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21 March 2003

Terrorism strengthens USA

IT IS possible that, angry and frustrated at the way Bush and Blair have ignored the anti-war movement, a minority may turn to the methods of terrorism...

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14 December 2001

Imperialism - Wars Without End

SOCIALISTS SAY that the world's mightiest power, the USA, has been fighting a war in Afghanistan to defend imperialist interests...

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26 October 2001

Why The United Nations Can't Bring Peace

AFTER WEEKS of intensive bombing, with US ground forces in use and casualties growing, voices are calling for an end to the military campaign, writes Nick Chaffey.

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26 October 2001

Anthrax Scare Spreads New Worries In USA

THE UNITED States is now dominated by the growing anthrax scare. It started in Florida, spread to New York City and reached Washington DC with 31 US Senate workers testing positive for anthrax exposure...

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5 October 2001

US / Afghan Crisis: CWI Reports From Around The World

Commonwealth Of Independent States (CWI-CIS): THE SOCIALIST has carried reports - mainly from our sister party in the USA, Socialist Alternative - on working people's reactions to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre and also our interventions in the growing anti-war movement...

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28 September 2001

Anti-War Voices In USA

OPINION POLLS in the US show overwhelming support for military action in Afghanistan. But as Diane Stokes from Socialist Alternative (SA) in Chicago reports, the mood is more complex than the polls would...

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14 September 2001

After the carnage in the USA: World Crisis Deepens

THE KILLING of thousands of innocent civilians in New York, Washington and elsewhere in the US has caused horror and revulsion among ordinary working people worldwide...

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20 April 2001

Review: Preaching revolution or rhetoric?

Manic Street Preachers: 'Know your enemy' and live at Cardiff Coal Exchange March 2001, reviewed by SARAH MAYO...

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17 November 2000

Election war in the USA

THE REAL loser in the US presidential election will be one who gets the presidency, says LYNN WALSH. Disputes over bungled counting and allegations of vote-rigging, will envelop the new administration...

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4 August 2000

Capitalism's chaos and the socialist alternative

A World to Win: THE ANNUAL European school of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI - the international socialist organisation which the Socialist Party is affiliated to) was held recently in Belgium...

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