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22 September 2014

Socialist Party Scotland calls for new mass workers' party

If the 'strategists' of British capitalism believed that the narrow No vote in the independence referendum would allow politics to return to 'normal', this illusion has been shattered by the events of the last 48 hours

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19 September 2014

1.6 million vote Yes in a working class revolt against austerity

In the teeth of a ferocious campaign from the British capitalist establishment, the independence campaign in Scotland won the support of over 1.6 million people, overwhelmingly working class

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2013 Glasgow demonstration against the bedroom tax, which has now been defeated in Scotland, photo Jim Halfpenny

2013 Glasgow demonstration against the bedroom tax, which has now been defeated in Scotland, photo Jim Halfpenny

10 September 2014

Scotland in revolt against austerity

'Yes' support hits the Tories: Polls showing big growth in support for a Yes vote have sent dismay and terror coursing through Westminster's capitalist elite

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10 September 2014

Scottish referendum: A mass revolt against austerity

The 6 September YouGov survey for the Sunday Times has sent shock waves through the capitalist political establishment in Britain

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5 September 2014

Ukraine's ruling elite desperate to besmirch socialist ideas

Pete Glover comments on some of the views and sights he encountered during a visit to the Ukraine

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Some of the headlines indicating the state of Britain

3 September 2014

Pre-election Britain - crisis brewing on all fronts

The 2015 general election is a mere eight months away yet impossible to call. But, as Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary writes, what is clear is that none of the capitalist parties hold any real attraction for working class voters

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Women munitions workers during World War One

20 August 2014

Protests, strikes and equality: Women in World War One

In this anniversary year there is likely to be scant attention given to the militant struggles of working class women during the four years of brutal conflict, where class divisions remained a feature of everyday life

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6 August 2014

Capitalist crisis continues

Working class must and will play decisive role: Extracts from a keynote speech at the 2014 CWI summer school by Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party, on world relations and the perspectives for capitalism and the world workers' struggle

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31 July 2014

Southampton: Channel 4's Immigration Street condemned

In a meeting pulsating with anger, about 150 people from Newtown and Northam in Southampton discussed the idea of 'Immigration Street', the sequel to Channel 4's 'Benefit Street', writes Phillip Sneider.

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Super-rich flash cash at Tory bash

9 July 2014

Super-rich flash cash at Tory bash

Cameron and his Tory chums can shout that "we're all in this together" until they're even bluer in the face - but nobody believes them

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2 July 2014

Needed: a political voice for the working class

Labour woos big business: Labour is offering an 'olive branch' or an olive tree to big business by promising even more tax breaks. This is despite corporation tax being at record low levels and ignoring the millions that are lost to tax scams by these companies

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18 June 2014

Trades council conference: workers won't wait for TUC

Trades councils held their conference in Cardiff on 14/15 June. This year, there was a pleasant sting in its tail!

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Ed Miliband confronted by anti-bedroom tax protestors demanding that Labour councils refuse to collect the tax, photo Chris Moore

28 May 2014

Why I didn't rejoin Labour

The Labour Party recently sent me an email asking me to rejoin Labour. I sent back this response, writes Carl Harper.

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The Socialist issue 812

The Socialist issue 812

28 May 2014

Con-Dems get a kicking

Now build a mass voice for the working class: In the elections for English councils voters sent a message to the Con-Dem cuts coalition. Get out!

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15 Now demonstration in Seattle, USA, photo 15 Now

14 May 2014

What's socialism got to do with fighting austerity?

Each week members of the Socialist Party sell copies of the Socialist newspaper. Sellers are often questioned about socialist ideas. Here Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe ‘reports’ on one such discussion as it might take place

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14 May 2014

Building Labour: when workers first formed own party

Throughout the 19th century it was seen as unquestionable that the Liberal Party - an alliance of industrial capitalists and the urban middle classes - should be the party supported by workers, and that this would always be the case

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Doncaster Care UK strike, Easter 2014 , photo by A Tice

Doncaster Care UK strike, Easter 2014 , photo by A Tice

7 May 2014

Fight cuts, Back strikes, Vote TUSC

On 22 May millions of working class people have the opportunity to vote in the local government elections. At the same time workers are voting or have voted for strike action to resist the attacks on their pay, pensions and working conditions

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TUC demo 26 March 2011 - for a 24 hour General Strike now, photo Senan

7 May 2014

Prepare for almighty battles against austerity

Capitalism is a system in crisis. It is delivering austerity for the majority and unimaginable wealth for a few at the top. Inevitably it is increasingly being questioned, writes Hannah Sell

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Corrina Smith Gateshead TUSC candidate, photo Elaine Brunskill

30 April 2014

Vote for a working class voice

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has announced that it will be fielding 561 candidates in the local elections on 22 May. This marks the biggest left-of-Labour challenge in 60 years. Candidates include trade unionists, anti-cuts campaigners and young people

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15 Now demonstration in Seattle, USA, photo 15 Now

30 April 2014

USA: reviving working class traditions

Fighting for $15 an hour and for socialism: 15Now hosted what can only be described as a marathon of a conference which ran from 11am to nine at night, write CWI reporters.

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