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3 December 2014

More socialists needed!

Can you help the Socialist Party grow by 100?

To paraphrase Marx, many people become so disturbed by the effects of capitalism after reading the news that they give up reading. Groucho that is - not Karl.

Whenever Osborne and his ilk appear, it's more bad news so it's no wonder some people want to turn off and tune out.

But socialists explain that it doesn't have to be like this - that cuts and low wages are not inevitable. We say: plan how we use the huge wealth that exists to meet society's needs - a 10 an hour minimum wage, decent housing and the NHS for starters - by taking it out of the hands of the super-rich 1%.

As we go to press our 'recruitometer' is showing almost half red as we count 45 new members since Socialism 2014.

But every Socialist Party branch knows people who are thinking about signing up. Make sure that organising to talk to these people - about how we need them, their experiences, energy and determination to fight to change the world - is the top priority in the last weeks before Christmas.