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3 March 2011

Fantastic results in Irish election: Socialists and lefts gain five seats

The general election in Ireland took place in the context of a profound crisis in society, with the Irish working class confronted by brutal austerity measures which threaten jobs, public services and living standards.

The clearest voice of opposition to this came from the brand new United Left Alliance (ULA) which gained five TDs (MPs). The Socialist Party (CWI Ireland), which initiated the process that led to the formation of the ULA in 2010, got two TDs elected.

Socialist Party councillor Clare Daly was elected as a TD for the first time in Dublin North (7,513 first preference votes or 15.2%).

Joe Higgins, a TD from 1997 to 2007 was returned to the Dáil (parliament), representing Dublin West (8,084 or 19%).

Both excellent results also represent the outlook of many working class people throughout the country, who see Socialist Party TDs as representatives of the working class generally not just for their particular constituencies.

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