001

Socialist Alliance Takes Stock Of Election Results

THE FIRST post-election meeting of the Socialist Alliance executive took place on Saturday 16 June, writes Clive Heemskerk.

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9 June 2001

Left challenge gets creditable election results

THE SOCIALIST Party took part in the Socialist Alliance election campaign in England and Wales, writes By Hannah Sell.

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18 May 2001

Council workers back anti-cuts candidate

A MASS meeting of 400 council workers in Hackney has agreed to continue their campaign against attacks on their pay and conditions, writes Jim Horton.

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11 May 2001

A merging of forces beneficial to the working class?

ON 1 May the membership of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in Scotland wound up its separate organisation and became part of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP)...

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19 January 2001

Socialist election negotiations

THE SOCIALIST Alliance Liaison Committee met on 13 January to push forward with plans to contest the general election, writes Clive Heemskerk.

More ...

5 January 2001

Socialist Alliances: another step in the wrong direction

THE SOCIALIST Alliances were initiated by the Socialist Party in the early 1990s. Throughout their history they have tried to bring together different Left parties and organisations, writes Hannah Sell.

More ...

6 October 2000

After the Socialist Alliance conference

ON 30 September 400 members of the Socialist Alliance met in Coventry to discuss organising a socialist challenge in the next general election, writes Hannah Sell, Socialist Party National Campaigns Organiser.

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22 September 2000

Socialist Alliance conference

AT A time when New Labour are unpopular as never before, the need for the widest possible socialist challenge at the general election is clear...

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16 June 2000

Left unity put to the test in London

THE LONDON Socialist Alliance (LSA) is an alliance of different Left organisations with a handful of individual members...

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3 March 2000

A real test for left Unity

London Assembly elections: A statement by the Socialist Party: LABOUR'S SELECTION ballot for its London mayoral candidate shows growing opposition to Blair's openly capitalist party...

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