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1 September 2010

Pakistan flood disaster: Workers' solidarity appeal

THE FOLLOWING financial appeal has been circulated internationally by CWI socialists in Pakistan.

"We urge all of our brothers, sisters and comrades in the international trade union movement to show their solidarity and support for the people affected by the devastating flood in our country, especially trade union members, workers and peasants.

We urgently need resources to provide relief for our affected brothers and sisters. Among the millions hit by the flooding, more than 200 members of the TURCP and Progressive Workers' Federation and their families have been affected. Their houses, crops and everything else have been wiped out. We urgently need your help, solidarity and support for these people. We request that all trade unions, union branches and workers support our campaign. Every penny you donate will be accounted for and will reach the affected people.

Syed Fazalabbas - secretary of Progressive Workers' Federation (PWF), Malik Muhammad Shabir - president PWF, Khalid Bhatti - finance secretary PWF and national organiser of TURCP."

For details of where to send trade union donations and eyewitness reports see

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