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16 April 2014

NUS leaders: sip tea or put up a serious fight?

Debates at the National Union of Students conference offered a clear choice

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26 March 2014

Leeds protest: stop the student loan sell-off

On budget day 25 students came to protest the privatisation of the Student Loan Company at Leeds University

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12 February 2014

Leicester Socialist Student arrested in peaceful protest

On 6 February a Leicester Socialist Students member was arrested when taking part in a peaceful protest in support of striking university workers

More ...

5 February 2014

Preparing for struggles to come

Socialist Students met for a conference

More ...

Young people march for a future, photo Senan

22 January 2014

Stop the student debt spiral - day of action 6 February

Part of a week of action opposing student loan privatisation: The Student Loan Company (SLC) is up for sale.

More ...

15 January 2014

University bosses' snouts in the trough

Warwick: The vice-chancellor of Warwick University, aptly named Nigel Thrift, has been awarded a pay rise of a whopping £16,000

More ...

6 December 2013

London students demonstrate against police repression

300 students are demonstrating this afternoon around central London campuses in defiance of police repression

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5 December 2013

Sussex: Suspended occupation student speaks to Socialist Students

Five students have been suspended at Sussex University for taking part in an occupation. One of the five spoke to Socialist Students NUS executive member Edmund Schluessel on 4 December

More ...

21 November 2013

Socialist Students helps force NUS to back education strike

The National Union of Students' NEC voted "to stand in complete solidarity with workers taking strike action" in the December 3rd strike in higher and further education

More ...

20 November 2013

Portsmouth: 30 students debate to vote or not to vote?

More than 30 people attended the 12 November Socialist Students discussion at the University of Portsmouth over the impact of Russell Brand expressing socialist views

More ...

6 November 2013

Huddersfield students say: Save our bar and café!

The bar and café at Huddersfield Student Union is set to close when the union moves to the university's new learning and leisure building, with around 100 jobs to go

More ...

2 October 2013

Building Socialist Students

Portsmouth: "Yes! Socialists! My people!" This was just one of many positive comments Socialist Students received at the Portsmouth University freshers fair, writes Andy Waterman.

More ...

25 September 2013

Socialist Students gains new members

At the University of East London (UEL) over 70 people have signed up for Socialist Students. The university's draconian attendance policy was beaten last year through a campaign launched by Socialist

More ...

Student occupation continues at Sussex 13-3-13, photo Brighton and Hove Socialist Party

Student occupation continues at Sussex 13-3-13, photo Brighton and Hove Socialist Party

18 September 2013

Anger at zero-hour contracts in universities

Rent-a-prof?: Sports Direct, McDonalds, Wetherspoons, Cineworld and... Britain's universities. Many people were no doubt shocked to hear that the use of zero-hour contracts is endemic not just among employers in retail

More ...

National Demo against Sussex University Privatisation, photo Serena Chung

National Demo against Sussex University Privatisation, photo Serena Chung

11 September 2013

Reinvigorate the student movement: Protest, occupy, strike for our education

This autumn's new students will be the second batch forced to pay the Con-Dems' extortionate £9,000 a year price tag for university education, writes Ian Pattison , Socialist Students national chair.

More ...

3 July 2013

Letter to student left groups to discuss joint call for a national demo

This letter has been sent by Socialist Students to other left student groups to begin discussions about calling a national demonstration in the new academic year

More ...

Students on the NUS national demonstration 12 November (Kyle 3rd left) against the government attacks on university education, photo Paul Mattsson

Students on the NUS national demonstration 12 November (Kyle 3rd left) against the government attacks on university education, photo Paul Mattsson

12 June 2013

How students beat unfair attendance policy

University of East London: A year of opposition organised by the Socialist Students-initiated 'Scrap the Unfair Attendance Policy' campaign has forced the University of East London (UEL) to ditch its draconian attendance policy, writes Kyle Williamson.

More ...

6 June 2013

Victory on University of East London unfair attendance policy

Following a year of opposition organised by the Socialist Students' initiated 'Scrap the Unfair Attendance Policy' campaign (SUAP), the attendance policy at the University of East London (UEL) has been scrapped.

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