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8 December 2010

Hull: racist BNP demo stopped

On Saturday 4 December around 250 local activists in Hull, including trade unionists, Kurdish people and users of the Pearson Park mosque, joined together to oppose a hate-spreading demonstration by the British National Party (BNP).

The BNP oppose a planned extension in the tiny Mosque, one of only three in the city. BNP members met just outside the park but, when they saw the number of anti-racist protesters, cancelled their demo, as they would have been outnumbered by 20 to one.

The anti-racist protest heard speakers from trade unions and local groups.

Matt Whale, from Youth Fight for Jobs, spoke of the need to link anti-racist campaigns with the anti-cuts movements to fight for jobs, homes and services.

Though BNP members were prevented from holding their planned demonstration, police effectively kettled the anti-racist demonstration, leaving the BNP free to campaign and hand out leaflets.

A Hull Socialist Party member