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Workplace and TU campaigns keywords:

35-hour week (17)

Aer Lingus (5)

Agency workers (30)

Airport (31)

Amicus (52)

Anti-union laws (19)

Argos (6)

Aslef (38)

AUT (7)

Axiom (3)

BAA (3)

BBC (117)

Besna (15)

Bin workers (30)

Blacklisting (75)

Bloc (1)

BMW (18)

Bosch (2)

British Airways (55)

BT (32)

Burslem 12 (9)

Bus workers (60)

Cadbury (5)

Cadbury-Schweppes (3)

Call Centres (15)

Car workers (35)

Care worker (5)

Care workers (57)

Civil Service (153)

Classroom assistants (7)

Cleaners (85)

Clyde (1)

Coastguards (7)

Compulsory redundancy (6)

Construction (191)

Construction workers (139)

Corus (35)

Council workers (95)

Crossrail (3)

CWU (249)

Dockers (12)

Docks (7)

Drivers (88)

DVLA (16)

DWP (122)

Electricians (62)

EPIU (3)

FBU (172)

Fiddlers Ferry (9)

Firefighters (145)

Ford (86)

Fujitsu (9)

Gate Gourmet (7)

General Motors (11)

Glaxo Smith Kline (1)

GMB (143)

Health and safety (44)

Heinz (6)

Honda (7)

Jaguar (16)

Jane Norman (1)

Jarvis (6)

JCB (8)

JIB (6)

JJB Sports (4)

Jobcentre (33)

Jobs (1109)

Journalists (56)

Lecturers (65)

Linamar (40)

Lindsey (39)

Lindsey Oil Refinery (25)

Local government (130)

London underground (104)

LOR (12)

Lucas Aerospace (1)

Manufacturing (31)

Metro (26)

Metronet (13)

Milford Haven (8)

Miners (123)

Ministry of Justice (8)


Natfhe (10)

National Grid (1)

NUJ (52)

Nurses (60)

NUT (274)

Oilc (4)

Outsourcing (15)

PCS (656)

People's Charter (1)

Peugeot (8)

Pfizer (3)

POA (54)

Port workers (2)

Postal dispute (25)

Postal workers (123)

Printers (1)

Prison officers (30)

Railworkers (8)

RCN (11)

Redundancies (71)

Redundancy (6)

Refinery (31)

Refuse workers (8)

Remploy (49)

Reps (29)

RMT (464)

Rover (30)

Saltend (18)

Seafarers (6)

Shelter (16)

Shipyard (3)

Shop Stewards (162)

Siemens (3)

Single status (27)

Sita (5)

Social workers (8)

Sodexo (5)

Stagecoach (12)

Staythorpe (1)

Steel (25)

Strike (2058)

Superdrug (3)

Supermarket (19)

Teachers (335)

Textile (7)

TGWU (54)

Thomas Cook (1)

Total (6)

Toyota (1)

Trade union (262)

Trade Union Freedom Bill (4)

Trade unions (182)

Train drivers (13)

TSSA (29)

Tube Lines (3)

Tube workers (34)

Tubelines (3)

Twinings (2)

UCATT (20)

UCU (115)

Unfair dismissal (8)

Unions (602)

Unison (752)

Unison witchhunt (5)

Unite (503)

Usdaw (57)

Vauxhall (23)

Vestas (24)

Visteon (87)

Volkswagen (2)

Waterford Crystal (1)

Wedgwood (1)

Whipps Cross (52)

Zero-hour contracts (73)

Reports and campaigns:

Anti-capitalism (902)

Anti-fascist (411)

Anti-racism (484)

Anti-war (1143)

Asylum (101)

Black and Asian (277)

Children (232)

CNWP (108)

Corporate crime (2)

Disability (151)

Education (2919)

Election campaigns (1695)

Environment (456)

Finance (41)

Food (212)

Health and safety (17)

Health and welfare (180)

Housing (622)

Human Rights (261)

LGBT Pride (93)

Local government (1634)

Local services (2676)

Low pay (157)

Migration (20)

Nationalisation (71)

New workers party (365)

NHS (1296)

Pensions (599)

Post Office (173)

Poverty (379)

Privatisation (747)

Public Services (723)

Socialism (534)

Sport (140)

Stop the slaughter of Tamils (68)

Students (1338)

The state (979)

Transport (378)

TUSC (730)

Welfare rights (513)

Women (489)

Workplace and TU campaigns (6479)

Youth (1567)

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Workplace and TU campaigns / Trade union

2 June 2015

Blacklisting: The secret war between big business and trade union activists

Speakers include Dave Smith, blacklisted builder and organiser of the Blacklist Support Group, and Gail Cartmail, Unite assistant general secretary

More ...

French resistance fighters liberated Paris from Nazi occupation

French resistance fighters liberated Paris from Nazi occupation

27 May 2015

VE Day: When 'liberation' meant socialism

Commemorations marking the 70th anniversary 'victory in Europe' (VE) day recently took place in Britain (and throughout the world) with establishment dignitaries saluting veteran service men and women who liberated Europe from the clutches of fascism

More ...

20 May 2015

State and big business spied on activists

The general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) Matt Wrack reacted angrily to the news that police undercover agents had spied on him at anti-racist activities during the 1990s

More ...

Cartoon Alan Hardman

20 May 2015

Build a movement to defeat the government's savagery

When Maggie Thatcher first spoke from the Downing Street steps she quoted Francis of Assisi, promising harmony and hope. Instead she ruled ruthlessly for the 1%. Cameron's promise to be a 'one nation' prime minister is a lie on the same scale

More ...

15 May 2015

National rail action from Mon 25th May

RMT today confirmed that its members will be taking action from Monday 25th May in the current dispute over pay and jobs at Network Rail

More ...

12 May 2015

Organising resistance against Tory austerity starts now

Millions of people are contemplating how they can survive another five years of austerity, writes John McInally

More ...

TUSC prospective candidates on the national march against racism, 21/03/15, photo Paul Mattsson

30 April 2015

Why the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition?

It's crunch time. As Britain heads to the polls - and awaits the outcome of subsequent political horse trading - who will fight for the interests of ordinary people?

More ...

30 April 2015

After the election: prepare for the battles to come

While no one yet knows which political party or parties will be in government after the general election, many of the tasks facing the trade union and anti-cuts movement after polling day are already clear

More ...

30 April 2015

Bromley workers escalate strikes

Unite members working for Bromley council have begun a big escalation of the strike campaign launched to defend workers' rights and fight off mass privatisation, writes Socialist Party members in Bromley.

More ...

22 April 2015

CWU conference: We need a fighting trade union

This year's Communication Workers' Union conference will be the last with Billy Hayes as general secretary following his recent election defeat to Dave Ward

More ...

15 April 2015

Potential flashpoints for class struggle

50. There are multiple issues over which struggle could develop in the next period. When there is a seemingly immovable blockage at the top, workers search for a way round it. Explosions can take place

More ...

photo Paul Mattsson

8 April 2015

Low pay? No way!

Employers around the country - large and small, including the public sector - have created a culture of despair. Poverty pay means millions cannot afford the basics they need for a decent life

More ...

8 April 2015

NHS: Anti-union blacklisting threat

Just before Parliament closed for the general election, a select committee revealed that the Consulting Association (which provided names of thousands of trade unionists to construction industry bosses, who then blacklisted them) had discussed with companies working in the NHS

More ...

Demonstration against NHS cuts at Whipps Cross hospital, East London 21 September 2013, photo Paul Mattsson

8 April 2015

Whipps Cross hospital trade union activist reinstated

Workers are celebrating the victory of Unison health activist Charlotte Monro

More ...

1 April 2015

Axing Clause IV: Making Labour safe for capitalism

In April 1995 a special Labour Party conference dropped Clause IV, part 4 (the 'socialist clause') of its constitution

More ...

25 March 2015

2015 elections: Reject the austerity lies

Join the socialist fightback! The Socialist Party's central message in the 2015 elections is this: austerity is not necessary and there is an alternative - a socialist alternative

More ...

No to austerity - TUSC banner, photo Leicester TUSC

18 March 2015

Use your vote to hit the 1%

Build the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition: The general election is taking place in less than eight weeks' time, yet half of voters do not yet know who they are going to vote for, writes Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary.

More ...

17 March 2015

Brazil - solidarity protests needed

Faced with lack of water for people, Sabesp cuts costs, sacks more than 500 workers and victimises trade union activists

More ...

11 March 2015

Women in the frontline of fighting austerity cuts

The United Nations says it will take 70 years to close the wage gap between women and men. However, a UK government spokesperson used International Women's Day to claim the gender pay gap in Britain was "at its lowest ever"

More ...

11 March 2015

Oppose tax office's 'company union'

A new 'company union' - the Revenue and Customs Trade Union (RCTU) - has been launched in HMRC, months after leaked documents showed such a move was planned as part of attacks on the socialist-led PCS civil service union

More ...

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