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From: The Socialist issue 914, 31 August 2016: #KeepCorbyn: For a party that fights for workers

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Sunshine and socialism at Socialist Party summer camp

Summer Camp 2016 photo Senan

Summer Camp 2016 photo Senan   (Click to enlarge)

Dave Gorton, Chesterfield Socialist Party

Dozens of socialists in a field with sunshine, debate and refreshments. Unusual maybe, but our summer camp, held on August bank holiday weekend, is a longstanding highlight of the Socialist Party calendar.

Against the backdrop of the second successive summer of heightened political activity, the camp gave an opportunity to discuss the developments in greater depth.

The Saturday evening rally centred on the turmoil in all Britain's political parties. The ruling class are beginning to utilise their panoply of dirty tricks to demobilise the movement around Jeremy Corbyn.

Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe explained that the enthusiasm among young people in particular was part of a worldwide process of millions fighting back against austerity.

One of the discussions photo Becci Heagney

One of the discussions photo Becci Heagney   (Click to enlarge)

The increased interest in socialist ideas is starting to alter consciousness internationally. Capitalism is rotten to the core and needs replacing with a system based on satisfying the needs of the many, not just accumulating riches for the few.

The crisis is crying out for a movement based on a programme of action to transform society.

As contributors to the debate, including former Labour MP Dave Nellist, pointed out, the programme of Momentum and Corbyn is insufficient and would not, for instance, bring an immediate return to public ownership of the privatised industries.

Wide range

A lively socialism and art session covered wide ranging subject matter from reality TV to stand-up comedy and gaming. The French burkini ban was prominent in a well-attended socialism and feminism session and more theoretical ideas discussed in an introduction to Marxist economics.

Evening entertainment included excellent live music, a quiz and the traditional campfire with songs from the vast history of the struggle of the oppressed; a special mention to Eilis and Lily for some wonderful renditions.

Our thanks once again to the Stevenage Socialist Party for all their hard work in organising another successful event.

Join the Socialist Party Join us today!

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