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15 March 2012

World developments show - capitalism is crisis

"When the present devastating world crisis of capitalism broke, the Socialist Party and the CWI drew bold far-reaching conclusions: that this time there would be no quick or easy way out for capitalism and that arising from this we would see a period of revolution and counter-revolution"

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15 March 2012

Britain: working class begins to 'rise like lions'

A vitally important discussion among delegates focussed on the deep and protracted crisis in capitalism, and the impact of the government's austerity measures on Britain, writes Dave Carr.

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30 June coordinated strike action by the PCS civil service union and NUT, ATL and UCU teaching unions, photo Paul Mattsson

Photo Paul Mattsson

7 March 2012

International Women's Day 2012

For more than a century, 8 March has been the day to commemorate and celebrate the fight of working class and revolutionary women for a better deal and a socialist society, writes Remembering the struggles and victories of women workers.

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8 February 2012

Tory policies hit women hardest

Louise Mensch, a rich, privileged Tory MP, is trying desperately to reinvent her party as supporters of feminism, writes Helen Ridett.

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Anti-government demonstrations during the 20102011 Tunisian uprising, photo Creative commons

Anti-government demonstrations during the 20102011 Tunisian uprising, photo Creative commons

1 February 2012

Interview: the Tunisian revolution one year on

"Revolution is a process, not a single act": 14 January marked the first anniversary of the downfall of the hated dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali by the Tunisian revolution

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Unions like Unite have donated millions to Labour but Labour promises nothing in return to union members, photo Paul Mattsson

Unions like Unite have donated millions to Labour but Labour promises nothing in return to union members, photo Paul Mattsson

25 January 2012

The trade unions and Labour

What we think: Labour lords voted against the introduction of the benefit cap which threatens 67,000 families with poverty and homelessness. Yet Liam Byrne, shadow Work and Pensions secretary, made it abundantly clear Labour supports the cap.

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18 January 2012

Cameron's attack on Scottish independence referendum backfires

National tensions over the issue of Scottish independence were raised significantly following the recent blundering intervention of David Cameron and the Con-Dem coalition, writes Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland.

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 N30: two million public sector workers went on strike on 30 November 2011, photo by Paul Mattsson

N30: Pic Paul Mattsson

12 January 2012

Pensions: the fight continues

Following the strike of two million public-sector workers in November, the fight to safeguard pensions hangs in the balance.
Socialist Party deputy general secretary Hannah Sell reports on this crucial stage of the battle.

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World in Turmoil

4 January 2012

A world in turmoil

In this special new year feature, Peter Taaffe looks back at 2011, a year of crisis, struggle and revolution. This article is based on a statement prepared for the Committee for a Workers' International, the world socialist organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated.

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4 January 2012

Review: Days of Hope

Recently film director Ken Loach contrasted the BBC of the 1960s and 70s, which allowed a degree of political commitment and artistic freedom, with today's conservative, commercially driven programme making...

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4 January 2012

Nigeria: Boko Haram's Christmas Day bombings

Among the more audacious previous attacks of Boko Haram were the bombings of the National Police headquarters and the United Nations office in the capital, Abuja, writes Segun Sango, General secretary, Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM - CWI, Nigeria).

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4 January 2012

USA: Occupy movement links with working class

The US 'Occupy' movement and its slogans, such as "We are the 99%", have reflected the huge anger at widening economic and social inequality at a time of recession...

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26 March TUC demonstration, photo by Senan

21 November 2011

Capitalism is crisis - there is an alternative - fight for socialism!

The titanic 30 November strike will display the colossal power of the working class to resist the savage cuts demanded by the capitalists and Con-Dems, writes Peter Taaffe, General Secretary, Socialist Party.

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Socialism 2011

Socialism 2011

17 November 2011

Socialism 2011

Socialism 2011: Crucial preparation for the fightback

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Rent strike on Clydeside

Rent strike on Clydeside

16 November 2011

The first shop stewards movement

The outbreak of World War One in August 1914 cut across the great industrial unrest which had been gathering pace since 1911...

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9 November 2011

1915 - How strikes and rent strikes won gains for Scottish tenants

In this article Sinead Daly from Socialist Party Scotland shows how working class families resisted rent rises and appalling housing conditions in Glasgow nearly 100 years ago...

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Half-million strong TUC demo, central London, 26 March 2011, against the government's cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

Half-million strong TUC demo, central London, 26 March 2011, against the government's cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

2 November 2011

Why you should join the Socialist Party

The 'Occupy' movement has rapidly spread across the world. Support for it is huge. Why? Because of the growing understanding that we, the vast majority of humanity, are being forced to pay for a crisis that is not of our making

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Socialism Today cover - Preparing for a showdown

Socialism Today, Nov 2011

18 October 2011

Preparing for the showdown

November 30 and beyond
The one-day public-sector strike on 30 November is expected to involve nearly four million workers - the biggest single day of industrial action in Britain's history, writes Peter Taaffe, Socialist Party general secretary.

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Wall Street, USA

12 October 2011

US: Occupy Wall Street - Demanding jobs not cuts

We are fighting back! Bryan Koulouris of Socialist Alternative, CWI in the US, spoke to the Socialist about the Occupy Wall Street movement which has been spreading across hundreds of towns and cities in the US

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Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class, photo Owen Jones

5 October 2011

'Chav hate is class hate'

Book review: Jacqui Berry reviews 'Chavs - The demonization of the working class' by Owen Jones...

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