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25 June 2014

Winning recruits for socialism

The Socialist Party's recruitment week was very successful. We carry reports on two of the best results. Val O'Flynn from Grimsby says: "After our success in gaining almost 500 votes in May's elections, Grimsby Socialist Party's 16 June public meeting brought together many new people we met during our campaign.

Iain Dalton made the case for socialism and there was a lively debate. This was our third public meeting this year and another great result with two new members wanting to join and several others interested.

Six months ago our branch barely existed, so our growth of 20 new members since December has established us firmly as part of the political make-up in Lincolnshire.

Unfortunately, the local Labour Party banned TUSC activists from their premises, forcing our unions to find alternative meeting rooms. However, we are now well placed to build on our success for 2015. As the cuts bite harder, people are becoming increasingly aware that the main parties are not on their side.

The success of UKIP locally, (at Labour's expense), and having Grimsby identified as a UKIP target seat in 2015, give us additional energy to reach out to those looking for a real alternative."

From Plymouth Ryan Aldred reports: "Our Socialist Party branch held a Saturday stall where two experienced members, three new recruits and two volunteers who haven't even joined up yet, asked people to join the party.

We sold around 20 newspapers and got the interest of an RMT member and an NHS worker who were both fed up with austerity measures and attacks on conditions in their workplaces. Both wanted to do something about it.

We've invited them along to our next branch meeting and hope they will join and end this quarter on a high, having already recruited nine new members in recent months.

By being confident in our ideas, showing we are effective at fighting cuts and putting forward a genuine political alternative, we've inspired many new people to join.

The mood in Plymouth is very positive. If you want to be part of a party for the millions not the millionaires, join the Socialist Party!