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4 April 2003

School Students Put Blair On Trial

ON SATURDAY 29 March school students from International Socialist Resistance/Youth Against the War in Waltham Forest, London put Tony Blair on trial for war crimes.

Frank Thomas, Kelmscott school

We found him:


of killing and injuring hundreds of ordinary Iraqi people.


of leaving thousands of Iraqi people without water and electricity and causing diseases and starvation.


of sending thousands of British troops to risk their lives so that the big oil companies can make huge profits out of the oil in Iraq.


of ignoring the views of the majority of young people in this country who are completely against this war for oil.

We also laid down on the ground and chalked round our bodies to represent the bodies of all the children who have been killed in this war so far and will be killed in the future.

Loads of students from my school went on strike on Day X - the day war started. We are now setting up an action group in my school and will be linking up with groups in other schools around the borough. We will be building for future protest action against the war involving even more students, including more strike action.