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Students / Tuition Fees

1 December 2010

Bristol students defend their right to march!

After last weeks demonstration against tuition fees and education cuts, where 4000 students were disgustingly prevented from marching into the city centre by police, over 2000 Marched this Tuesday (30th November), writes Frankie Langland, Bristol Socialist Party.

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School and college students protest against higher tuition fees and education cuts, photo Suzanne Beishon

25 November 2010

Student walkouts on 24 November

Last updated 29 Nov Throughout the day students across the country demonstrated, occupied and walked out against the government's attacks on further and higher education, many initiated by Youth Fight for Jobs and Socialist Students.
Scroll down to see newly added reports.

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17 November 2010

10 November demonstration: Students fighting back

Three east London students in their first year of college spoke to Sarah Wrack about the protest at Millbank. Why did you go on the demonstration... ?

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Massive student demo in London called by the NUS expresses anger against cuts, photo T.U. Senan

Massive student demo

16 November 2010

Youth Fight for Jobs calls for demonstration against cuts 24 November

Youth Fight for Jobs calls for a demonstration against university budget cuts and increased tuition fees on 24th November.

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11 November 2010

Massive student demo expresses anger against cuts

The enormous boiling anger of students and young people against the vicious tuition fee rises and proposed cuts to education was impossible to ignore on the demo on 10 November 2010.

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 Campaign to Defeat Fees demo 25 February 2009, photo Naomi Byron

Campaign to Defeat Fees demo 25 February 2009, photo Naomi Byron

11 November 2010

No to 9,000 tuition fees: Fight for your future!

THE GLOVES are off with regards to university fees. The Con-Dem coalition has announced that it intends to triple the cap on fees to 9,000 a year. If their plans are carried out a three-year degree could...

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27 October 2010

Youth Fight for Jobs and Socialist Students day of action

Goldsmiths University: The Comprehensive Spending Review on 20 October announced cuts that will be detrimental to the future of young people across the country...

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Over 100 students and workers at Warwick university came to an emergency protest on the steps of the university piazza, photo Warwick Socialist Students

Over 100 students and workers at Warwick university came to an emergency protest on the steps of the university piazza, photo Warwick Socialist Students

20 October 2010

Mass action needed to defeat fees and cuts

Browne Review: threat of a two-tier education system: Lord Browne has recommended that universities be free to charge unlimited tuition fees from 2012. This is a door slammed firmly in the face of those looking to education...

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Socialist Students in Exeter did a debt-o-meter on the Campaign to Defeat Fees day of action, photo Jim THomsom

Socialist Students in Exeter did a debt-o-meter on the Campaign to Defeat Fees day of action, photo Jim THomsom

6 October 2010

Students must fight back

Students will this week find out what future Lord Browne has in store for them. The multi-millionaire Baron of Madingley (the beneficiary of an Oxbridge education himself) has for almost a year been heading an 'independent' review into higher education funding and student finance.

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6 October 2010

Campaigning Socialist Students win support

Nottingham: SOCIALIST STUDENTS made a great impact on Nottingham Trent University's freshers' fair. In three hours, around 200 signatures were collected in support of our campaign against the government's planned...

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16 June 2010

Willetts approves tuition fees hike

ON 9 June the new universities minister, David Willetts, gave his clearest indication yet of his government's intention to raise tuition fees, writes Claire Laker-Mansfield.

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26 May 2010

Students must pay, say the rich

On Friday 21 May, the Independent Review for Higher Education Funding and Student Finance came to Leicester as part of its 'public hearing' stage of inquiry, writes Becci Heagney, Leicester Socialist Students.

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On the climate change demonstration in 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

On the climate change demonstration in 2007, photo Paul Mattsson

27 April 2010

Can the Greens help provide a left alternative?

The Green Party is standing more than 300 candidates in the general election. It believes it has a chance of getting one of its two MEPs, Caroline Lucas, elected to Westminster in the Brighton Pavilion constituency. Sean Figg and Judy Beishon explain why, fundamentally, the Green Party is not offering a way forward for working class people.

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21 April 2010

National Union of Students conference: Campaign needed against fees and cuts

The National Union of Students conference took place on 13-15 April against the backdrop of the threat of increased tuition fees and huge cuts in higher education...

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7 April 2010

Mobilise students and workers to defeat cuts and tuition fees

NUS conference: THE NATIONAL Union of Students (NUS) conference will take place on 13-15 April in Gateshead. At a time when students face huge cuts in universities and the threat of higher fees it could be expected that...

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Socialist Students: Our Education Under Attack - why a mass campaign is needed

17 March 2010

Defend higher education

Course closures, funding cuts, job losses, fees... The last 18 months, since the start of the economic crisis, have seen students and campus trade unions organising protest action in Britain on a scale not seen since the movement to oppose the introduction of tuition fees in 1997-1998...

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19 January 2010

LibDems show their true colours

As part of their 'progressive cuts' agenda, the Liberal Democrats have now backed down from their pledge of abolishing tuition fees, writes Paul Phillips Youth Fight for Jobs student organiser.

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Sussex university students demonstrate, photo Socialist Students

pic: Socialist Students

6 January 2010

Mandelson savages university funding

THE GOVERNMENT'S business secretary, Peter Mandelson, delivered a Christmas 'kick in the teeth' to students and university workers by adding a cuts package of 135 million onto cuts of hundreds of millions already announced, writes Matt Dobson, national organiser, Socialist Students.

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13 February 2008

Feature: The great university swindle

Introducing university tuition fees was one of New Labour's first acts in government. Proving their pro-big business and pro-market agenda, they followed up by introducing top-up fees of up to 3,000 a year. But students who are struggling and facing a lifetime of debt must not accept this.

Socialist Students national organiser MATT DOBSON looks at the situation and outlines a programme for fighting for free education.

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20 December 2003

A living grant not tuition fees

Fight Fees: GOVERNMENT MINISTERS recently paid a company 180,000 to bombard potential undergraduates with text messages boosting their hated top-up fees policy...

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