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4 August 2015

West London Socialist Party: Socialism is international!

The Socialist Party has sister parties throughout the world, as part of the Committee for a Workers' International

More ...

30 July 2015

Huddersfield and Halifax Socialist Party: A display of socialist art

We are proud to welcome to our meeting the veteran artist and socialist, Alan Hardman, who will be bringing a magnificent display of all his work going back four decades

More ...

29 July 2015

Anti-austerity protests from Northumberland to the 'English Riviera'

Hexham: A 200 strong anti-austerity walk on the 18 July in Torbay, South Devon, was organised by local group Torbay3Towns

More ...

29 July 2015

Help fund the party that fights austerity!

The Socialist Party is in the news! The Blairites in the Labour Party are panicking at the growing surge behind Jeremy Corbyn's candidacy; they don't understand that it is linked to the failure of Labour

More ...

28 July 2015

Media coverage of Socialist Party's statement on Corbyn

A number of national newspapers have reported (selectively, with various interpretations) on a Socialist Party press release sent out yesterday

More ...

23 July 2015

Anger at the "Labstainers" - Labour's lack of opposition to attack on welfare

The Tories launched another vile attack on the working class, with the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. Disgracefully only 48 Labour MPs voted against it

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