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4 July 2012


Tax haven in the city: The 'event of the summer' will be treated just like the tax havens of Jersey or the Virgin Islands...

More ...

16 June 2012

London bus strike on Friday over Olympic award

London buses will come to a standstill on Friday 22 June as bus workers from every London bus operator will take strike action across the capital for the first time in a generation, writes Unite the union

More ...

13 June 2012

Olympics - a fair deal for transport workers

London bus workers strike together: Bus workers across London have voted overwhelmingly for strike action. Dates are to be announced

More ...

13 June 2012

Olympic's sponsor exploits workers

Multinational sportswear corporation and Olympics sponsor Adidas owes its workers in Indonesia, who it paid as little as 45 pence an hour, $1.8 million (1.2 million) in unpaid wages...

More ...

13 June 2012

'Austerity Games' to highlight young people's plight

Young people and trade unionists from across the country will be sending teams to Hackney Marshes to compete in the 'Austerity Games' in the week before the Olympics

More ...

6 June 2012

Them & Us

Wonga windfall: 1 billion. That's the estimated value of pay-day loan company Wonga if it decides to go ahead with floating on the stock market.

More ...

6 June 2012

Workplace news in brief

Victory at Ratcliffe: After the walkout of over 600 construction workers at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station near Nottingham, Unite health and safety rep Jason Poulter has been reinstated...

More ...

6 June 2012

We won't be a lost generation - Fight for jobs and education!

Jubilee exploitation: Driven 100 miles from home, told to sleep under a bridge and get changed in public at 5.30am, then work a 14 hour shift for no pay...

More ...

11 April 2012

East London and the Olympics

2012 is the year that London hosts the Olympics, the greatest sporting event in the world. The event has been promoted as bringing great opportunity and hope to those working and living in the surrounding boroughs...

More ...

Bus workers demonstrate over pay, photo Paul Mattsson

Bus workers demonstrate over pay, photo Paul Mattsson

11 April 2012

Bus workers prepare to fight for Olympic payment

More than nine out of ten London bus workers in Unite voted yes in a consultative ballot for action last month

More ...

21 March 2012

Smear campaign on Hillsborough?

Football rivalry is common in Liverpool between Liverpool and Everton supporters, writes John Cosgrove.

More ...

15 March 2012

Them & Us

A4e's champagne lifestyle: Conferences in Monaco, 200-a-head nights out, 800 meals - that's the lifestyle afforded by top executives at disgraced workfare company A4e...

More ...

7 March 2012

Workplace news in brief

Stagecoach bus drivers win victory: Stagecoach South Yorkshire bus drivers in Barnsley and Rotherham have won a significant victory in their fight for higher pay...

More ...

22 February 2012

Fans not financiers should run football

Professional football in Britain is stumbling from one crisis to another. After repeatedly failing to deal with racism, attention returns to financial malpractice.

More ...

22 February 2012

Them & Us

Very Inappropriate Priorities: 14,000 athletes, 7,000 technical officials, more than 20,000 media and eleven million spectators will descend on London this summer for the 2012 Olympics...

More ...

15 February 2012

Them & Us

Unaffordable jobs: 31% of private sector firms are planning to make redundancies this quarter according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)...

More ...

15 February 2012

Racism in football back in the headlines

Luis Suarez's refusal to shake Patrice Evra's hand at the start of the of the recent Manchester United v Liverpool match has brought the issue of racism in football back into the headlines, writes Chris Newby.

More ...

8 February 2012

Them & Us

Clever clogs: How many of you have had 'the look'? 'The look' from Tories who pity socialists for 'not understanding' how the world 'really' works. A trait no doubt picked up from the Eton-Oxbridge clique

More ...

8 February 2012

Mubarak's state machine blamed for football massacre

Seventy-four football fans were killed and hundreds injured after the final whistle blew at the al-Masry versus al-Ahly match in Port Said on 1 February, writes David Johnson

More ...

30 January 2012

London Docklands transport workers win Olympics deal

Serco Docklands, operator of the Docklands Light Railway, agreed to a 25% rise in the standard overtime rate for about 550 of its employees. London RMT organiser Steve Hedley comments on this deal

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