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17 November 2005

Socialism 2005: Building a socialist alternative

The 800 people that attended the Socialist Party’s Rally for Socialism were united by their horror at what modern capitalism means for billions of people and their desire to change the world...

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17 November 2005

"Looking forward to changing the world"

Socialism 2005 rally
A BUZZ filled the main hall at the Friends Meeting House as we began to pack in for the main Socialism 2005 rally – older members who had been part of the mass struggles of the 1970s and 80s and, in th...

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17 November 2005

Campaign for a new workers' party

THE FOLLOWING declaration for a new workers' party was launched by the Socialist Party at Socialism 2005, a weekend of discussion and debate attended by hundreds of young people, trade union and community...

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27 October 2005

Come to Socialism 2005

A weekend of debate and discussion organised by the Socialist Party, 12-13 November...

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20 October 2005

Come to Socialism 2005 - defend democratic rights

Ejecting Walter Wolfgang from Labour Party conference for daring to heckle Jack Straw is one thing but then to subject him to a search under the Terrorism Act Section 44 does more than just add insult to injury.

Go to Socialism 2005 webpages...

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13 October 2005

Socialism 2005: Our big weekend of discussion and debate!

EACH WEEK in the socialist we will be highlighting different sessions and courses from the agenda of Socialism 2005 - a weekend of discussion and debate taking place on 12/13 November, 2005...

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6 October 2005

Come to Socialism 2005 - the forum for real debate

New Labour is so terrified of debate that they did not allow discussion on Iraq at their party conference. Eighty-two year old delegate Walter Wolfgang's one word of criticism 'nonsense' was enough to have him physically thrown out the conference and detained under the terrorism act.
Socialism 2005 pages

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22 September 2005

The case for socialism

Socialism 2005
Socialism 2005: The capitalist world is increasingly wracked with poverty, economic crisis, war and terrorism...

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25 August 2005

Book your ticket now!

Socialism 2005: Book online here...

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30 June 2005

Socialism 2005

Socialism 2005 is an opportunity for anyone who is angry at the poverty and inequality in society to come together to debate socialist ideas...

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2 June 2005

The campaign for Socialism 2005 begins now

The campaign for Socialism 2005 has begun. Although the event is not taking place until November 12 and 13 all Socialist Party branches are...

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