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25 June 2014

Tottenham: Stop fascist attacks

Over 300 people gathered for a protest vigil in Tottenham on 23 June after a small music festival in Markfield Park was attacked by Polish fascists. One person was stabbed. Around a dozen people threw flares, rocks and bottles.

At the vigil speakers expressed outrage and a commitment to protect all parts of the community from fear of attack. Supporters of TUSC were present along with a TUSC banner as were local community groups including Day Mer. The vigil was covered on London television; Polish TV cameras were also present.

There will be an antifascist solidarity demonstration at Markfield Park at 3pm on Saturday 28 June Many speakers emphasised the events were not a 'Polish problem.' The rapid response and the vigil's size shows that local people are determined that they won't let fascist groups intimidate people in the area. The organised labour movement must play a central role, starting by ensuring a visible presence on the 28 June demo.