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From: The Socialist issue 942, 29 March 2017: NHS: protest, strike, occupy to win

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Times makes call for Tory entryism

Jeremy Corbyn speaking to one of many mass audiences, photo Steve Score

Jeremy Corbyn speaking to one of many mass audiences, photo Steve Score   (Click to enlarge)

James Ivens

A senior Tory speechwriter has openly called for Conservatives to infiltrate Labour to undermine the left.

Clare Foges, rhetorician to David Cameron, wrote in the Times on 27 March that she has joined the opposition party. She wants to prevent a rule change that would make it easier for left-wing MPs to stand for leader.

"A sum of 4 a month seems small beer for the chance to help change the direction of a party that, though not my own, matters to the direction of the country."

Many socialists from expelled or excluded groups joined Labour after Jeremy Corbyn's victory. But their goal, in the main, was to back a leadership with the potential to bring together all parts of the workers' movement behind an anti-austerity programme.

Socialists and trade unionists have a right and a duty to support the battle in the Labour Party. It is a battle for the success of our movement.

Tories who secretly join - Foges has "signed up a friend as a proxy" - are indisputable trespassers. They fight for our class enemy, the capitalists.

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