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3 December 2014

Help us fund historic election challenge

Ken Douglas, Socialist Party national treasurer

The Socialist Party is launching an appeal for 50,000 to help fund our candidates in the 2015 elections. We are standing as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC - see - working towards over 1,000 council candidates and 106 parliamentary candidates.

We aim with this historic challenge to help prepare the basis for a new mass workers' party. TUSC will provide the only alternative in May, based on implacable opposition to austerity and the self-serving capitalist politicians who promote it.

A vote for any of the main parties, including Ukip, means ramping up the misery the Con-Dem government has inflicted on us. Meanwhile MPs vote themselves a 15% raise - boosting their pay to 74,000 a year when workers' wages are being cut and our living standards are falling.

Even the other participants think their parties are running a no-choice election. One Labour front bencher, quoted in the New Statesman, said: "It's a battle between a shit Labour Party and a shit Conservative Party. The winner will be the one that's a little bit less shit."

But members of the Socialist Party are going into the elections with a different message. We can transform politics - ordinary workers, community campaigners and students can stand up and say: "enough is enough!"


45% of funds raised will be retained in areas where we stand, to help cover local campaign material. For example, it costs up to 1,500 for an election address to be delivered to every household in a constituency. We will also need nationally produced posters, leaflets and other material - for both the parliamentary and council elections.

Therefore we are asking every member and supporter to pledge a donation, redeemable by 30 April 2015. In previous campaigns, Socialist Party members have donated the equivalent of a week's income, paid over three or four months. It is that spirit of sacrifice we appeal to now.

We recognise this will be a struggle for some. But the Socialist Party has no rich backers; we can only rely on our members and supporters for finance. Your donations - whether ten pounds from a school student, or several hundred from someone in work - all make a vital contribution.