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28 March 2013

Prospects for Con-Dems

55. It is not possible to judge whether this government will last its full term. One of Cameron's first acts on coming to power was to institute grossly undemocratic arrangements for five-year fixed parliamentary...

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28 March 2013


62. We dealt with the question of migration in more depth in last year's perspectives document. The census results give a picture of the changed makeup of Britain's population...

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28 March 2013

Next general election

70. Whenever the general election comes it is most likely that Labour will come to power, either with a majority or as part of a coalition with all or a section of the LibDems...

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22 March 2013

Our role in the unions

The attempt to defend their position includes the charge levelled against the Socialist Party that, 'It has to be said that for all of the emphasis on Broad Left work, no real effort has been put into uniting the Broad Lefts in the various unions....

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22 March 2013

The collapse of Stalinism

The other prop of Merseyside's case against the Socialist Party leadership is in relation to the collapse of Stalinism...

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The Spirit of '45, directed by Ken Loach, photo Ken Loach

The Spirit of '45, directed by Ken Loach, photo Ken Loach

13 March 2013

Film review: Spirit of '45

This film is a documentary, interviewing people who remember the mass movement to create the welfare state following World War Two, writes Katrine Williams, president of Cardiff Trades Council and Wales chair for the PCS civil service union

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6 February 2013

South Africa: Battle for control of mining sector

The threat by mining giant Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) to close four shafts, sell one mine and lay off 14,000 mineworkers in their Rustenburg operations is an open challenge to the entire working class

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16 January 2013

Brixton Hill: Opposing Labour's 'cuts cooperative'

It may be freezing in Brixton Hill ward but our fighting message has been warmly received, says TUSC candidate Steve Nally

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16 January 2013

Northern Ireland: Flag issue turmoil illustrates failure of the 'peace process'

Trade unions must offer a clear cross-community, anti-sectarian class alternative: Turmoil over the issue of the flying of the union flag has now continued across Northern Ireland for six weeks, writes Ciaran Mulholland , CWI Northern Ireland.

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14 January 2013


We have sought to demonstrate in this analysis of the past and present policies of the Socialist Workers Party, that unless they change they will be found wanting in the new period we are entering, both in Britain and internationally...

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14 January 2013

The United Front today & the Left in Germany

Despite the constant intoning of support for the 'united front' tactic, the Socialist Workers Party has misapplied this idea and burnt its fingers...

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14 January 2013

Attitude to the Labour Party and the Left

To many who experienced the past sectarian behaviour of the SWP combined with abstract propaganda - 'One solution, revolution!' - the seeming metamorphosis to a 'broad' approach in this decade was a revelation...

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14 January 2013

Anti-capitalist movement and the programme

The SWP's increasingly opportunist turn in this century has been accompanied by an exaggeration of the importance and the scale of practically every social movement that has taken place in the last decade...

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14 January 2013

Collapse of Stalinism and the 1990s

If they were to answer that North Vietnam was more 'progressive', then how to explain their position at the time of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, when the liquidation of the planned economy in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union was, for them, not a great negative historical turning point...

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20 October 2012 TUC demo against austerity, photo Paul Mattsson

1 January 2013

2013: Prepare for a mighty battle against deeper cuts

The coming year, like 2012, will be one of intense working class struggles, writes Peter Taaffe

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19 December 2012

Northern Ireland: Widespread protests continue over union flag on Belfast City Hall

Protests have taken place across Northern Ireland since Belfast council voted through restrictions on flying the British union flag on the City Hall

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Rallying for a yes vote in Edinburgh as thousands march for an independent Scotland, photo M Dobson

Rallying for a yes vote in Edinburgh as thousands march for an independent Scotland, photo M Dobson

5 December 2012

Scottish referendum: What sort of independence should socialists campaign for?

The 2014 referendum is going to take place against the backdrop of an unprecedented economic crisis. Tory Toff, David Cameron's Con-Dem government is attempting, and to a degree has already succeeded,...

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Kshama Sawant, photo CWI

Kshama Sawant, photo CWI

14 November 2012

Socialist wins 28% of the vote in Seattle, USA

While the US presidential race was mainly about what to vote against, an inspiring campaign in Seattle's 43rd district for Washington state house offered working class voters a real alternative

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TUC demo 20 October 2012 placard for a 24 hour general strike , photo Becky Davis

31 October 2012

Start preparations for a 24-hour general strike

At the 20 October anti-austerity demonstration, three trade union leaders reflected the feelings of the majority of trade unionists in calling for a 24-hour general strike

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20 October 2012 TUC demo, photo Senan

23 October 2012

After October 20: preparing for a one-day general strike

The London 20 October TUC demo was a great success. But there was a feeling among many workers that more decisive action is necessary to force the government to retreat, writes Peter Taaffe

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