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Save Strood library

26 November 2014

Rochester: 'Business as usual' politics falling apart

The Rochester and Strood byelection was an expression of one of the major developments of the post-economic crisis world. The growing anger of the 99% is starting to find expression

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A general strike against fuel price hikes in Nigeria

A general strike against fuel price hikes in Nigeria

19 November 2014

Unreported Nigeria: Class struggle and inequality

When Nigeria is mentioned in the British press it is usually to report the horrors of Boko Haramís latest terrorist attack or the - at least for now - successful battle against Ebola. However, there is another side to Nigeria - the magnificent history of struggle by the working class

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12 November 2014

Mid-term elections do not mean shift to right in US

The significant gains made by Republicans in the mid-term elections, in particular taking control of the US Senate, have caused alarm for working class and progressive people across the country

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Ireland: We won't pay the water tax!

Ireland: We won't pay the water tax!

5 November 2014

Ireland: 'We won't pay'

The growing movement against water tax and austerity: 11 October 2014 saw the opening of a whole new chapter in the struggle of the working class in Ireland, writes Kevin McLoughlin, Socialist Party (CWI Ireland)

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5 November 2014

Take over software giants

The article "Private companies hold NHS to ransom" (Socialist 830) showed how giant software companies can exploit their near monopoly position

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5 November 2014

Repel the Tories' attacks on our democratic rights

In early October the Tories set themselves against the Human Rights Act. Leading Tory ministers Cameron, May and Grayling all contributed speeches and newspaper interviews reheating Daily Mail headlines

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29 October 2014

Scottish Labour in crisis

Build a working class anti-cuts alternative: The Labour Party in Scotland has been thrown into a deep crisis following the resignation of its Scottish leader, Johann Lamont

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Militant supporters march against the poll tax, photo Steve Gardner

22 October 2014

50 years of socialist ideas and workers' struggle

Anniversary of the first issue of Militant: When we started publishing Militant, the Socialist's predecessor, in October 1964, few of our political opponents expected that we would not only continue publication for 50 years, but become an important factor in subsequent battles of the labour movement

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72% of Ukip voters support renationalising rail - unlike Ukip! photo Paul Mattsson

72% of Ukip voters support renationalising rail - unlike Ukip! photo Paul Mattsson

15 October 2014

Tories and Labour in crisis after Ukip win

Cameron and Miliband woke up on 10 October with a common sense of dread. Both their parties have been left reeling at the results of byelections in which Ukip has dealt them a hefty blow to the face

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Jarrow March 2011: Jarrow March for Jobs arrives in London, photo Paul Mattsson

15 October 2014

A socialist world is possible

End poverty, inequality and capitalism: "Britain needs a pay rise" is the demand of the TUC's demonstration on 18 October. The first question to ask is "Which Britain?" The bosses don't need a penny more - they are gorging themselves

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Austerity is failing - but all mainstream parties support it, photo Paul Mattsson

10 October 2014

Stop Ukip: Byelection results reveal crisis of austerity parties

The two byelections on 9 October were a disaster for the main parties. The results reflect a rejection of austerity - all that is on offer from Labour and the Con-Dems

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8 October 2014

South Africa: "A workers' party must emerge"

The May general election in South Africa saw the ANC returned to power for the fifth consecutive time but there is widespread speculation that President Zuma will not see out his second term

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Scotland Referendum, photo SP Scotland

Scotland Referendum, photo SP Scotland

24 September 2014

1.6 million vote Yes in revolt against austerity

In the teeth of a ferocious campaign from the British capitalist establishment the independence campaign in Scotland won the support of more than 1.6 million people, overwhelmingly from the working class, securing 45%, writes Philip Stott Secretary, Socialist Party Scotland.

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24 September 2014

Millions on streets for Catalan independence

On 11 September an estimated 1.8 million people took to the streets of Barcelona in the annual demonstration for Catalan independence, writes Rob MacDonald, Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI Spain).

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Scotland Referendum

24 September 2014

After Scotland revolt: all capitalist parties in crisis

Voting Yes in Scotland's referendum became, for many, a mass revolt against austerity. The capitalist class - major corporations, most of the media and the Westminster politicians - united to predict Armageddon if a majority voted Yes

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23 September 2014

Scotland's referendum: A working-class revolt

The referendum has turned British politics upside down - even though the No vote won. The Yes campaign became a mass mobilisation of working-class communities: against austerity and rotten establishment politics, and for a positive future. This turning point raises key issues for socialists, writes Peter Taaffe.

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22 September 2014

Socialist Party Scotland calls for new mass workers' party

If the 'strategists' of British capitalism believed that the narrow No vote in the independence referendum would allow politics to return to 'normal', this illusion has been shattered by the events of the last 48 hours

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19 September 2014

1.6 million vote Yes in a working class revolt against austerity

In the teeth of a ferocious campaign from the British capitalist establishment, the independence campaign in Scotland won the support of over 1.6 million people, overwhelmingly working class

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2013 Glasgow demonstration against the bedroom tax, which has now been defeated in Scotland, photo Jim Halfpenny

2013 Glasgow demonstration against the bedroom tax, which has now been defeated in Scotland, photo Jim Halfpenny

10 September 2014

Scotland in revolt against austerity

'Yes' support hits the Tories: Polls showing big growth in support for a Yes vote have sent dismay and terror coursing through Westminster's capitalist elite

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10 September 2014

Scottish referendum: A mass revolt against austerity

The 6 September YouGov survey for the Sunday Times has sent shock waves through the capitalist political establishment in Britain

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