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Workplace and TU campaigns keywords:

35-hour week (16)

Aer Lingus (5)

Agency workers (23)

Airport (29)

Amicus (52)

Anti-union laws (16)

Argos (5)

Aslef (34)

AUT (7)

Axiom (3)

BAA (3)

BBC (97)

Besna (13)

Bin workers (26)

Blacklisting (61)

BMW (18)

Bosch (2)

British Airways (55)

BT (21)

Burslem 12 (9)

Bus workers (51)

Cadbury (5)

Cadbury-Schweppes (3)

Call Centres (15)

Car workers (35)

Care worker (3)

Care workers (45)

Civil Service (145)

Classroom assistants (7)

Cleaners (80)

Coastguards (7)

Compulsory redundancy (6)

Construction (175)

Construction workers (131)

Corus (35)

Council workers (83)

CWU (229)

Dockers (7)

Docks (4)

Drivers (62)

DVLA (15)

DWP (115)

Electricians (60)

EPIU (3)

FBU (135)

Fiddlers Ferry (9)

Firefighters (111)

Ford (85)

Fujitsu (9)

Gate Gourmet (7)

General Motors (11)

Glaxo Smith Kline (1)

GMB (111)

Health and safety (33)

Heinz (6)

Honda (7)

Jaguar (16)

Jane Norman (1)

Jarvis (6)

JCB (7)

JIB (5)

JJB Sports (4)

Jobcentre (31)

Jobs (1032)

Journalists (54)

Lecturers (62)

Linamar (40)

Lindsey (37)

Lindsey Oil Refinery (24)

Local government (101)

London underground (90)

LOR (12)

Lucas Aerospace (1)

Manufacturing (30)

Metro (24)

Metronet (13)

Milford Haven (5)

Miners (104)

Ministry of Justice (7)


Natfhe (10)

National Grid (1)

NUJ (51)

Nurses (53)

NUT (240)

Oilc (4)

Outsourcing (14)

PCS (601)

People's Charter (1)

Peugeot (8)

Pfizer (2)

POA (46)

Port workers (2)

Postal dispute (25)

Postal workers (121)

Printers (1)

Prison officers (26)

Railworkers (8)

RCN (9)

Redundancies (66)

Redundancy (2)

Refinery (30)

Refuse workers (7)

Remploy (49)

Reps (22)

RMT (406)

Rover (30)

Saltend (18)

Seafarers (5)

Shelter (15)

Shipyard (3)

Shop Stewards (152)

Siemens (3)

Single status (27)

Sita (5)

Social workers (7)

Sodexo (3)

Stagecoach (12)

Staythorpe (1)

Steel (25)

Strike (1773)

Superdrug (3)

Supermarket (15)

Teachers (305)

Textile (7)

TGWU (54)

Thomas Cook (1)

Total (5)

Toyota (1)

Trade union (205)

Trade Union Freedom Bill (4)

Trade unions (156)

Train drivers (11)

TSSA (25)

Tube Lines (3)

Tube workers (31)

Tubelines (3)

Twinings (2)

UCATT (15)

UCU (97)

Unfair dismissal (5)

Unions (534)

Unison (685)

Unison witchhunt (5)

Unite (388)

Usdaw (43)

Vauxhall (20)

Vestas (24)

Visteon (85)

Volkswagen (2)

Waterford Crystal (1)

Wedgwood (1)

Whipps Cross (44)

Zero-hour contracts (37)

Reports and campaigns:

Anti-capitalism (790)

Anti-fascist (386)

Anti-racism (432)

Anti-war (817)

Asylum (97)

Black and Asian (244)

Children (212)

CNWP (108)

Corporate crime (2)

Disability (136)

Education (2604)

Election campaigns (1220)

Environment (407)

Finance (6)

Food (168)

Health and safety (13)

Health and welfare (142)

Housing (470)

Human Rights (237)

LGBT Pride (82)

Local government (1357)

Local services (2282)

Low pay (123)

Migration (18)

Nationalisation (67)

New workers party (337)

NHS (1140)

Pensions (566)

Post Office (160)

Poverty (314)

Privatisation (668)

Public Services (636)

Socialism (461)

Sport (115)

Stop the slaughter of Tamils (64)

Students (1198)

The state (855)

Transport (333)

TUSC (400)

Welfare rights (448)

Women (422)

Workplace and TU campaigns (5764)

Youth (1422)

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Workplace and TU campaigns / Unions

9 April 2014

Break with pro-cuts Labour now

A Labour defeat, said Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, was likely if it went into the 2015 general election promising "a pale shade of austerity"

More ...

7 April 2014

30 years ago: The Broad Left Organising Committee's huge impact

30 years ago a national conference took place in Sheffield organised by BLOC. The meeting coincided with the start of the miners' strike in March 1984, writes Bill Mullins

More ...

26 March 2014

Mass workers' party

50. Despite Labour's role in power at local level, the majority of trade union leaders encourage their members to cling to the hope that a Labour government will come to their rescue - despite all evidence

More ...

26 March 2014

An array of flashpoints

40. Even while the blockage at the top seems immovable, the working class can find ways round it. Explosions can take place on all kinds of issues, sometimes of a seemingly secondary character, as workers

More ...

26 March 2014

Industrial struggle

20. The savage attacks required to achieve this will provoke mass opposition from the working class. However, the failure of the trade union leaders to lead the struggle against austerity can mean that

More ...

17 March 2014

The trade unions and the socialist case for Scottish independence

John McInally, vice-president of the PCS union, argues (in a personal capacity) that socialists should campaign for a Yes vote in the Scottish independence referendum but on the basis of a distinct, independent, working class position

More ...

TUSC candidate Lois Austin speaking outside the Labour Party special conference, 1.3.14

5 March 2014

Need for new mass workers' party is undeniable

After a conference that lasted just two hours... it was gone! By adopting the Collins Review, Labour effectively ended any lingering pretence of an organised trade union presence in the party that the unions created over a century ago.

More ...

A miners rally in Northumberland, photo D Pearson

26 February 2014

Great 1984-85 miners' strike remembered

Thirty years ago, on 1 March 1984 the closure of Cortonwood pit was announced, with five years' production still to go

More ...

19 February 2014

Campaign against "Lobbying Bill"

The Transparency of Lobbying, Third Party Funding and Trade Union Administration Bill (Lobbying Bill) will become law shortly

More ...

Kings Cross, 5.2.13, photo Helen Pattison

12 February 2014

Tube strike first round: Trade Unions 1 - Johnson 0

As we go to press a second planned 48-hour London tube strike has been called off. The RMT and TSSA rail unions suspended their industrial action after London Underground (LU) bosses have been forced to

More ...

One Housing Group workers, members of Unite, on a second three-day strike against massive pay cuts, photo Naomi Byron

12 February 2014

What future for Labour and the unions?

Open letter to the Unite Executive Council from the Socialist Party: The Unite Executive is preparing to discuss the Collins Review proposals to ‘reform’ the link between the unions and Labour. Reportedly three out of the four Unite delegates at Labour’s NEC voted to endorse the Review

More ...

RMT Pickets , photo Paul Mattsson

12 February 2014

London tube stoppages show workers can win

The London Underground dispute is already having the effect of lifting up the sights of trade unionists. Following the successful first strike management has suspended implementation of all elements of their cuts plan until 8 April.

More ...

6 February 2014

Met police staff to join tube unions on strike

Thousands of Metropolitan Police civilian staff in the PCS union plan to strike for two days next week over the imposition of pay cuts

More ...

RMT and TSSA memebers protesting against the threatened London Underground cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

RMT and TSSA memebers protesting against the threatened London Underground cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

5 February 2014

Stop the tube cuts: Support the strikes!

As we go to press the RMT and TSSA unions on the London Underground (LU) are preparing for two rounds of 48-hour strike action on 4 and 11 February

More ...

5 February 2014

Trade unions - time to break Labour link is now!

Is this the end for the unions and Labour? In response to the Collins Review proposals to 'reform' the link between the unions and Labour, Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire declared: "It is time for the trade unions to march proudly out of Labour's front door instead of being slowly bundled out of the back"

More ...

Part of the PCS contingent on the 2011 N30 London demo, photo Senan

5 February 2014

PCS: Re-elect fighting, campaigning leadership

The elections for the Public and Commercial Services union leadership start soon

More ...

3 February 2014

Response to Kevin Maguire's call for unions to break link with Labour

Mirror columnist Kevin Maguire has contributed to the debate about the Labour - trade union link

More ...

TUSC on the 28 March 2012 NUT London strike and demonstration, photo Socialist Party

29 January 2014

We need councillors who stand up for us

On Thursday 22 May a little bit of history will be made. Hundreds of working class people – some of them already organised socialists, but many of them ordinary workers, trade unionists, young people, members of their local communities – will stand before the electorate and ask for votes

More ...

London Underground workers are defending jobs and a public service, photo Paul Mattsson

29 January 2014

Support the tube workers' strikes

No closure of ticket offices - stop job cuts - no compromise on passenger safety: The battle lines are being drawn ahead of the tube strikes which start on 4 February

More ...

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