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Thabo Mbeki (2)

Tim Flannery (1)

Tony Blair (111)

Trotsky (73)

Vladimir Putin (16)

Yasser Arafat (8)

Tony Blair

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14 September 2006

Time for a new workers' party

AS WE go to press Tony Blair is answering questions at his last TUC conference. As he pointed out, in an aside which revealed his abhorrence of the trade union movement, it will probably "be a relief" for both Blair and the TUC delegates that they will not meet again.

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14 September 2006

Blair's last TUC conference - good riddance!

IT WAS Tony Blair's last TUC conference but that didn't lessen the visible anger shown by delegates to the arch-warmonger and privatiser...

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24 August 2006

Tony Blair takes the biscuit...

Bringing poodle Blair his bone let's give him one at schools and colleges around the country!
Many young people see Tony Blair as a poodle to the foreign policy of warmonger George Bush...

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20 July 2006

Sea of sleaze rises around Blair

DESPITE HIS bravura performance at the G8, Tony Blair may not be able to deliver his promise to see all the other leaders at next year's summit...

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1 June 2006

Blair goes nuclear

Environment: RECENTLY, PRIME minister Tony Blair told CBI dinner guests that he backed building a new generation of nuclear power stations, saying nuclear power was "back on the agenda with a vengeance"...

More ...

11 May 2006

Local elections: A death blow for Blair?

THE 2006 council elections in England have increased the pressure on Tony Blair and New Labour. The results show a continuing and increasing disaffection with the establishment parties. Socialist Party candidates scored some important...

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23 March 2006

Time for a new workers' party

Blair: Bosses puppet: cartoon by Alan Hardman
The stench of rotten Labour: SLEAZE HAS engulfed the government. Millions of pounds 'loaned' to New Labour to finance its last general election campaign, appear to have been given to buy seats...

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19 January 2006

Crime and anti-social behaviour

New Labour's policies can't end ...: TONY BLAIR'S well-publicised ideas on "respect" in the community have pushed his views on crime and anti-social behaviour onto the political agenda again...

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15 December 2005

Montreal conference - Little change on climate change

TONY BLAIR hailed the recent United Nations Montreal conference on climate change as a "vital next step in tackling climate." Green pressure group, Friends of the Earth said it was an "histori...

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17 November 2005

Selection and 'free market' threaten our schools

Education White Paper: TONY BLAIR'S first defeat in parliament over the Terrorism Bill has made many parents, school students, teachers and education workers more confident that they can defeat Labour's latest education White Paper...

More ...

10 November 2005

Blair staggers on... but 'PFI' Brown is no alternative

The following article was printed before Blair's humiliating defeat in the vote to detain terrorist suspects for 90 days...

More ...

29 September 2005

Waiting for Gordon

BLAIR IS going - and should go - but his replacement as prime minister by Gordon Brown, whether in the immediate or medium future, will bring no relief to working-class people in this country...

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6 May 2005

Blair’s last election

New Labour celebrations after its election win were muted and short-lived...

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27 November 2004

Western hypocrisy on Afghanistan

"NINETY PERCENT of all heroin sold in Britain originates from Afghanistan. Stopping that trade is directly in our interests."...

More ...

2 October 2004

Out Of Touch!

Build The Socialist Alternative: MORE OUT of touch and more inflexible than Margaret Thatcher. That's the verdict of the majority of people in this country about Tony Blair...

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18 September 2004

TUC Delegates Give Thumbs Down To Blair

HAVING ANNOUNCED the sacking of over 100,000 civil servants in the public sector, Tony Blair went to the TUC Congress to try and persuade delegates that he had not lost touch with the concerns of hard-working families...

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24 July 2004

Blair: Clinging On To The Wreckage

Editorial: BLAIR 'CELEBRATED' ten years at the top of New Labour a bruised and battered man. The Butler report into intelligence surrounding WMD and the war in Iraq let him off the hook yet again - blaming "collective responsibility".

More ...

19 June 2004

A Shadow Over Blair

Elections 2004: : A "GOOD kicking", a "bloody nose", a "slap in the face" - all the media descriptions of New Labour's disastrous election results had some reference to being beaten up. ...

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29 May 2004

The Real Cost Of War

£125,000,000 a month. That's how much the government says it is spending on the Iraq conflict. Several defence experts argue that the real figure is £250 million...

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8 May 2004

European Union Constitution - What's It All About?

- Why has Tony Blair promised a referendum on the constitution?
'What part of "no" don't you understand?' was the answer that Blair's official spokesman, Tom Kelly, gave a month ago when asked whether there would be a national referendum on the European constitution.

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